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What Does the Red Light on the AirPods Case Mean? 

I’m an AirPods owner, and recently I’ve been running into a lot of frustration trying to figure out what the red light on the case means. After doing some research, I’ve come to understand a few different things and I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you. In this blog post, I’ll explain what the red light on the AirPods case means, why it appears, and what the user can do to resolve the issue. Hopefully this information will help you out if you’re ever dealing with this situation. Thanks for reading!

The red light on your AirPods charging case means that the device is either not charging properly or has a low battery.

Red Light on AirPods CaseIndicates the device is not charging properly or has a low battery. Can also indicate dirty charging contacts.
Troubleshooting Steps1. Ensure proper fit. 2. Charge AirPods properly. 3. Ensure AirPods are paired with your device. 4. Clean charging connections. 5. Unpair and repair AirPods. 6. Reset AirPods.
Red Light When ChargingIndicates the case is connected to a power source but not fully charged yet.
Charging AirPods1. Connect USB charging cord to power adapter and power source. 2. LED indicator will turn white. 3. Place AirPods inside the charging case and connect the USB end to the case. 4. LED indicator will turn red, keep AirPods in the case until fully charged.
AirPods ProsHigh-quality audio, lightweight and comfortable fit, can be used as a power bank, easy to pair and use, secure and stable connection.
AirPods ConsLow battery life, limited wireless range, expensive, can easily get lost, may experience connection issues.

What Does the Red Light on the AirPods Case Mean? 

The AirPods case, is not supposed to show a red light. Instead, the light should be orange. If the light is genuinely red, it might be the case that it is actually a fake case.

You might have noticed that red light is visible when the AirPods are charging in their case. The red light can indicate different issues with your Airpods and the charging case.

One reason could be that your Airpods are not charging properly and getting any power from the case. This can happen if your Airpods remain inside the charging case for extended periods or have issues with the charging connections.

Another issue could be that your Airpods are running out of battery, and the case, which is still hooked up to a power source, will operate as an emergency power bank.

The red light can also indicate that the charging contacts between the case and the device are dirty.

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What To Do About the Red Light on the AirPods Case?

There are a few simple troubleshooting steps that you can take to line out any issues with the Airpods or case. Below are some of them:

Ensure Your AirPods Fit Properly

For the charging contacts to connect with the earpieces, they have to fit properly. And if you happen not to hear any sound from them, there might be a problem with the connections between the earpieces and the charging case.

You can fix that by removing both Airpods from their respective places inside the AirPods case and reseating them again.

Ensure You Charge Your AirPods Properly 

If you don’t hear any sound from your AirPods, ensure that they have enough charge to power up their Bluetooth components. 

The earpieces should work as long as there’s some battery life left in them. But if they’re out of battery, then that’s when the AirPods case acts as a power bank and charges them.

Ensure Your AirPods Have Paired With Your Device

If you can’t hear any sound from your AirPods when connected to a device, ensure that both are in close proximity and paired properly with the device. 

The pairing process should be complete within your device’s Bluetooth settings menu. Also, you can check with audio accessory manufacturers if there are any problems with the connection.

Clean the Charging Connections in Your AirPods Case

As mentioned earlier in this article, sometimes the red light on the Airpods charging case is due to dirty charging contacts.

You can fix that by cleaning the connections in your AirPods case. A cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol will help you.

Unpair and Repair Your AirPods

If all the options fail, you can unpair and repair your AirPods with the device. This involves unpairing them from all of the devices they got paired to and pairing them again from scratch until you get a working connection between both earpieces and the paired device.

Reset Your AirPods

After some time, your AirPods, like any other gadget, may become a bit problematic.

AirPods, for example, have been known to have issues synchronizing after they’ve been connected to several devices. There are also occasions when their capacity to charge is hampered.

If your AirPods aren’t working as well as they used to, don’t grab for your warranty just yet; try resetting them first. Returning the AirPods to their factory settings generally resolves any issues and takes no time to do so.

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Why Is the AirPods Case Red When Charging?

When the AirPods case gets fully charged or plugged into a power source, its LED lights indicate the current battery level of the accessory. This way, you can know when to remove it from charging and use it with your AirPods earpieces.

The red light on the charging case indicates that you have connected the device to a power source, but it is not fully charged yet.

The Airpods case comes with a status indicator which you can easily monitor the battery life of your earpieces.

This way, you will always know when to charge the accessory and how much power is in both devices before making or receiving calls.

The AirPods charging case also acts as an external charger for the earpieces. This is why you need to check the status indicator whenever there’s a problem with your AirPods or the case.

How Do You Charge Airpods?

Even though they come with their charging case, they still need charging like any other Bluetooth accessory. Here are some of the steps on how to charge AirPods:

Step 1: Connect the USB charging cord to the power adapter and then plug it into a power source.

Step 2: The LED indicator of the case will turn white once it gets connected to a power source.

Step 3: Once the Airpods are inside their charging case, connect the USB end of the charging cord to the AirPods case.

Step 4: The LED indicator will turn red once connected properly to the AirPods and their case. Keep them in their charging case until they charge fully.

By now, you should have a better idea of why your AirPods case is red when charging. With the help of this article, you can check if it’s just a minor problem that can easily get fixed by following some of these tips and tricks.


  1. High-quality audio
  2. Lightweight and comfortable fit
  3. Can be used as a power bank for charging other devices
  4. Easy to pair and use
  5. Provide a secure and stable connection


  1. Low battery life
  2. Limited wireless range
  3. Expensive
  4. Can easily get lost
  5. Can experience connection issues