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What To Do If You Lose Your TV Remote?

As an owner of a TV, I know all too well the frustration of losing the remote. I recently had the misfortune of searching my home high and low for my remote, only to come up empty-handed. I was determined to find a solution, so I did some research and testing to try to find the best way to get my TV back up and running again. Here I am to share with you what I learned in my search.

In this blog post, I’ll explain what to do if you lose your TV remote and provide some alternative solutions that may help you get your TV back in action.

When you lose your TV remote, you can order one from the manufacturer or find one online with the model number. There are also universal remotes available that work with most TVs. Applications are available that can control your TV and even some that find lost remotes.


  • Contact the manufacturer or find a universal remote online to replace a lost TV remote.
  • Applications are available that can control your TV and even help you find a lost remote.
  • Attach the remote to your couch with string or Velcro, or put it in a designated place each time you turn off the TV.
  • Use a remote finder app that links to your phone via Bluetooth.

What To Do If You Lose Your TV Remote?

Some of our seniors were born before TV and carry a world of wisdom in life experiences, but sometimes high-tech understanding can be a bit elusive.

Others were born with remotes and other modern devices in their hands. There are solutions for operating the now “remoteless” TV for people with all levels of “tech-savviness.” 

Contact The Manufacturer To Replace A Lost Remote

If you’re intent on replacing your lost remote with the same brand as your TV, contact the manufacturers via their website or telephonically to see whether they can assist you directly. If not, they will point you to your closest retailer or an online supplier.

Replace Lost Remotes With Universal Ones

When it has evaporated, It’s not necessary to go to the trouble of sourcing the same remote that came with your TV.

Universal remotes are available at various outlets, including retailers and online stores. You can program these remote controls to work with multiple devices of almost any brand. However, you should check the package details to ensure that your devices are compatible.

Setting up the remote control could take a long time if you use several devices. Sometimes they come with a lengthy list of code numbers for myriad devices you must sift through before finding the right ones. More modern ones do this automatically.

Satellite And Cable Subscribers With Lost TV Remotes

If you received your remote via your satellite or cable company, you would have to contact them to replace the missing one.

When these remotes are faulty, the company usually reissues them free of charge, but you will have to pay to replace a lost one.

Mobile Phone Applications To Replace Lost Remotes

We are perpetually on our phones these days. Apart from the fact that phones can be addictive, we practically control our whole lives from them.

They’re our diaries, alarm clocks, communication platforms, and much more. Our smartphones’ capabilities also stretch as far as acting as a TV remote. 

While it may be irritating when we lose our TV remote, the younger generation may find it a bit “old school” that we consider necessary. This is because a plethora of applications exist that can turn your phone into a remote for all your devices. 

The applications won’t necessarily work with all brands of TVs, but there are so many that there will be one for your TV. Let’s look at some better-known apps that will work well with most devices.

  1. The Android TV Remote Control app can control any device linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. It is one of Google’s official products. 
  2. The Amazon Fire TV Remote only works with the Amazon Fire TV device.
  3. The Universal TV Remote Control app can send commands to more than 300 TV brands and models. A Wi-Fi connection is all that’s necessary.
  4. The Peel Mi Remote app functions as a TV remote but has added features, such as a TV guide. It can also control other appliances. 
  5. SURE Universal remote can control multiple appliances via the Wi-Fi network. It is accessible for Android and Apple devices.

Although many more apps are available, this concise list’s purpose was to give an inkling of the vast amount of technology available that can simplify our lives.

Applications That Can Find Our Lost Remotes

Technology is so convenient that it can make our brains lazy. Previously, when we lost something, we were forced to get up and search inside, underneath, and behind the furniture.

We would retrace our steps, think of where we had the item last, and keep looking until it eventually turned up. 

Nowadays, our phones save us the time and brainpower of searching for lost TV remotes. TV remote control finders are a technological wonder for those who always lose things, including the TV remote.

They link to your phone via Bluetooth and enable the remote to ring when you call it from your smartphone.

A good remote finder can connect within a range of about 100 feet. Its battery will last approximately a year.

How TV Remote Finders Work

You attach the thin tracker to the remote control and connect it to your chosen app on your phone.

You should be able to locate your missing remote within minutes by simply tapping on a few commands on your phone. It is also shareable. 

Tips For Not Losing Your TV Remote

Before you lose your remote and have to source alternatives to be able to watch your favorite shows without operating your TV by hind, here are a few ideas to prevent this scenario.

  • Attach the remote to your couch with string.
  • Keep it stuck to the couch with Velcro.
  • Try to put it in the same designated place when you switch off the TV. There are many options, such as your coffee table, consols built into the couch, little holders or stations for remotes, little bags with pockets that fit over the arms or backs of the couch, etc. 
  • Don’t allow your brain to get lazy. Be mindful of where you put things, including your remote control.
  • Use a remote finder app.


Yes, it makes us lose our minds when our remote is missing, but several methods exist to circumvent the frustration. This problem is not difficult to solve with solutions ranging from purchasing new remotes to using apps as remotes and even finding the offending one. 

However, some profound advice is to read your kids the riot act regarding touching the remote. Otherwise, it could find some interesting hiding places in your home!

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