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White Spot on iPhone Screen (Causes and How to Fix)

As an iPhone owner, I know the frustration of discovering white spots on your phone screen. I recently ran into this issue myself and, after doing some research and testing, I’m here to share with you the causes of white spots on an iPhone screen and how to fix them. I’ll share my experience and the solutions I discovered in my research, so that you can get your iPhone back to looking like new!

Your iPhone might have a white spot due to some screen protector blemishes. The white spot may also be a hot or dead pixel on the screen. Other times, it may be caused by a serious hardware issue, such as pressure marks.

Screen Protector IssuesWhite spots might be due to a crack in the screen protector or particles underneath.Remove and replace the screen protector.
Hot PixelA hot pixel has all its red, green, and blue components always switched on, causing a white spot.Seek professional support from an Apple-authorized technician.
Stuck PixelOne or more of the sub-pixels are fixed, causing a colored or black spot on the screen.Use software like JScreenFix to try and fix the stuck pixel.
Pressure MarksCaused by an object pressing on the back panel of the iPhone’s screen or a manufacturing flaw.Seek professional support from an Apple-authorized technician.

What Causes White Spot on iPhone Screen?

It’s irritating to watch your media on a flawed display. Yet, before you rush to save your screen, you’ll need to determine the real cause behind the white spot.

Here’s how to diagnose your own iPhone screen.

Screen Protector Issues

First, try to determine if the white spot is on the screen surface or not. The easiest test to perform is to switch off the display, or the phone altogether

If the white spot persists, then it’s likely caused by a crack in the screen protector or a lingering particle underneath. Otherwise, it would likely be an internal defect with the screen display.

Screen Defects

If it proves to be an internal issue, there’s a quick experiment to do. For this test, you’ll need to wait until the white spot shows up on your screen.

Then, take a screenshot and send it to another device to view it. If the white spot is gone when viewed from another display, then your iPhone’s screen is probably defective.

Here are some possible problems with your phone’s screen.

Hot Pixel

Typically, each pixel will display color combinations of its sub-pixels as needed. However, a hot pixel is a screen defect where its red, green, and blue components are always switched on

As a result, the hot pixel always beams in white, which makes it stand out from the screen context.

Stuck Pixel

Contrary to a hot pixel, a stuck pixel will fix one or more of its sub-pixels, and not all three of them. For instance, the red and green sub-pixel can be stuck, resulting in a colored spot on your screen. Similarly, all three sub-pixels can be fixed causing a black spot on the screen.

However, stuck pixels were more common on older phone displays or TV screens. So, it’s unlikely that the white spot on your iPhone is caused by a stuck pixel.

Pressure Marks

Pressure marks are white spots on the screen, but they’re different from hot pixels. These marks might even spread with time.

Usually, pressure marks would be caused by an object pressing on the back panel of your iPhone’s screen. This is a common flaw in the manufacturing process of LCD screens, causing bright areas on the screens.

How to Fix White Spot on iPhone Screen?

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Now that we walked you through some of the causes of white spots on iPhone screens, let’s review effective solutions. Here’s how you can attempt to fix your screen:

  1. Remove Screen Protector

This is the easiest fix for blemishes on the phone screen. 

You’ll only need to replace the screen protector if you know there are some particles underneath.

  1. Fix a Stuck Pixel on Your iPhone

Some developers have worked on software that frees stuck pixels. All you’ll need to do is to run the software on your phone. 

Take note though, as it might not work from the first trial, so you’ll need to repeat the process. Here’s how to troubleshoot a stuck pixel on your iPhone. 

  1. On your phone use the browser to go to
  2. Tap the button labeled “Launch JScreenFix”
  3. Slide the frame over your iPhone’s stuck pixels
  4. Let the frame run for about 10 minutes as it stimulates the screen
  5. Drag the fixer frame away to view whether the stuck pixels have been fixed or not
  6. Seek Professional Support

Unfortunately, if the screen blemish proves to be caused by an internal hardware defect, such as pressure marks or dead pixels, you won’t be able to fix it yourself

So, you’ll need to seek technical support. Luckily, though, Apple is known to replace defective phones, especially if they’re within the warranty period.

In all cases, we’d recommend you head to an Apple-authorized technician rather than local repair shops. You can locate the nearest Apple store or authorized service provider online.

Wrap Up

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Finally, let’s sum up how to fix a white spot on an iPhone screen. First, you need to determine the cause behind the white spots. 

You can easily replace the screen protector if there are some stuck particles. What’s more concerning is internal hardware damage, which requires professional assistance.

Still, you might have luck with some third-party apps and the supportive online Apple community.