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TV Too Big for Stand (What To Do)

Modern TVs are larger than they have ever been. This can be a problem for anyone who is upgrading their current TV, as the new model may be too large to fit on the current TV stand. If you have a TV that is too large for your stand, it can be dangerous to mount your TV on it, and you can risk damaging the device. What can you do if your TV is too big for your TV stand?

If your TV is too large for your TV stand, the best solution is to install a set of bracket-based legs or a center stand to the TV. This will significantly reduce the standing footprint of the TV and allow it to be placed on a smaller stand. An alternative is to mount the TV to the wall. 

The size of modern TVs and the way they stan dis great for viewing purposes, but not every household has a large enough surface to stand their TV. Standing a TV on a stand that is too small can be very dangerous, so let’s explore some of the options for dealing with this frustrating problem. 

What To Do If Your TV Is Too Big For Your Stand

The problem of a TV stand that is too small for a TV is a frustrating and common issue experienced by many modern TV owners. TV stands are not always made with the size of modern TVs in mind, and the leg placement on modern TVs is pushed to each far end of the TV. 

These factors make it very challenging to find the perfect sized TV stand for your TV, and even if you buy a stand that you think will be perfect, you may bring it home to realize that the dimensions of the TV are still outside of the tolerances of what the stand can safely accommodate. 

In this specific situation, it is important to know what your options are. It is never a good idea to use a stand that is too small for a TV, as the TV can be easily knocked off, and the stand itself can cause damage to the device. 

With that in mind, let’s explore some options for dealing with this problem, regardless of which TV and TV stand you have. 

Install TV Mounting Legs

All TVs have mounting points for rear brackets. These mounting points are designed to keep the TV stable and safe when mounted on a wall and are the ideal way to mount alternative foot stands to the TV to enable it to fit onto a smaller stand. 

Mounting legs are a type of bracket-based TV legs that are installed on the rear mounting points of the TV. These legs have long shafts that are mounted to the back of the TV and extend down into a pair of feet that fit under the TV itself. 

These foot stands are relatively close together and fall in the center of the TV. This drastically reduces the necessary footprint of the stand surface that the TV can be placed on. 

Mounting legs are universal and adjustable, which means that they will fit well on almost all TVs. These legs use the existing bracket mounting points that are designed to hold the TV, so the bracket legs will not cause any harm to the device, and they will hold the TV very securely in place. 

This type of bracket-based mounting leg system is available at almost any department store, but there are several versions that are easily available online as well. 

Install A Center TV Bracket Stand

Another option that will allow you to use a smaller TV stand for a larger TV is to use the existing mounting points at the rear of the TV to fit a center stand bracket. 

The legs on modern TVs are mounted at the very far edges of the TV itself, which means that the footprint of the TV is often larger than the TV is long. This problem is quickly resolved by using a bracket stand that moves the footprint of the TV into the center of the device, allowing it to be placed on a stand that is much smaller than itself. 

Center bracket stands accomplish this very well and is the perfect solution to this problem in most instances. 

A center bracket stand mounts to the rear mounting points on the TV with a set of sturdy screws, and the TV itself mounts to the bracket in the same way that it would be mounted to a wall stand. 

Simple screw the bracket into the back of the TV, attach the bracket to the center stand, and the TV will fit almost anywhere. 

Be sure to get a stand that is rated for the size and weight of your TV, as this type of stand can be unbalanced for very large devices and can be dangerous if it is not rated correctly for the TV that it is used with. 

Mount The TV On The Wall

The most obvious solution for a TV that is too big for its stand is to mount the TV on the wall. Most TVs can be mounted very easily onto any wall with specially designed universal mounting brackets that are designed for this purpose. 

If you cannot buy a new stand that is large enough for the TV, and if you cannot find any bracket-based legs for the TV to stand on, then the last option is to mount the entire device to the wall. 

There are significant benefits that come along with mounting a TV to the wall, such as increased floor space, better viewing angles, and better overall security for the device. 

Always be sure to mount the TV to the wall properly using a bracket that is rated for the weight and overall size of the TV. There are several professional services that will mount your TV to the wall for you for a nominal fee, ensuring that the process is completed properly. 


TV stands are not always made for bigger TVs, and buying a new and bigger stand may not always be an option. Using bracket-mounted legs to minimize the standing footprint of the TV is the best way to keep it secure and safe on a stand that would otherwise be too small for the device. 

Take the time to find the right stand solution for your TV, and always be sure to securely mount any bracket-based legs to the TV, ensuring that it is kept safe. These are the best options for putting a TV on a stand that is otherwise too small.