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Why does HBO Max freeze on Samsung TV?

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I know how frustrating it can be when HBO Max freezes up. After experiencing this issue myself, I decided to do some research and testing to try to figure out why this is happening and what can be done about it. After trying out several solutions, I am here to share with others how I solved the issue as well as other solutions I discovered.

Several potential issues exist to eliminate this issue, including restarting the app as an immediate solution. However, if the problem persists, there are longer-term solutions including updating the HBO Max app, updating the Samsung TV software, or reinstalling the app. 

Restart the HBO Max app.
Update the HBO Max app.
Update the Samsung TV software.
Reinstall the HBO Max app.
Power cycle your wireless router.
Review compatibilities with the HBO Max app.
Start with a clean slate.
Update your systems.
Potential causes of the freezing issue include an unstable internet connection, incompatibility with the app, outdated software, or cached data.

Why does HBO Max freeze on Samsung TV?

There could be several reasons why the HBO Max app is freezing on your Samsung TV with the most common being:

An unstable Internet connection

One of the most common reasons for HBO Max freezing is you have an unstable internet connection or Wi-Fi signal issues. If you’re Samsung TV is hardwired to the router and you’re facing this problem, then you could have connection issues caused by a faulty or old ethernet cable, issues with your router, or problems with the connection to your residence.

If you’re running the television through Wi-Fi, then your wireless router may be outdated, damaged, or have other internal problems.

When using any app to stream content, having a strong Internet connection is critical to ensure clarity and speed.

Incompatibility with the app

Another less common root cause is your Samsung TV’s incompatibility with this software. 

If you have an older model, it may not have the speed or proper internal hardware to process and display content through the application.

Outdated software

In many situations, either the HBO Max app, your Samsung TV, or your router needs to be updated with the latest patches, compatibilities, and software.

Software is updated regularly to improve the user experience, so it’s important to always ensure this update occurs.

Why does HBO Max keep crashing on Samsung TV?

Crashing of the HBO Max app is another issue that Samsung TV owners experience. Some of the most common root causes include:

Cached data

Like with hardware, sometimes application data collects in the software and needs to be refreshed to ensure it’s working properly. 

If you haven’t refreshed or updated the app in a while and are suddenly experiencing crashes, this is a likely culprit.


Occasionally, HBO Max outages occur in certain areas. 

This happens because of local server overloads or outages. While this is uncommon, it will cause your HBO Max app to stop working or crash on your Samsung TV.

Outdated app

An outdated HBO Max app could create incompatibilities with more modern Samsung TV operating systems and cause glitches, like crashing to occur. 

Older versions were meant to work with older television models and vice-versa, so updating your app and television software is necessary.

Slow Internet

If your home Internet is operating slowly, your HBO Max app will continuously crash. 

Therefore, ensure the Internet connectivity is operating at a max speed to eliminate crashes. 

Sometimes during peak usage hours in the evening, your connectivity will slow due to the number of individuals in your areas simultaneously using the Internet. 

Bandwidth is limited, so as more people try to access different sites and online services, Internet transfer rates slow.

How to get HBO Max to stop freezing on Samsung TV?

To fix the freezing issue, several options exist:

Power cycle your wireless router

Every so often, routers need to be reset to restore the connection to different devices. This is the case whether you are hardwired into the unit or using Wi-Fi. 

Power cycling your wireless router means rebooting the unit, so it cleans out the device’s short-term memory to ensure smooth operation and a stronger connection to devices. 

The power cycle process involves turning off the unit, waiting around 20 seconds and turning it back on, then checking the TV to ensure it reconnected.

Review compatibilities with the HBO Max app

If power cycling doesn’t work, check the HBO Max website for incompatible Samsung TV models. 

If yours is listed then you may either must update the software or watch HBO Max using a different, compatible device.

Start with a clean slate

If your model is compatible, then you should start with a clean slate. This means deleting and reinstalling the app onto your Samsung TV. 

Since you are reinstalling the app, you will receive the most updated version of the software.

Update your systems

It’s important to note that you must always keep your software updated with the latest version. On Samsung TVs, this doesn’t take much time but can make a world of difference.

Updated software always contains patches to improve your experience, security bits to combat known viruses, and new features. This could help eliminate the HBO Max freezing problem on your Samsung TV.

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