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Why Do Powerbeats Pro Keep Disconnecting?

As an owner of the PowerBeats Pro, I was frustrated and puzzled when my headphones kept disconnecting unexpectedly. I was determined to figure out what was causing the issue, so I did some research and tried out some tips and tricks to try and find a solution. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing what I discovered and how I solved the issue as well as some other potential solutions I found along the way.

It could be due to interference signals or out-of-date software. This issue may also be in relation to compatibility with other devices.

Tips for Powerbeats Pro Disconnection Issues
Powerbeats Pro may disconnect due to interference signals, out-of-date software, or compatibility issues.
Try installing the Beats app to improve connection and install the latest updates.
Unpairing and reconnecting the headphones may help resolve the issue.
Moving to a spot with fewer external signals may also help.
Check the firmware and software of both your Powerbeats Pro and your device to ensure it is up-to-date.

Powerbeats Connection Issues

Powerbeats Pro are known for delivering an excellent audio experience, but this doesn’t matter if you can’t connect the device to your phone!

There are a few reasons why this could happen, including:

Interference Signals

Since the Powerbeats Pro are completely wireless, they rely on Bluetooth connections. This allows you to link to devices remotely. The feature may be great at keeping your hands free, but it’s not the most stable

Since Bluetooth uses wireless signals, it opens the door to external interference. Any device in the area could potentially affect the connection.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about this issue. You can try moving around and find a spot with fewer external signals. Still, this is difficult to do if you can’t leave the area you’re in.

Software Issues

When you purchase any new smart gadget, you have to prepare yourself for constant updates. These updates patch bugs and other problems that may arise.

Not staying current with the latest software can lead to compatibility issues. For this reason, you may need to check your system firmware.

You should check both your Powerbeats and phone to ensure all software is up to date

Compatibility Issues

Even with the latest software, your Powerbeats Pro may not be compatible with all devices

Generally, these headphones have no issues connecting to mobile phones. The link is usually strong and reliable.

However, this isn’t the case with laptops and tablets. While the Powerbeats Pro should pair with any device, it sometimes faces resistance. This translates to a spotty connection.

What Can You Do About Powerbeats Pro Disconnecting?

If your Powerbeats Pro connection keeps dropping, don’t worry; there are a few things you can try out to address the issue.

Download the Beats App

The Beats app isn’t necessary for the Powerbeats Pro to work. However, it can be quite useful

Without the application, you have access to some minimal functions. You can increase and decrease the volume and skip between tracks. Still, that’s pretty much it.

With the Beats app, you get many more advanced options. Besides that, you improve the connection between your device and the Powerbeats Pro. This can help resolve any compatibility hick-ups you may face.

When using a laptop, it’s best to connect the Powerbeats Pro using a cable. It’ll make pairing with the device much easier.

Unpair Your Powerbeats Pro

Over time, Bluetooth connections can weaken. The link gets corrupted, and you can no longer use it. This can happen because of power fluctuations or system bugs. 

No matter the reason, when this happens, it’s time to set up a new channel. To do this, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Charge your Powerbeats Pro fully.
  2. Switch on the Bluetooth on your device.
  3. Place the headphones and your device in close range of each other.
  4. Connect the headphones to your device.
  5. Go to Bluetooth Settings on your device.
  6. Locate the Powerbeats Pro connection.
  7. Tap on the Unpair option.
  8. Press and hold the system button until the LED indicator blinks red.
  9. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your device.
  10. Scan for new available connections.
  11. Find your Powerbeats Pro on the list.
  12. Tap on the headphones and follow the connection instructions.

After that, the brand new link should be much more stable than the old one.

Install the Latest Updates

The Powerbeats Pro usually updates on an automatic basis. Every few hours, they refresh and search for any new changes to install.

Unfortunately, this process isn’t always flawless. Sometimes, the headphones can get stuck on an old firmware version with no warning. 

The only way around this issue is to force a manual update!

With iOS, just connecting the device should kick-start the updating process. Yet, this doesn’t always happen.

Therefore, the easiest way to update your Powerbeats Pro is using the Beats App.

  1. Install the Beats app on your device.
  2. Ensure both earbuds are in the charging case.
  3. Connect the Powerbeats Pro to your device.
  4. Navigate the app to find the updates tab.
  5. Check for the latest firmware.
  6. Follow any update instructions.

This process should only take a few minutes. If your Powerbeats Pro already have the latest updates, contact customer service.

Wrapping Up

Why do Powerbeats Pro keep disconnecting? It can be due to interference signals or software and compatibility issues.

To help resolve the problem, you can try installing the Beats app. It’ll improve your link and help you install the latest updates. You can also try unpairing the headphones and reconnecting them.