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Samsung TV Keeps Losing HDMI Signal (Causes and How to Fix)

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I understand how frustrating it can be when the HDMI signal keeps losing connection. I recently encountered this issue and had to do some research to find a solution. After going through a few different methods, I was able to get my connection back and am now here to share what I learned with you.

In this blog post, I will discuss the possible causes of this issue and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fix it. So if your Samsung TV keeps losing HDMI signal connection, keep reading to find out what to do!

However, it doesn’t mean that Samsung TV is impervious to technical issues. Some users may encounter bugs here and there, like the HDMI signal connection loss. 

If you’re having the same issue, you’ve come to the right place. This article explores the causes why your Samsung TV keeps losing HDMI signal, including its possible fixes.

Key Takeaways
Loose or damaged HDMI cables are a common cause of HDMI signal loss on Samsung TVs.
A faulty external device, incorrect HDMI input, incompatible streaming device, clogged HDMI port, or broken HDMI port can also cause HDMI signal loss.
Cleaning the HDMI port and power-cycling the source device can help fix the issue.
Updating the TV’s software, trying different devices, resetting HDMI ports, or factory resetting the TV may also solve the problem.
If all fixes fail, contacting a professional technician or Samsung TV tech support is recommended.

Why Does Samsung TV Keep Losing the HDMI Signal?

While Samsung TV is an excellent performing device, here are some of the common causes of connection loss on HDMI signals and how you can fix them:

  1. Loose/Damaged HDMI Cable

A loose or damaged cable is one of the main reasons why your TV keeps losing the HDMI signal.

So, check if the cable is connected securely. You can also try plugging it into a different HDMI port. If the issue persists, it could be a damaged HDMI cable.

  1. Defective External Device

A faulty external device connected to your TV, like an Apple TV box or Roku, could cause your HDMI to lose signal.

First, verify if you’ve already turned on your external device. Then, check if your Apple TV box is functioning correctly.

  1. Incorrect HDMI Input

An incorrect HDMI input may lead your Samsung TV to have no signal at all.

To verify that you’ve selected the right HDMI input, click the Input or Source button on your remote, then make sure to select the correct HDMI input. If the cable is connected to HDMI1, choose HDMI1 on your device.

  1. Incompatible Streaming Device

In some cases, the streaming device doesn’t cause issues with HDMI signals. Instead, it can be incompatible with your Samsung TV, especially if it’s an outdated model.

You can contact your manufacturer to address the issue.

  1. Clogged HDMI Port

A dirty HDMI port can interrupt the signal between your Samsung TV and an external device. Cleaning your HDMI ports might resolve the problem.

First, make sure that you turn off your TV and external device. Using a microfiber cloth, clean your input ports gently, as HDMI ports are sensitive.

Avoid blowing into the cable, as the water in the saliva may splatter over the cable.

  1. Broken HDMI Port

Over time, excessive usage can result in damaged HDMI ports. That’s more common if you’re using an HDMI cable that’s hard to plug in since it might wear out the chip of your HDMI ports. 

If you’ve tried cleaning the ports but didn’t get results, chances are your HDMI ports are broken. You may have to reach out to a repair professional to solve the issue. In the future, try to use a high-quality HDMI cable to avoid damage to the ports.

If you have multiple HDMI ports, you should try the cable on one of them to confirm that the last port is actually faulty.

What Are Other Possible Fixes for a Samsung TV That Keeps Losing HDMI Signal?

If you haven’t resolved the issue with the mentioned fixes above, here are other solutions that you can try:

  1. Update Software

Outdated software on your Samsung TV can result in bug issues like loss of HDMI signal.

You can update the software by heading to Settings. Then, select Software Update in the Support Menu. Lastly, click Update Now.

  1. Power-Cycle Source Device

If it’s an issue with the source, power cycling the source device or external device might solve the problem.

Unplug the device from the power outlet for 1 minute, and plug it back in. 

  1. Try Different Devices

Try an external device other than a set-top box. This way, you can identify which devices are defective.

Connect with your PC using the HDMI cable. If your Samsung TV can connect to other external devices, then there’s a problem with your set-top box. In this case, contact a repair professional or the manufacturer. 

  1. Reset HDMI Ports

If it’s an issue with your HDMI ports, resetting the TV might help. First, turn off your TV. Then, disconnect all HDMI cables from the port and TV.

After that, unplug both devices from the outlet or power strip. Wait at least 10 minutes, then plug in all HDMI cables connected to your devices.

  1. Factory Reset

Factory resetting your TV usually solves issues like an HDMI lost signal.

To reset your Samsung TV, go to Settings, then in the General menu, and select Reset. Enter your PIN when prompted. Once you click OK, your TV will automatically restart. 


There you have it! Your ultimate guide for when your HDMI signal is acting up. Now, you’ll know what to do when your Samsung TV keeps losing HDMI signals.

But, if you have tried all the suggested bug fixes in this article, contacting a professional technician is your best option. Better yet, contact Samsung TV Tech Support

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