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Why do my AirPods randomly power off?

As an AirPods user, I have been increasingly frustrated by the random power offs that my AirPods have been experiencing. After doing some research, I discovered that this is a common problem for many AirPods users. In this blog post, I will share the solutions I have personally tried to fix this issue, as well as other solutions that I have found from other AirPods users. Hopefully, this post can help others who are experiencing the same problem.

Quick tip:

Your AirPods might not actually be powering off. Instead, it might be the case that they are actually disconnecting from your device.

Issue / SolutionDescription
AirPods Not ChargedKeep AirPods in their charging case when not in use to ensure they are fully charged.
Incompatible Bluetooth SoftwareEnsure the Bluetooth software of the device you are connecting to is compatible with AirPods.
Outdated FirmwareCheck and update the firmware on your AirPods through your iOS device.
WiFi IssuesTurn off WiFi or move closer to the iOS device when using AirPods to avoid interference.
Broken AirPodsIf the battery is faulty, you may need to replace the AirPods.
Check AirPods Battery Level (iPhone and Mac)Use iPhone or Mac to check the AirPods battery level.
Reset AirPodsFollow the steps to reset AirPods and reconnect to your iOS device.
Disable Automatic Ear DetectionToggle off Automatic Ear Detection in the iOS device settings.
Turn Off Automatic SwitchingDisable the Automatic Switching feature in the iOS device settings.
Reach Out to Apple SupportIf all else fails, contact Apple Support or visit an Apple store for further assistance.

Why do my AirPods randomly power off?

There are several different reasons as to why the AirPods randomly power off, and most of the issues can be easily fixed within a few minutes.

AirPods Not Charged

The most common cause of AirPods that randomly disconnect is low battery. And you can correct this problem by simply making sure they are fully charged before using them.

Keeping the AirPods in their charging case when not in use will go a long way to ensuring they are charged and ready to go when you need them.

Incompatible Bluetooth Software

Incompatible Bluetooth software is another cause of AirPods randomly disconnecting.

The AirPods have to downgrade the connection when connected to incompatible software, which results in poor audio quality, poor connection, and loss of range.

Ensure the Bluetooth software of the device you are connecting to is compatible with the AirPods. 

Outdated Firmware

Firmware is another culprit of the headphones randomly disconnecting. And since Apple often updates firmware, you may experience this problem a few times throughout the life of the AirPods.

You can check the firmware by navigating to the Settings > Bluetooth section of your iOS device.

Find your AirPods on the device and then click on the “i” icon next to your AirPods. Then simply ensure you have the latest firmware for your AirPods installed.

If not, connect your AirPods to your iOS device while connected to WiFi. This will automatically install the current firmware update.

WiFi Issues

WiFi connections can cause problems with any wireless device, including AirPods. To check this issue, briefly turn off the WiFi that your iOS device is connected to and then test your AirPods.

If they still randomly disconnect, then you know WiFi isn’t the cause of the problem.

If, however, the AirPods are not disconnecting, then try to move closer to your iOS device when using the AirPods.

Furthermore, try to avoid getting too close to baby monitors, wireless cameras, and even microwaves when using the AirPods as their signal could cause interference. 

Broken AirPods

It might also be the case that the AirPods are broken. This would be more likely if they do not make any sound when they disconnect since they are supposed to make a sound whenever they lose connection. If they do not make a sound, it would suggest that they are actually turning off.

This would be likely to be due to a faulty battery. In this case, it is most likely that you would have to replace the AirPods.

How To Check The AirPods Battery Level On An iPhone

To check the battery of the AirPods on an iPhone, place the AirPods in their case with the lid open, and hold them close to the phone. The amount of battery left on the AirPods will appear on your phone’s screen.

How To Check The AirPods Battery Level On A Mac

To check the AirPods battery level on a Mac, you must first place them next to the computer. Make sure the AirPods are not in their charging case when checking their battery level on a Mac.

Once the Airpods are laying next to the Mac, go to the Bluetooth setting on the computer and it will automatically show the battery percentage of the AirPods. 

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How to get my AirPods to stop randomly powering off?

Low battery is a main cause of AirPods that randomly power off. And the best defense against this issue is to keep them in their charging case when not in use. This will ensure they are fully charged, or close to it, every time you use them.

If, after charging the AirPods fully, they are still randomly powering off, try a full reset to see if that fixes the problem.

This will require forgetting the AirPods from your iOS device and then repairing them. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Place the AirPods in their charging case and close the lid.
  2. Wait about 30 seconds before opening the charging case lid. 
  3. Go to Settings on your iOS device and then click Bluetooth.
  4. Locate the AirPods in the list of Bluetooth devices and click on the more info icon next to the AirPods. 
  5. Click on “Forget This Device.” You will have to confirm that you do want to forget this device.
  6. Press the setup button located on the back of the charging case and hold for 15 seconds. The lid of the charge case will have to remain open the entire time. 
  7. Release the setup button once the status light on the charging case changes from amber to white. 
  8. Place the AirPods in their case, making sure the lid is open, next to the iOS device. Follow the steps that appear on your iOS device screen to complete the reconnection. 

Why are my AirPods randomly powering off despite being charged?

If your AirPods are powering off despite them being charged, the issue may be with the automatic ear detection feature.

You can test if this is the cause by going into your iOS device Settings > Bluetooth, and then click on the info icon next to your AirPods. Scroll down to see Automatic Ear Detection and toggle it to disable the feature. 

Another option to try is to turn off the Automatic Switching feature. This feature allows your AirPods to switch automatically between Apple devices, and while it is a useful tool, it can cause issues with the headphones.

Turn this setting off by visiting Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device, and then tapping on the icon info next to your AirPods.

Then click on “Connect To This iPhone”, and check to see if “Automatically” is selected. If so, tap on “When last connected to this iPhone” to turn off the Automatic Switching feature.

Reach out to Apple Support either through their online support app or head to an Apple store for further assistance if you’re still experiencing AirPods that randomly power off even when charged. 


  1. The battery can be easily checked on an iPhone or Mac.
  2. The AirPods can be easily reset if needed.
  3. The Automatic Ear Detection feature can be toggled off.
  4. The Automatic Switching feature can be turned off.
  5. The AirPods can be easily charged when not in use.


  1. Incompatible Bluetooth software can cause connection issues.
  2. Outdated firmware can cause connection issues.
  3. WiFi connections can cause interference.
  4. The AirPods may need to be replaced if the battery is faulty.