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TV Mounted Too High (What To Do)

As a homeowner, I know how frustrating it can be when you’ve just mounted your flat screen TV and you find it’s too high on the wall. You want to be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without having to crane your neck uncomfortably. I recently had this issue and went on a quest to figure out the best solution. I did some research on various tips and tricks and pros and cons of different solutions. In this blog post, I’m going to share what I discovered.

To fix a tv mounted too high, you can either tilt it downwards to lower the screen or remove the tv mount entirely and re-install it at a more suitable height. This also depends on the type of mount you have; some may be difficult to remove and re-install once set up.

Tilt the TV downwardsEasy and quick fix, may provide better viewing angleMay not work for all mounts, not always a perfect fix
Remove the mount and re-mount at correct heightEnsures optimal viewing angle, resolves discomfortRequires more effort and time, may need extra tools

How High Should You Mount Your TV?

A good rule to remember when mounting your tv is that the middle of your TV should be at eye level when seated. This can be roughly 42 inches from the floor to the center of your tv. But this can vary depending on your height.

A simple calculation can help you mount your tv in the correct place. To do this, measure the height of your tv and divide it by two. Then, subtract that measurement from the number 42, and that’s how high your tv should be mounted from the floor.

This measurement isn’t an exact indication of how high your tv should be mounted as some people may be taller or shorter than others, and if you have recliner seats, this can also impact where your eye line is. If you have an adjustable tv mount or one facing downwards, you can mount your tv a bit higher.

How Do You Know If Your TV Is Mounted Too High?

If you raise your head to watch tv, your tv is mounted too high. From your couch, your eyes should be relaxed and looking straight; if the middle of your tv screen is not in line with your eyeline, it could be mounted too high.

If your tv is mounted too high, your neck and eyes will also feel strained when watching tv. A tv mounted too high is uncomfortable to watch and can put pressure and strain on your back and neck muscles over time.

What To Do If A TV Is Mounted Too High?

There are two basic options to fix a tv mounted too high. The first is to tilt your tv downwards and the second is to remove the mount and re-mount it in the correct place.

  1. Tilt the tv downwards. Most mounts are flexible and offer a bit of movement when your tv is mounted. If your tv is mounted too high you may be able to tilt it downwards to fix the height. However, this may not work in all cases, and you may have to remove the mount and re-install it if the tv is still too high.
  2. Remove the tv mount and re-mount it. The best way to fix a tv mounted too high is to remove the mount, measure the correct height and re-install the tv mount. This will ensure your tv is mounted at the right height.

Things To Consider When Mounting Your TV

Before you mount your Tv, you’ll want to consider the best placement for your tv. A few factors can help you determine the best place for your tv. These include:

  • Consider the size of the seats. If the seats are higher and don’t recline, adjust the height of your tv accordingly.
  • How many viewers will be watching the tv? If there are lots of people watching you’ll want to raise the screen to meet most people’s eye level. It’s okay if it is higher for some, as everyone will still be able to see the screen.
  • Is furniture an obstacle? Some furniture in the room may be in the way of viewing the tv properly. For example, if the tv is in a tv cabinet, it may be too low for viewing. On the other hand, if the tv is mounted above the fireplace, it may be too high.

Common Mistakes People Make When Mounting A TV

There are a few common mistakes people make when mounting a tv. A tv should be mounted securely, at the right height, and in the right place for optimum viewing. These common mistakes include:

  1. Mounting the tv too high. Mounting a tv too high is very common, and besides it being uncomfortable to watch, it can also cause discomfort.
  2. Using a tv cabinet. A tv cabinet can limit where you can place your tv. It’s better to opt for a tv mount instead of a tv cabinet. Also, a cabinet may only have room for a specific sized tv, restricting your options when choosing a new one.
  3. Mounting a tv above a fireplace. Mounting a tv above a fireplace will ensure that the tv is mounted too high. The heat from the fireplace is also not suitable for the electronics in your tv.
  4. Mounting a tv at an angle. A tv should be mounted straight. If your tv is mounted at an angle, you can strain your eyes and neck to watch tv. While this may not be bad for limited periods, after a while can get painful.
  5. Load-bearing walls. Your tv should be mounted on a load-bearing wall; some mistakenly mount a tv to drywall which can be disastrous. This is because the drywall does not have enough strength to hold up a mounted tv.
  6. Using the incorrect tools. Most people do not have the correct drill bit and screwdrivers to install a tv mount. This can cause your tv mount to be installed incorrectly or at an angle.
  7. Picking a bad location. Location is critical when installing a tv and a tv mount. For example, you’ll want to avoid placing it too close to a window where your tv may pick up a glare.


If you have mounted a tv too high, the quickest solution is to tilt your tv downwards. If you can’t tilt your tv, you may need to remove the television and re-mount the tv at the correct height. The best height for the tv is determined by your eyeline being level with the middle of the tv; this way; you’ll avoid looking up and straining your eyes and muscles when watching tv.

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