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Why Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting from AirPlay (Causes and How to Fix)

It’s undeniable that AirPlay’s popularity has been on a steady rise. However, this innovation isn’t without problems. Some folks are wondering why Apple TV keeps disconnecting from AirPlay.

The most common causes of this problem have to do with Wi-Fi instability, poor signals, or interference. Moreover, outdated software and incorrect network settings can also cause these devices to disconnect often.

That said, we’re going to look at these causes in a more detailed fashion and discover simple ways to fix them.

7 Reasons Why Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting from AirPlay and Their Fixes

AirPlay allows people to share videos, music, and photos wirelessly from a host of devices to Apple TVs. This innovation brings convenience to many users.

However, the enjoyment ends when it keeps on disconnecting over and over again. So let’s dig deep and solve this problem. 

  1. You’re Running on Unstable Wi-Fi Signals

For AirPlay to stream media smoothly from an Apple device to your Apple TV, it requires a stable Wi-Fi signal.

So, unstable Wi-Fi may break the connection to AirPlay. Instead, you need a network that provides enough strength for the stream to run uninterrupted.

Restarting and Stabilizing Wi-Fi

To get a stable connection, try restarting your Wi-Fi by turning off the router and pulling it from the power source.

Let it cool down a bit for 30 seconds (to register the router as offline) before plugging it back in and switching it on. Once done, try reconnecting your AirPlay to your Apple TV. 

  1. Wall Interference Is in the Way

If your iPhone is sending data from a different room than your Wi-Fi router and TV, the wall in between could block the signal. 

Setting All Devices in Range

To get rid of wall interference, we recommend having the sending device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) in the same room as the TV and the router.

However, placing your iPhone or TV too close to the router can also cause connection problems. A distance of about one foot is good enough in most cases.

  1. Your Device’s Software Is Outdated

Another reason that might be causing disconnection problems between AirPlay and Apple TV is outdated iOS.

Since iOS is the operating system that runs several Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods, you can expect more trouble than just connectivity issues.

Keeping Up With Software Updates

Updating your Apple TV and iOS devices is pretty much the same. Just go to Settings, then press System. Then, go to Software Updates and get those downloads started.

To cut the hassle in the future, you can automate the process by turning on Automatic Update.  

  1. Your iOS Device’s Resolution Is Different From the TV’s 

If your iOS device’s resolution is different from the TV’s, chances are AirPlay won’t run properly.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that attempting to playback content with high resolution might also result in disconnection problems.

Matching the Screen Formats

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To adjust and reduce your Apple TV’s display resolution, just go to Settings. From there, choose Video and Audio, and then choose Format to make the needed adjustments. 

  1. You’re Using an Application That Isn’t AirPlay-Compatible

Although AirPlay caters to a wide range of apps, it’s not universal. So, trying to send media through an unsupported app will only result in connection issues.  

Working Around Unsupported Apps

There isn’t much that you can do here but look for an alternative app that is compatible with AirPlay. Odds are, you’ll find something else to keep you entertained!

  1. Your Device Is on Sleep Mode

Usually, iOS devices go to sleep when they are left idle for a certain period.

Streaming videos, images, and audio from a device that went into sleep mode will also cause the AirPlay to disconnect from Apple TV abruptly.

Deactivating Sleep Mode

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To make sure you’ll enjoy uninterrupted viewing, you can deactivate your device’s sleep mode altogether.

You can turn it off by accessing the Control Center and tapping the bed icon.

  1. You’re Using a Faulty Ethernet Cable

Apple TV also functions using an Ethernet cable. This hard-wired setup is said to be more stable than a wireless connection. However, damaged and loose cables can backfire.

Resolving Ethernet Connectivity Issues

To reduce cable problems, make sure that both ends are connected tightly to the ports and that nothing is pressing on the wire.

Meanwhile, if the cable itself is faulty, you’ll need to replace it with a reliable one.

Final Thoughts

So there it is—the most common reasons why Apple TV keeps disconnecting from AirPlay.

Like you, many users have experienced this problem. However, we’ve seen that fixing this doesn’t require super advanced know-how.

For example, rebooting your router or moving all your devices to one room doesn’t really require a trained technician to execute. The same goes for updating the software or getting a new cable.

With some tips and tricks, you’ll resolve the connection glitches between Apple TVs and AirPlay and enjoy your seamless playback!