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What Information Is Stored on an iPhone SIM Card?

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards are smart removable cards that are used in almost all mobile phones including iPhones. Because of their limited capacities, these cards store data and information that are low in size.

The stored information in SIM cards is the mobile phone number, the service provider information, and the billing information. In some cases, the SIM card carries additional data such as contacts and text messages.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what information is stored on an iPhone SIM card. Moreover, we’re going to talk about what would happen if you change SIM cards, remove SIM cards, and SIM cards lock. 

Want to know all about your iPhone SIM card? keep on reading.

What Information Is Stored on an iPhone SIM Card?

As stated before, the iPhone SIM card stores customer data such as the phone number and billing information. However, the iPhone SIM card can’t store additional information such as contacts or text messages.

iPhone’s SIM cards can’t back up any data or information. Instead, all the data are stored in the main phone storage or the iCloud.

Nonetheless, your iPhone can import such information from the SIM card, if it was previously saved on it from another mobile phone.

How to Import Contacts Stored on Your SIM Card to Your iPhone?

If you want to deliver contacts from a SIM card to your iPhone, make sure first that the SIM card is the same type that fits in your iPhone. Then follow the next steps:

  • Insert the SIM card into your iPhone
  • Go to settings
  • Choose contacts
  • Choose import SIM contacts
  • Choose the location that you want your contacts to go to
  • Wait for the importing to finish
  • Open contacts and check if the process was successful 

What Happens if the SIM card Is Swapped or Removed from an iPhone?

Since there’re no relevant data stored on the SIM card, nothing will happen if you change it with another one. You will not lose any contacts, messages, images, or music. You can simply use the SIM card in another mobile phone or lose it entirely if you want to change your number.

In fact, if you travel a lot, it would be practical to change the SIM card to another one from a local service company in the traveled-to country. That would be way cheaper than going with an international data plan.

How to Remove the iPhone SIM Card?

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To take the SIM card out of your iPhone, you’ll need a SIM removal tool. Usually, this tool is included in your iPhone’s package.

Then, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Find the SIM port on your iPhone, usually, it’s on the right side below the on/off button
  • Bring the SIM removal tool
  • Insert the pointy tip of the tool in the tiny hole next to the SIM port
  • Press lightly until the SIM tray is ejected from your iPhone
  • Remove the tray
  • Take the card from the tray

How to Convert a SIM Card to Be Compatible With Your iPhone?

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iPhone Usually comes with a nano-SIM card slot. However, other mobile phones might work with regular SIM cards or micro-SIM cards. To use one of those SIM card types in your iPhone you’ll need to cut it down first.

To cut the SIM card down, you’d need a SIM card adapter kit. But if you don’t want to risk ruining your SIM card, you can always go to a tech store or an Apple store so they can cut it for you there.

What’s a SIM Lock?

SIM lock is a feature that phone companies apply to promote the use of their services and prevent customers from changing their SIM cards. In the United States, iPhones are often sold by phone companies with a SIM lock.

To avoid this, you can simply buy your iPhone for full retail price from an Apple store or even another store that sells them without a lock. However, if you buy an iPhone with a SIM lock, you can unlock it for free after your contract ends.

There are methods to unlock your phone while at home. Yet, if in doubt, you can always unlock it through the phone company that you have your contract with.


What information is stored on an iPhone SIM card? Mainly, it’s customer information and billing quantities. Additionally, contacts and messages may be found on the SIM card if previously exported from a mobile phone other than iPhone.

Contacts could be imported from SIM cards to your iPhone, but transferring contacts from your iPhone to your SIM card isn’t possible. Any data on your iPhone could be saved in the internal storage and the iCloud, but not on your SIM card.

SIM cards could be easily swapped with other phones if the SIM card type matches that of the phone. Moreover, SIM cards could be removed at any time and reused when desired.