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What to do if I lost my remote for Samsung TV?

As an owner of Samsung TV, I know the frustration of losing your remote and being unable to control your TV. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the problem and other solutions I discovered.

You may control the TV using buttons that are built into the set. An alternative is to configure a smartphone or video game controller to act as a remote. You could also purchase an identical or equivalent replacement unit.

If you’d like to find out how to operate your Samsung TV with another device, keep reading. You will also learn more about the built-in buttons as well as replacement remotes. This guide explains how to find and purchase a compatible product.

Built-in ButtonsControl basic functions using buttons on the TV set (front, back or right panel)
SmartphoneUse Samsung’s SmartThings app or other third-party apps to control the TV with your smartphone
Video Game ControllerPair an Xbox or PlayStation controller to control the TV
Identical Replacement RemoteOrder the same remote from or other retailers for full compatibility
Compatible Replacement RemotePurchase Samsung BN59-01301A or any other compatible Samsung remote control
Universal RemoteUse a universal remote that works with Samsung TVs, but may have limited feature access

What to do if I lost my remote for Samsung TV?

One potential solution involves ordering the same exact unit from This website is authorized by Samsung.

You’ll need to enter the television’s model number. While this may not be the least expensive option, it ensures full compatibility and continued access to all of your TV’s features.

There are also many other remotes that work with most Samsung TVs. The company suggests ordering the Samsung BN59-01301A or trying to use any other Samsung remote control you might own. It will probably at least let you make channel and volume adjustments.

Do universal remotes work on Samsung TV?

Many universal units can operate this type of television along with other electronics like DVD players. However, you might not be able to access every feature.

You may need to enter a brand-specific code before it will work correctly; check the remote’s instructions.

Universal and otherwise compatible units are available from Best Buy, eBay, Home Depot and Lowe’s. For example, Best Buy sells an Insignia model that was designed for Samsung TVs.

If you buy a Samsung-branded universal remote, you can easily pair it with the television. To get started, turn on the TV.

Hold down the remote’s “Play/Pause” and “Back” buttons at the same time until the TV screen tells you that the two devices have been paired.

How can I use my phone as a remote for my Samsung TV?

If you lose a remote right before your favorite show, you probably want a faster solution. Luckily, it’s possible to control your television with a smartphone. You’ll need to download a free mobile application first.

One option is Samsung’s SmartThings app. You could also obtain software from another company. For example, you can download the highly rated Remotie iOS app from Apple’s App Store. Google Play offers equivalent third-party software for devices that use Android.

How to control Samsung TV with SmartThings

After downloading and accessing the SmartThings app, you’ll need to choose the desired TV set and pick the interface style you prefer.

You may need to press a button on the TV’s rear panel to give your smartphone permission. After setup is complete, you can operate the TV by tapping buttons like “Mute” and “Guide” on the phone’s screen.

Use a game controller to control a TV

It’s possible to replace a Samsung remote with an Xbox or Playstation controller (but not Nintendo Switch). You’ll need to activate a feature called “Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)” in the TV’s “Settings” menu. Depending on the TV model, you may find it under “External Device Manager” or “Expert Settings” in “System”.

The next step is to find “Input Device Manager” on the “External Device Manager” menu. Enable pairing mode on the game controller. You’ll need to hold down “Pair” if you have an Xbox or hold “PS” and “Create” or “Share” on a Playstation (it depends on the model).

Go to the “Bluetooth Device List” on your television. The video game controller should appear on the list. Choose it, pick “Connect and pair” and give the controller permission to operate your TV.

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Can I control my Samsung TV without a remote?

Yes, you can access basic functions even if you don’t have a remote control, smartphone or game controller. Samsung TVs have one or more built-in buttons.

Depending on the TV model, you may find them on the front, back or right panel. See the instruction manual for details.

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If your television was manufactured after 2018, it will probably have only one button. Push it repeatedly until you see the desired function appear on the screen. You’ll need to briefly hold it down to activate this function.