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Why Are AirPods So Uncomfortable?

As an owner of AirPods, I had become increasingly frustrated with the lack of comfort they provided. After scouring the internet for answers, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some research and testing. I’m here to share with you my findings and the solutions I discovered to make AirPods more comfortable. In this blog post, I’ll explain why AirPods are so uncomfortable, and how you can make them more comfortable.

But why are AirPods so uncomfortable?

Most of the time, the main cause behind this discomfort may be that the AirPods aren’t a good fit for your ears. Other times, you could just be wearing them for too long that they’re starting to hurt your ears.

Cause of DiscomfortExplanationSolution
Poor FitAirPods may not fit well due to differences in ear profilesAdjust the position of AirPods or consider different ear tips
Prolonged UseWearing AirPods for long periods can cause discomfortLimit usage time or take breaks between listening sessions
Wearing with Hat/SunglassesWearing AirPods with hats, sunglasses, or other accessories can put pressure on the ear, causing discomfortAdjust accessories to reduce pressure or remove them during AirPods usage
Ear InfectionExisting ear infections can make wearing AirPods painfulConsult a doctor for treatment and avoid using AirPods until the infection has cleared up

4 Reasons Why Your AirPods Feel Uncomfortable

Nothing is more annoying than having to take off your AirPod when one of your favorite songs comes up just because your ears hurt, right?

Well, here are some things you can blame this on!

  1. They Don’t Fit Your Ear Profile

Just like how our eyes, noses, and hands are different, so are our ears. Your ear profile might simply not be compatible with the shape of the AirPods, while other people can find them the perfect match.

Your ear profile might be small enough that wearing AirPods can hurt within a few minutes of putting them on. Or, the depth of your ears may not be what the AirPods require for a comfortable fit.

Thankfully, you can try overcoming this issue by changing the way you wear your AirPods. Try positioning them so that their stems face upward instead of down, or turn them sideways until you feel less pressure on your ears.

  1. You Wear Them for Too Long

Even if the AirPods fit your ears like jigsaw puzzle pieces, you’re bound to feel slight pain in your ears after an hour or two of use. This is pretty normal since you have an object wedged into your ear for a long time, which your delicate ear isn’t used to!

To keep that from happening, try to limit the time during which you have the AirPods plugged into your ears. Or, if you’re going on a rather lengthy hike and want the company of an audiobook for hours, you can always take breaks.

Say, keep the AirPods in your ears for 30 to 45 minutes, take them off for 15 minutes, massage your ears, then put them back on. Hopefully, this pattern should prevent you from feeling discomfort while having AirPods on.

  1. You Wear Them With a Hat or Sunglasses on

Let’s face it. Even if you’ve been wearing your AirPods for only around 20 minutes or so, chances are they’ll feel uncomfortable pretty quickly if you have a cap or beanie on.

The same can happen if you’re wearing glasses or a face mask.

The reason behind this is that you’re putting a lot of strain on your ear, whether it’s from the inside or the outside. 

As we’ve previously established, the ears are quite sensitive; so being in contact with several objects at once will definitely make them hurt in a short amount of time.

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  1. You Have an Ear Infection

Sometimes, plugging AirPods into your ears, even for a few minutes, results in pain that resonates deep inside the ear canal. This is likely an indicator of an ear infection, which can be much more uncomfortable than the ache associated with an ill-fitting AirPod.

Usually, in this case, the pain persists even after you remove the AirPods.

If you already have an ear infection, pushing the AirPods into your ears will only make matters more painful. This is why you should get your ears checked by a doctor if you suspect that this is the case.

Even though AirPods aren’t responsible for ear infections, the wrong use of those tiny speakers might lead to them. For example, pushing them too deep inside the ears or having them on for too long encourages the growth of bacteria in the ear canal.

As a result, the ear will be more prone to infections.

Plus, sharing your AirPods with others might be the perfect opportunity for bacteria to spread from an infected ear to one that isn’t. So, make sure you don’t do that. 

Or, if you must, you can always wipe your borrowed AirPods with a cotton swab after dunking the tip in alcohol.


To Wrap It Up

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A lot of Apple users find themselves asking: why are AirPods uncomfortable?

After reading our guide, you now know that AirPods may leave your ears sore if they don’t fit them properly or if you have them on for longer than your ears can handle. Other things that cause discomfort include ear infections or pairing your AirPods with a hat or sunglasses.

The good news is that there’s always a solution to whatever problem you’re facing. So, you can go back to listening to your favorite Apple Music playlists in no time!