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Why are my AirPods cutting out on Mac?

If your AirPods or AirPods Pro keep cutting out on Mac, this post will show you likely reasons why and what you can do about it.

Likely reasons why your AirPods keep cutting out on Mac are that your AirPods need to be reset and reconnected to your Mac, your AirPods are automatically switching to other devices, the AirPods are broken, or your Mac or AirPods need a software update.

Why are my AirPods cutting out on Mac?

The first thing to try is to reset and reconnect your AirPods. By doing the following:

  1. Forget your AirPods from your device
  2. Put your AirPods in the case
  3. Open the lid and hold the power button for 15 seconds until the light flashes orange then white
  4. Reconnect your AirPods to your laptop

Below are a number of possible reasons why your AirPods or AirPod Pros have been disconnecting from your laptop.

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The cause might be that there is an issue with the Bluetooth on your Mac.

It would help to try connecting different devices to your Mac’s Bluetooth and to see if they also get disconnected.

If they do not, it would mean that the issue is specifically between your laptop and the AirPods.

It might also be the case that your Mac is turning its Bluetooth off when it goes to sleep or the app stops running.

Broken battery

It might also be the case that there is a problem with the battery in the AirPods.

This would be more likely if you recently dropped your AirPods allowed them to get wet or allowed them to be at 0% charge for more week or longer.

It would also be more likely if your AirPods run out of power very quickly. In this case, the only option would be to return them or to buy a new set of AirPods since you cannot replace the battery.


It could also be the case that there is a weak connection between your AirPods and the laptop.

If there is a lot of distance between them or there are walls in the way, it will make it more difficult for the AirPods to stay connected.

It would help to re-pair your AirPods with your Mac following the process as mentioned above.

Other devices

If there are other devices connected to your AirPods at the same time that your Mac is connected to your AirPods, it would be possible that they are interfering with the connection.

It would help to try forgetting your AirPods on all of the other devices you have connected them to and to see if they work better with your Mac after that.

Also, Apple devices allow for a feature called “automatic switching”. If your AirPods disconnect when you start using another Apple device, it would be likely that your AirPods are actually connecting to that device instead. This should only happen when you are not listening to something on your Mac.

Software update

AirPods do receive software updates and it could be the case that your AirPods need to be updated. To update them, you put them in the charging case while it is charging then put an iPhone/iPad/Mac near the case and it should automatically update.

It would also help to make sure that the Mac itself is updated.

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How to get my AirPods to stop disconnecting from my Mac?

To get your AirPods to stop disconnecting from your Mac, it would help to try resetting and reconnecting them as mentioned above, to update the Mac, to disconnect your AirPods from other devices and to disconnect any other earphones from the Mac.

If your AirPods keep cutting out on other devices or it seems likely that they are broken, it may be necessary to take them to an Apple store.