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TV Won’t Connect to Internet/Wi-Fi (Causes and How to Fix)

As a frustrated TV owner, I did some research recently to figure out why my TV wasn’t connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi. I discovered a few tips and tricks that solved the problem for me and wanted to share them with you. In this post, I’ll explain the most common causes of the issue, and how to troubleshoot and fix it.

TV connection problems are often caused by a weak internet connection, misconfigured network settings, incorrect passwords, or router issues. You might need to restart your router, reset your TV, or use a Wi-Fi repeater to solve the problem.

Reason/IssueExplanationHow to Fix
Internet Connection ProblemsWeak, unstable Wi-Fi signal or internet outageTest connection with other devices, restart router
Limited Router CapacityToo many connected devices or router too far from TVDisconnect devices, move router closer, use Wi-Fi repeater/booster/extender
Misconfigured Internet SettingsIncorrect network settings on TVReset network settings on TV
Outdated SoftwareTV software is not up-to-dateUpdate TV software
Incorrect PasswordChanged Wi-Fi password not updated on TVForget saved network on TV, reconnect with new password
Need for Factory ResetPersistent issues not resolved by other methodsPerform factory reset on TV and router

Top Reasons Why TV Won’t Connect to Internet/Wi-Fi and How to Fix Them

Let’s get down to business!

1. Internet Connection Problems

The first thing to check would be your internet connection. Is it strong and stable enough for your TV to connect properly?

When your Wi-Fi signal is weak, your TV might automatically search for a stronger signal. This could lead to a temporary loss of connection.

You might also be experiencing internet outages or fluctuations in your area. Depending on the situation, it can take a few minutes to several hours before you can reconnect.

How to Fix

To confirm if your internet is causing the problem, try using other devices to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Take your phone or laptop and see if it connects to the Wi-Fi.

You can also try disconnecting a device and observing if it reconnects without a problem. Another option would be to look at your router.

Red lights on a router typically mean that there’s an issue with your connection. A quick fix would be to restart your router.

To do this, turn off the router, unplug it, and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. If the lights go back to normal, try reconnecting your TV to see if it works this time around.

2. Limited Router Capacity

Routers are only capable of handling a limited number of connected devices. Too many connected devices can prevent your TV from getting the Wi-Fi access it requires.

It’s also possible that your router is located too far from the TV. This weakens the signal and provides poor to no connection.

How to Fix

The following solutions might help you deal with this issue and solve your connection problem for good:

  • Disconnect all other devices from the router to give the TV enough Wi-Fi access.
  • Move the router closer so that the TV is within the router’s coverage area.
  • Use a Wi-Fi repeater, booster, or extender to improve the router’s signal and maintain a stronger connection.

3. TV Settings or Software Issues

If all is well with your Wi-Fi, then your TV’s settings or software might be the culprit. Misconfigured internet settings, outdated software, and wrong passwords can all prevent your TV from connecting properly.

You can opt for a factory reset as the final resort if tweaking minor settings won’t work.

How to Fix

Here are some handy hacks to help you select the right settings and software for your TV:

Misconfigured Internet Settings

Resetting your internet settings will remove the previous network, internet, and wireless connection preferences on your TV. Clearing out old settings might bring your device back to its normal working condition, so it’s worth a shot.

On your TV, click on Settings, General, then Network. You should find the Reset Network option in the drop-down menu.

Outdated Software

For outdated software, a simple update will do the trick. The steps to do this are similar in most TV models.

Head on over to your Settings, click Support, and choose Software Update. Finally, press Auto Update.

Incorrect Password

You might’ve changed the Wi-Fi password recently without updating the one saved on your TV. In that case, you’ll have to forget your saved network and reconnect with your new password.

To do this, go to your TV’s wireless settings and click on your Saved Networks. Find and delete your old network, then reconnect by inputting your new password.

Need for Factory Reset

A factory reset will clear out all custom settings and any data that might be causing connection problems. In most TVs, you can find the reset button under General Settings.

Meanwhile, you’ll usually find a physical reset button at the back of your Wi-Fi router. With the router turned on, press and hold this button for about 15 seconds.

The router should fully reset and then turn back on. These steps will restore your devices to their original glitch-free factory settings.

Wrapping Up

It’s normal to run into some TV connection problems every now and then. They’re usually just a result of unstable internet, settings that need adjustment, or router capacity issues.

The steps mentioned above should help you out when your TV won’t connect to internet/Wi-Fi. Hopefully, they’ll restore your connection so that you can get back to watching your favorite shows. 

If not, you can always give your ISP, authorized repairman, or TV customer support a quick call. Happy watching!