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Vizio TV Grey Screen (Causes and Fixes)

As an owner of a Vizio TV, I know the frustration of a grey screen all too well. After endless hours of troubleshooting, I finally managed to fix the issue and I wanted to share my experience and solutions with other owners of Vizio TVs. In this blog post, I’ll be outlining the most common causes of a grey screen on a Vizio TV and the best solutions to fix the issue. Hopefully, this post will help other Vizio TV owners avoid the same frustration I experienced.

Causes of Grey ScreenSolutions
Store ModeExit Store Mode
Eco ModeSwitch to Quick Start Mode
Muted ScreenUnmute Vizio TV
Incorrect Input (No Signal)Select the Correct Input Source
Tuner Has Not Been Set UpPerform Channel Scan
No Channels in Master ListPerform Channel Scan

Causes of a Vizio TV Grey Screen

Here are the most common reasons you’re stuck with a grey screen on your Vizio TV:

Store Mode 

Users have reported getting stuck in Store Mode, which is only used for demo or in-store displays. The TV works fine until the Store Mode launches on startup without warning. 

Users end up with a grey screen and the TV will only reboot to the same useless state.     

Eco Mode 

Sometimes the grey screen is a software glitch that comes with Eco Mode. Eco Mode is the default factory setting of a Vizio TV display. It’s energy-efficient since the display only uses less than half of a watt when the TV is on standby.

Vizio recommends installing the SmartCast app on your mobile phone to set up the SmartCast TV. After you’ve created an account, the app will ask you to change the setting to Quick Start Mode.

Muted Screen

Some Vizio TVs feature a Mute Screen option to turn off the screen while you’re streaming music via audio apps like Spotify or Pandora. 

You can activate this feature by pressing the Mute button on your remote. If you accidentally muted the screen, it may appear like the screen is grey.

Incorrect Input

The TV may be on the incorrect input if you read the following error messages on your grey screen:

  • No Signal
  • Tuner Has Not Been Set Up 
  • No Channels in Master List

How to Fix a Vizio TV Grey Screen

A TV display issue will be constant on all types of content. Meanwhile, you can tell the TV is working if it shows the menu. 

If you’re sure a device is not causing the problem, keep reading to learn how to fix the grey screen.

  1. Exit the Store Mode

For Vizio SmartCast Home Theater displays and TVs, turn off the TV using the remote or the power button on the side. 

Turn the TV on again. When the Store Mode is waiting to launch, press and hold the Input and Volume Up buttons at the same time until the message disappears.

For Vizio Internet Apps Plus (VIA+) TVs, turn the TV off, then on again. Press the Exit key before the Store Mode launches. 

Finally, select Home Mode when the message prompt pops up on the screen. 

  1. Switch to Quick Start Mode

Switching to Quick Start can fix the grey screen if you fail to change Eco Mode on startup or the display somehow reverts to Eco Mode. 

Open the SmartCast app and tap on Settings > System > Power Mode > Quick Start.

  1. Power Cycle the TV

Power cycling will fix minor performance issues, including a grey screen. 

To reset your Vizio TV, disconnect the power cable from the wall socket, then hold the power button on the side of the TV for 3–5 seconds. Plug the cable back in and power on the TV.

Some models have a Soft Power Cycle option. Take advantage of this function as it clears out unresponsive apps and prevents your TV from lagging or hanging. 

Press the Menu button on your remote, then select System > Reset & Admin > Soft Power Cycle.   

  1. Unmute Vizio TV

Hold the Mute button on your remote for 3–5 seconds or until the picture appears. 

This might be all you need to get rid of the grey screen!

  1. Select the Correct Input Source

Check your input connections from both ends: at the back of the device and the back of the TV. Make sure all the cables are plugged in securely and the devices are powered on.

No Signal

Use the Input button on your remote to flip through the input options. A list of options will appear on the screen, with the current one highlighted. 

Press the OK button when you get to the correct input.

Tuner Has Not Been Set Up/No Channels in Master List

If you’re connecting to an antenna or a cable/satellite box via a coaxial cable, you’ll be asked to do a channel scan. Simply press the OK button to start searching channels. 

On other models, you’ll have to open the menu to do this. 

Press the Menu button on your remote to launch the on-screen menu. Look for functions that say Channels or Tuner, then select options that read Find Channels or Auto Channel Scan.

Final Thoughts

If the above solutions don’t fix your Vizio TV’s grey screen, we recommend performing a factory default reset. It’s a last-ditch attempt to save your TV before turning it in for servicing. 

Doing this will remove all your data and apps, but it may resolve your malfunctioning device. 

If you can’t access the menu on the screen, hard reset your Vizio TV by holding both the Input and Volume Down buttons until a message appears on your screen. Then, hold the Input button for 10 seconds to continue the reset process.