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Vizio TV vs. LG TV: Which of the Two Suits You Best?

As a TV viewer, I have to admit that I often get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing between different brands of TVs. Just recently, I was trying to decide between two of the top brands: Vizio and LG. After doing some research and reading reviews, I thought it would be helpful to share my findings and tips for deciding which brand is best for you. In this post, I will compare the features of Vizio and LG TVs and explain which one is better for different types of viewers.

Generally speaking, LG TVs have a better build, image quality, smart features, and sound output than Vizio TVs. However, the latter is more affordable than LG’s without compromising decent quality and performance.

FactorVizio TVLG TV
PriceMore affordable than LG TVsMore expensive than Vizio TVs
Build & DurabilityPrimarily plastic build, some models have shaky legsBetter build quality with some metal parts and thinner frame borders
Screen SizesOffers a range of sizes, from small to large (24-inch to 75-inch)Offers a range of sizes, from small to large (24-inch to 75-inch)
Image QualityGood picture details, but some users experience lag and pixelationSuperior image quality, better contrast, and Nano cell technology for color accuracy
Smart FeaturesSmartCast feature with Chromecast, but slower user interfaceFaster webOS interface, Alexa, Google Assistant, Thin Q AI, and Magic Remote
Audio PerformanceLoud sound output, but not as clear or realistic as LG TVsClearer and less distorted sound, but not as loud as Vizio TVs, stable sound profile & decent frequency response

Vizio TV vs. LG TV: Which of the Two Suits You Best?

Below are the different characteristics of Vizio and LG TVs. They’ll help you make a sound and wise decision. 


Like most television sets, both Vizio and LG TVs come in different builds, sizes, and technology. These factors often dictate the price of these kinds of products. Looking at the two TV makers, Vizio TVs are generally more budget-friendly than LG TVs. 

Take, for example, their 65-inch 4K OLED TV is cheaper by a few hundred dollars than its LG counterpart. Despite sharing the same characteristics such as display types and screen sizes, Vizio was able to offer its TV sets at a more affordable price. 

Build and Durability

Like most TVs that could last several years, we can expect the same with Vizio and LG TVs. That is if no physical damage comes into play. 

When it comes to materials that these brands use, Vizio utilizes plastic for most of its TV sets. While LG likewise uses plastic components on its TV frames and leg stands, LG integrates some metal parts to make its product more durable. 

Conversely, there are Vizio TVs that have shaky legs. They don’t sit so securely even on flat and solid surfaces. 

Furthermore, most LG TVs’ frame borders are less pronounced than Vizio TVs. LG TVs’ thin frame enhances the viewing experience.

Screen Sizes

Decades ago, only a handful of manufacturers produced big-screen TVs. Today, most, if not all brands mass-produce oversized television sets. The same is true with Vizio and LG TVs.

Both brands offer small and mid-sized TVs such as their 24-inch and all the way to 42-inch models. 

Better yet, Vizio and LG likewise have 65-inch and 75-inch TVs for people looking for a more immersive experience. 

Image Quality

While both brands offer full HD, 4K, and 8K TVs, there are still some differences when it comes to image quality. 

Most Vizio TVs offer excellent picture details because of their well-balanced contrast and color saturation. In other words, the intensity of the visual’s dark and colored areas complement each other to produce realistic images. However, some users aren’t happy that their Vizio TVs sometimes lag and pixelate.

On the other hand, LG uses cutting-edge contrast enhancers to achieve a deeper disparity between light and shade. 

In addition, some LG TVs are highly regarded for their ability to provide quality images regardless of the viewing angle. That’s because they’re equipped with Nano cell technology. This tech enhances the TV’s color accuracy and production. 

Lastly, apart from delivering vivid colors, accommodating media with a high dynamic range is never a problem for many LG TVs.

Intelligent Features

If there’s one feature that Vizio is very proud of, it would be SmartCast. This feature comes with Chromecast that allows your mobile device to mirror or cast TV shows, movies, and photos to your TV.

Now, regarding the other brand’s advanced features; users of LG TVs with webOS can experience app-to-app navigation without too much delay. Compared to Vizio’s SmartCast, LG TV’s webOS has a faster user interface.  

Additionally, some LG TVs come with other intelligent features such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Thin Q AI. These built-in technologies allow access to the TV’s apps and features with your voice. 

You can use these features via the TV’s Magic remote. 

Audio Performance

Vizio’s ability to produce loud sound makes most of its TV sets ideal for spacious rooms. However, their sound output is not as clear as LG’s mainly because of the background noise their speakers make.

Likewise, Vizio TVs’ audio quality is not that dynamic and also falls short of providing a realistic sound experience. 

On the contrary, LG TVs’ sound output isn’t as loud as Vizio’s, but it’s more clear and less distorted. Moreover, some LG TVs received praise for their stable sound profile and decent frequency response. 

Vizio TV Pros:
  • More affordable than LG TVs
  • SmartCast feature allows for easy app-to-app navigation
  • Loud sound output ideal for larger rooms
Vizio TV Cons:
  • Build quality is not as good as LG TVs
  • Picture quality not as good as LG TVs
  • Sound quality is not as clear or realistic as LG TVs
LG TV Pros:
  • Better build quality than Vizio TVs
  • Superior image quality
  • Advanced intelligent features like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Thin Q AI
  • Better audio performance
LG TV Cons:
  • More expensive than Vizio TVs
  • WebOS has faster user interface but is more complex


Going back, we can see that LG TVs have better build and image quality than Vizio TVs. In addition, LG produces television sets with more advanced intelligent features and better audio performance.

Meanwhile, Vizio TVs are more budget-friendly than LGs of the same screen size. Having said that, Vizios are suitable for those who want to save a few hundred bucks.