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Why do my AirPods sound bad on Discord?

As an AirPods owner who was frustrated by the sound quality on Discord, I know how troublesome it can be to get them to work properly. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share what I found to be the best solutions to this issue.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why my AirPods sounded bad on Discord and how I solved the problem, as well as other solutions I discovered along the way. I hope that by the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of the problem and be able to get your AirPods working on Discord with the best sound quality possible.

Reset and Reconnect AirPods to fix bad sound quality on Discord
Ensure AirPods are set as default audio device
Use browser version of Discord if having issues with desktop
Check sound mixer to ensure AirPods are not muted
Log out of Discord and restart it if having mic issues
Check that Discord has permission to access the microphone
Turn off Exclusive Mode on Windows if having mic issues

Why do my AirPods sound bad on Discord?

Below are possible reasons why your AirPods sound bad on Discord and what you can do about it.

A bad connection

It might be the case that your AirPods have a bad connection with your device. It would help to try reconnecting your AirPods to your device.

If that does not work you could try doing a full reset and then pairing your AirPods to your device again.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Forget the AirPods on the device you are using
  2. Put your AirPods in the case
  3. Press the button on the case for 15 seconds until the light on the case flashes orange
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Open the lid and hold the button on the case
  6. Reconnect your AirPods to your device

Check The Bluetooth

One of the first things to check is to ensure the Bluetooth is enabled and that the headphones are actually paired with the computer.

If not, complete the connecting instructions listed above to pair the AirPods with your computer.  

Try Discord In Your Browser

There are some users that have reported problems with their desktop Discord transmitting audio to their AirPods, but have no problem using their AirPods in the browser version of Discord.

There is only speculation at this time as to what could be causing the issue, and there is currently no permanent fix.

You will have to use Discord in the browser whenever you want to utilize your AirPods as the audio device. 

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AirPods Not Set As Default Audio

It might be the case that you need to set your AirPods as the default audio on your device.

To do this, right mouse click on the speaker icon, which is located on your computer’s taskbar. Then click on the Sound Settings menu, locate the Sound Control Panel, and click on the link.

Under the Playback tab is the list of devices that can playback audio on our computer. If the AirPods are not listed, right mouse click on the white space and select “Show Disabled Devices.”

Right mouse click on your AirPods and then select them as the default audio device.

Check Sound Mixer

It could be the case that your AirPods are muted on the discord sound mixer. If Discord is muted in the Sound Mixer, then you will have issues hearing the audio through your AirPods, or any other headphones.

Thankfully, you can easily check if this is the problem by searching for “Sound Mixer” in your computer’s settings. Select the Sound Mixer when the prompt appears.

Scroll to find Discord under the Volume and Device Preference section, and check to see if the volume is turned on.

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Why do my AirPods pro sound bad on Discord?

Your AirPods Pro might sound bad for any of the same reasons why regular AirPods sound bad on discord.

It would help to try reconnecting them to your device, ensuring that they are the default audio device, to try them in the browser and to check the sound mixer.

How to get my AirPods to sound better on Discord?

To get your AirPods to sound better on Discord, try using your AirPods on the browser instead of the App, try reconnecting your AirPods to your device, ensure they are set as the default audio and also check the sound mixer as mentioned above.

Why does my AirPods mic not work properly on Discord?

A problem that many Discord users face is that other members can hear them, but they can’t hear anyone else.

This issue can affect any type of headphones or microphone, not just AirPods. Although it’s a frustrating issue, there are some easy solutions that will get your microphone working again.

Log out of Discord and then restart it.

Computers run multiple applications at the same time, which can cause each program to compete for the system’s resources.

This can sometimes lead to glitches and bugs with Discord. Logging out and restarting Discord can help fix many of the audio issues you are experiencing.

Check that Discord has permission to access your microphone.

Sometimes, when Windows updates, it can automatically revoke microphone access to Discord. For Windows computers, go to the computer’s settings and then click on Privacy.

Select Microphone and then locate App Permissions, and ensure the “Allow Apps to Access your Microphone” is toggled on.

For Mac computers, go to the Apple Menu, then System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Ensure Discord is listed in the list of apps that have permission to access the microphone.

Turn off Exclusive Mode.

Windows has an Exclusive Mode that gives permission for certain applications to take control of a device.

What this means is that, when this mode is enabled, some applications can take control over the microphone and prevent Discord from using it.

To turn this mode off, right click on the Speaker icon located on the system tray, then click on Open Sound Settings > Microphone > Properties > Advanced.

Locate the Exclusive Mode and ensure the box for “Allow Applications To Take Exclusive Control Of This Device” is unchecked.

If not, then uncheck the box and click on Apply. Restart the computer if you have to uncheck the box.