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Samsung TV Keeps Switching Inputs (Causes and How to Fix)

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I know how frustrating it can be when it keeps switching inputs on its own. This has been a common issue for a lot of people, and I wanted to share my experience and research with you. After doing some research and testing, I have uncovered some of the possible causes and solutions to this problem.

The input change may occur for many reasons. Turning on the auto input change option can cause this problem. Or, it might only be a minor issue, like the buildup of dust. Luckily, there are many fixes that you can do to solve the process, such as rebooting your TV.

Dust build-up, TV malfunction, consumer electronics control, and auto input change can all cause your Samsung TV to switch inputs.
To fix the issue, try replacing the batteries in the remote, disabling auto input change and CEC, rebooting the TV, or resetting the TV.
If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Why Does My Samsung TV Change Inputs?

It can be really annoying when your TV abruptly changes sources while you are watching something. So, why does this occur?

Dust Build-Up

This problem might be brought on by the motherboard accumulating dust. All that you need to do is just thoroughly blow-dry the dust away.

To do that, unplug your TV, then locate the motherboard at the back of the TV. Once you find it, remove the dust by using your blow dryer’s lowest setting.

TV Malfunction

The TV itself may experience problems, which would often cause switching inputs. Like with remote controllers, it might also be a circuit issue.

Additionally, the TV’s infrared receiver could be picking up irregular signals. This problem typically happens if sunlight directly falls on the TV. If that’s the case, try moving the TV to a darker location.

Consumer Electronics Control

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) enables some remote control functionality for devices that are connected to your TV via HDMI cables.

The TV may be able to control some of the devices as well. This implies that, for instance, your TV remote can operate on your DVD player. Therefore, if there are any malfunctions, such as a disruption in the connection, it may affect the input change.

Auto Input Change

Auto input change can also play a role. One of its benefits is an automated change from the source input to the HDMI port of the active source.

As an example, if you turn on your game console, your TV will recognize it. Then, it’ll switch to the source to which the console is connected.

Although it’s a great feature, it might also be the cause of your TV changing inputs on its own. Turning this option off may stop the issue.

How to Fix Your Samsung TV From Switching Inputs

Fortunately, there are several things you can try that might work to resolve your problem. These are some of the fixes:

Fix Your Remote

Oftentimes, the remote controller may be the culprit. Therefore, you should check if there are any malfunctions. If there’s a problem with the remote, you can try the following methods:

Replace the Batteries

Any remote may stop operating or operate erratically as the batteries expire. As a result, it may interfere with your input switching.

To solve that issue, swap out your old batteries with new ones and give them a try.

Fix the Stuck Button

Sometimes, we tend to press a remote control’s buttons too firmly. Unfortunately, that might cause one of the buttons to get stuck and interfere with the input source. In this case, use Q-tips and rubbing alcohol to release it.

Simply soak a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and remove any excess. After that, gently rub the Q-tip all around the stuck button. Continue doing this until you can hit the button without it becoming stuck.

Disable Auto Input Change and CEC

As previously mentioned, some Samsung TVs might offer the option to switch the input automatically. Also, certain features may make your controller compatible with many TV-connected devices.

Hence, it may be a good idea to disable these features if you’re getting annoyed with the constant changes.

Auto Input Change

If your TV has auto-input change, here’s how you can disable it:

  1. Click on the Home button on your TV’s remote
  2. Open the Settings menu
  3. Choose External Inputs
  4. Navigate to the Auto Input Change (MHL) option and turn it off


If you’re looking for CEC in the settings, you may not find it with the same name. There is typically a brand-specific term used to describe the feature. In the case of Samsung, it’s identified as Anynet+ or Anynet.

Simply follow these instructions to locate it and turn off CEC:

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Press the Home button on your remote
  3. Navigate to Settings, then General
  4. Click External Device Manager
  5. You’ll find Anynet+ or Anynet on the list. To switch it off, simply click on it.

Reboot the TV

Another quick fix is to reboot your television. It clears the cache, fixes issues, and enables the system to refresh. As a result, it might resolve any minor problems, including the input switch. To reboot your Samsung TV, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Switch on the television
  2. Keep pressing the power button for 60 seconds
  3. The TV will now restart. Wait till the process finishes
  4. Once more, hold down the power button till the TV switches back on

Reset the TV

You can also reset the TV by taking the power plug out of the socket, waiting 60 seconds and then put the power plug back in.


If your Samsung TV keeps switching inputs, it may be very frustrating. Some factors like dust accumulation or circuitry issues with the TV could be the cause.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to have the problem fixed. Usually, a TV reboot will suffice. But if not, be sure to get in touch with the manufacturer for assistance, especially if this problem persists.

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