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Vizio TV Audio Out of Sync (Causes and Fixes)

Have you ever been watching your favorite movie on your Vizio TV, only to notice the audio and video are out of sync? It’s a frustrating experience, I know. I recently encountered this issue with my Vizio TV and was feeling frustrated. After some research and trial and error, I’ve managed to find some tips and tricks on how to fix the audio out of sync issue. I’m here to share what I learned, as well as other solutions I’ve discovered.

The audio issues could be because of the satellite setup or the sound system connection. Both of these can go away with a few adjustments to the wiring. Other than that, you’ll need to head to the settings to correct the audio delay.

Satellite Setup IssuesUnstable cable connections or wiring issues1. Reset all wire connections by disconnecting and reconnecting them
2. Uncoil all the wires, check for kinks, and avoid tangling
3. Let the TV rest for a few minutes before turning it back on
Sound System IssuesOptical fiber cables tangled or bent1. Untangle the optical fiber wires
2. Feed the wires through flexible PVC pipes to keep them straight
3. Secure the PVC tubes to a flat surface (e.g., along the wall) to prevent tangling
Setting IssuesBuilt-in features affecting picture and sound sync1. Turn on your Vizio TV and click on the menu button on the remote
2. Go to the Audio Settings tab and find the Lip Sync Adjustment option
3. Use the arrows to increase or decrease the audio delay, then exit and restart your TV

Causes of Vizio TV Audio Out of Sync

When dealing with TV audio, there are a few culprits that can cause sync issues. Let’s jump into what these may be.

  1. Satellite Setup Issues

In today’s world, most of us rely on the internet to watch TV. We log in to one of many streaming services to catch the latest episode of our favorite shows.

However, some people still prefer to watch TV the old-fashioned way. This involves using a satellite setup for your visual feed.

While you can still get almost all the same content, the cable connection isn’t always the most stable.

Sometimes, due to wiring issues, the video and audio can fall out of sync.


To test if this is the issue, all you’ll need is your remote. Find the Input Source button on the clicker. It should look like a white rectangle with an arrow through it.

Then switch your viewing source to any of the available options. Wait by the screen and check for any signs of audio delay.

After about 15 minutes, if the sound is in sync, then the problem is the satellite setup.

To resolve this issue, you’ll need to reset all the wire connections. Start by unlinking all the cables from your TV.

Next, uncoil all the wires and make sure there are no kinks in the lines. That way, you avoid spotty audio because of signal loss in the cables.

Finally, connect all your wires back. Do this part slowly and try to stop the cables from tangling as best as you can.

Once that’s done, let your TV rest for a few minutes, then you can turn it back on.

  1. Sound System Issues

With technology advancing, we keep upgrading our entertainment center with the newest gadgets. One of the most popular is a surround sound system.

This method of audio gives you an immersive experience while you enjoy watching TV.

To deliver the best sound quality possible, the speakers rely on optical fiber cables. These wires use light to transport information from one point to another.

While light is an excellent, speedy medium for data, it can be a little finicky. The optical fiber cables need to be straight to move information efficiently.

So, if the cables behind your TV are all tangled in a bunch, you may experience some audio loss.


As you can guess, the simple solution is to untangle the optical fiber wires. However, this is only a temporary fix.

Since these cables have a tendency to contort, you’ll need to put some safety measures in place.

Start by heading to your local hardware store and picking up a few items. First off, find flexible PVC pipes. The diameter of these tubes should only be half an inch larger than the optical cables.

Make sure to also pick up a pair of shears strong enough to cut through the pipes.

Once you get home, unlink the optical cable from the TV and speaker system. Then, feed the wire through the PVC pipes.

While you do this, the cable should be as straight as possible.

Lastly, secure the PVC tubes to any flat surface using tape. It’s usually best to run the wires along the wall to keep them out of the way.

  1. Setting Issues

If the culprit isn’t the wiring, chances are the issue is with the audio settings. There are some built-in features of the Vizio TV that can affect the picture and sound sync.


Fixing this problem is quite simple. All you’ll need for this is your remote control.

Then, you can follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Vizio TV.
  2. Click on the menu button on the remote.
  3. Go to the Audio Settings tab.
  4. Find the Lip Sync Adjustment option.
  5. Use the arrows to increase or decrease the audio delay.
  6. Exit the menu and restart your TV.

It may take you a few tries to figure out the exact sound delay you need. So, just be sure to be patient and take your time during this process.


Why is your Vizio TV audio out of sync? There are a few issues that can cause a sound delay. For example, a problem with the satellite setup can be the cause.

Other than that, your sound system or TV settings may be acting up.

Luckily, the issues all have easy fixes. Usually, untangling the wires or adjusting the audio delay will do the trick.