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Spectrum Internet Keeps Dropping/Disconnecting/Cutting out (Causes and How to Fix)

I’m the owner of a home internet connection and I’m sure you can relate to my frustration when my internet connection keeps dropping, disconnecting, and cutting out. After doing some research, I’ve put together a blog post that shares the tips and tricks I’ve learned to help me fix the problem and some other solutions I’ve discovered. Today, I’m here to talk about the causes and how to fix the issue of Spectrum internet keeps dropping, disconnecting, and cutting out.

Spectrum internet connectivity concerns could come from many causes, such as interference from other electronic devices, outdated firmware, old and failing routers, or technical issues from the internet provider itself. 

Most of the time it’s a simple glitch from the network device—in which case, a simple restart is all that’s needed.

Distance from routerStay within proximity of the router signal
Too many active programs on deviceClose background apps to free memory space
Too many gadgets on the networkDisconnect unused devices
Router glitchPower down router for 2-3 minutes and restart
Interference from other devicesKeep router at a safe distance from interfering objects
Outdated firmwareUpdate firmware using the Spectrum app
Router needs factory resetReset router to factory settings and reconfigure Wi-Fi settings
Old routerReplace router every 2-3 years for optimal performance
Issues from the internet provider’s endUse My Spectrum App to check for outages, wait for restoration, or contact Spectrum customer service for assistance if issues persist

Frequent Reasons Why Spectrum Internet Keeps Disconnecting and What You Can Do

There are times when the internet connection becomes intermittent. And it has nothing to do with the network provider but rather our gadgets. 

  1. Wifi connectivity gets weaker the farther your device is from your router. It is necessary to stay within the proximity of the signal to avoid disconnection. 
  2. Too many active programs on your device take up more memory and cause it to lag. Close the apps that continue to run in the background to free memory space.
  3. More gadgets in your network can cause a bandwidth shortage and slow down internet access. Disconnect other devices you are not using.

If these are not the factors that cause your internet connectivity problems, then it’s time to check other probable causes.

A Glitch in the Router

A router that is constantly on 24/7 for a very long time can cause a glitch and abnormality in its function. Giving it a short rest (2-3 minute power down) and then restarting is all it requires. Sometimes, a router needs a power nap too.

Here are the steps to this basic troubleshooting.

• Turn off the router by holding and pressing the power button for two seconds.

• Remove from the source power adapter.

• Insert the power adapter back into the source after 2-3 minutes of rest.

• Power on the router and check the network connection.

If these steps do not resolve your concerns. Try the next phase.


Other electrical devices near the router spot can interfere with internet connectivity. The following is a short list (not exhaustive) of things that could cause such problems.

  • Printers and scanners.
  • Microwave ovens.
  • Wireless/cordless home telephones.
  • Fluorescent and halogen lights.
  • Home security systems.

Secure that the internet router location is at a safe distance from these objects to avoid obtrusion in your internet connection.

Outdated Firmware

Providers often update their firmware to improve the functionality of their devices. Routers with outdated firmware are predisposed to have unstable WiFi connections. 

To avoid this simple tech problem, check for firmware updates using the Spectrum app. You will have access to configure your router using the tool.

• Open the app and tick the Firmware version tab. 

• Tick the Check for updates.

• After the checker finishes, tick the Download and Apply key.

Automatically, an updating process will begin for your router. Throughout the process, your device will keep restarting several times. Let the entire procedure finish on its own.

After the update installation, check your internet connection.

Restore the Router to Factory Settings

If the problem continues, restoring the router to its factory setting is the next step. Doing this will delete all previous configurations.

• Turn on the Spectrum router.

• With a needle-size pin, press the reset button (it’s a small hole the size of a paperclip tip located at the back of the router), holding it down for about 15 seconds.

• When the lights displayed in the router go off, let go of pressing the button and observe.

After restoring the router to its original factory settings, reconfigure your WiFi settings and test its connectivity.

An Old Internet Router

Internet router lifespan is generally about five years. The heat generated by the router creates stress on its internal components. Continuous heavy use makes the router eventually wear out, incrementally slowing data transfer.

If you maintain having new-generation gadgets (laptops, smartphones, etc.) connected to your wifi, changing the router every two to three years is necessary for optimal performance.

Error From the Provider’s End

Occasionally, problems with the internet connection come from the source. Here are the most common causes of the Spectrum Internet cutting out.

  • There are technical issues from Spectrum’s end causing temporary internet disconnection.
  • The internet provider is also having an outage in their link.
  • There’s an internal server problem causing slow or no internet connection.

Given the points above, there’s nothing much the subscribers can do to fix the problem.

Spectrum, however, provides its customers with a tool called My Spectrum App. It is an app that informs concerning an outage in a given area and shows the time needed for restorations. 


If your aggravating internet connection problem still exists after following the suggested solutions, the next best thing you can do is ask for professional assistance from Spectrum customer service.