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Samsung TV Flickering Lines (Causes and How to Fix)

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I’m sure you’ve experienced the dreaded flickering lines issue. It’s incredibly frustrating, and it can be difficult to find a clear solution. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share my experience and the solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I will explain the causes of Samsung TV flickering lines and how to fix them.

Flickering lines on a Samsung TV are usually caused by an unstable signal or loose input cable. In some cases, though, they’re caused by a failed connection from the ribbon wiring to the T-Con board or an LCD panel failure.

Tips for fixing flickering lines on a Samsung TV:
Check the cable connections and signal strength.
Disable features like Eco Sensor and Energy Saving mode.
Use clear tape to mask the pins on the ribbon connectors.
Contact Samsung support for a replacement LCD panel or a new device.

Causes of Flickering Lines on a Samsung TV 

The reason behind flickering lines on a TV screen usually boils down to two main causes: either the input method isn’t strong enough or there’s a hardware problem causing the lines.

Troubleshooting should also include disabling features that can cause flickering when activated, like the Eco Sensor and the Energy Saving mode. Both of them can cause flickering if they malfunction. If the TV still has this problem after disabling them, it could be one of the following:

A Weak Signal or Damaged Input Cables

This reason is a common one for flickering horizontal lines that change position and shape and it can also lead to an unstable image. You know this is the problem you’re facing if the flickering lines only show on one or more forms of input, not all of them.

This is particularly prone to happen in humid areas or if the connection ports are exposed to corrosive factors like dust and water. Coaxial, HDMI, or A/V ports can erode in damp conditions or have dust accumulate, causing an unstable image.

Failed Connection From Ribbon Wiring to T-Con Board

If the flickering lines are horizontal or vertical but seem to stop when you press on the bezel of the screen or tap the back of the TV, then it’s probably a T-Con issue. 

T-Con boards are responsible for syncing signals to the LCD cells, and a failure in that can cause flickering lines.

Damaged LCD Panel

Unfortunately, if the reason doesn’t improve or change with the previous checks, it’s most likely a damaged LCD panel that causes the flickering. 

If the signal was checked and the T-Con board was replaced but the flickering persisted, the reason is likely to be a hardware problem in the screen.

How to Fix Flickering Lines on a Samsung TV

There are some steps you should take to determine the reason behind the flickering:

Check All the Cable Connections and Signal Strength

If the issue causing the flickering lines is due to a loose source cable, then it’s best to unplug all the cables and plug them back one at a time to know which ones might be faulty. After that, it’s all a matter of replacing the damaged cable and seeing if the flickering stops.

Signal strength can also be an issue here since the TV will struggle with poor signal and the image won’t be clear. 

Also, make sure there’s nothing interfering with the signal, like electromagnetic waves from cell phones, routers, or any other electronics in the room.

If the flickering persists, then it might be one of the following reasons.

Use Clear Tape to Mask Pins on the Ribbon Connectors

This repair should only be done if your Samsung TV is old and out of warranty, since opening the back can void your warranty. If not, then please check with Samsung customer support before you attempt to do this.

This is a fix that works for flickering, double images, as well as vertical and horizontal lines. It basically masks the faulty areas that connect the screen to the T-Con board, making sure the signals from it don’t ruin the rest of the image.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:

  • Unplug the TV and place it screen-down on a soft surface
  • Remove the back cover carefully
  • Unplug the speakers and the T-Con board protective cover
  • Remove the tab securing the ribbon connections reaching to the T-Con board
  • Cut a small piece of tape and place it on a small area on one side of the ribbon pins
  • Plug the TV in carefully to check if the issue is resolved
  • If not, change the placing of the tape, and after it’s solved, reassemble the TV 

Call Samsung Support

If the previous fixes don’t work, it’s more than likely that the issue is with the LCD screen panel. Repairing this is almost impossible, so the company will usually advise you to either replace it or buy a whole new TV. 

The latter option is what most people choose since the LCD panel costs almost as much as a new TV. So, if you’re within the warranty period, call Samsung and request a replacement LCD panel or a new device.

In Summary

If your Samsung TV is displaying flickering lines, you’re most likely dealing with a weak signal, failed connection from the ribbon wiring, or a damaged LCD panel. 

The first two problems are pretty easy to fix. If you’re dealing with the third problem, however, you need to reach out to Samsung support. 

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