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Why Does My Apple Music Keep Glitching?

I’m an Apple Music user and recently I’ve been experiencing regular glitches when trying to listen to my music. Whether it’s skipping to the next song too soon, not playing at all, or just randomly stopping, it’s been incredibly frustrating. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share what I’ve discovered and how I solved the issue myself. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing why my Apple Music keeps glitching and what you can do to fix it.

Apple Music might be glitching due to a poor internet connection or a bug in the system
Apple Music might not play some downloaded songs in the right order
Apple Music doesn’t always have full support for lossless audio
Apple Music might time out while streaming music
Check if your device’s speakers are working with other apps
Make sure all songs are checked in the Music Preferences
Disconnect your device or set it on Airplane Mode to fix CarPlay issues

Why Does Apple Music Keep Glitching?

We understand it’s frustrating to have your music experience interrupted, so here are some of the most common causes and fixes of Apple Music glitches.

  1. Generalized Apple Music Glitch

In a recent incident, a high percentage of Apple Music users faced glitches at the same time, where users were unable to play music, access their profiles, or view lyrics.

Downdetector, a third-party monitoring service, reported an increase in user complaints last April. Unfortunately, such major glitches in Apple Music can only be resolved by Apple. 

In that case, Apple shortly resolved the glitch, as indicated by the company’s system status page.

  1. Apple Music Keeps Crashing

If Apple Music suddenly stops working, check if you’ve installed the latest update

After updating, if Apple Music keeps crashing, try restarting the app or logging out and logging in again. 

When all the above solutions don’t work, restart the device altogether.

  1. Apple Music Crossfade Glitch

Crossfading is a sought-after feature by music fans. Ironically, the Apple Music Android app has a better Crossfade experience than its iOS counterpart!

Still, Crossfade works great in Apple Music as long as you’re listening to non-lossless audio. Unfortunately, to date, Apple Music doesn’t support Crossfade for lossless music

  1. Downloaded Music Glitching

This is another common bug in Apple Music that the developers haven’t fixed for years. If you’ve arranged your downloaded music into playlists, Apple Music might not play them in order.

In many instances, Apple Music can skip 2-4 downloaded songs in the queue. Even more, if you keep trying, Apple Music might end abruptly. 

  1. Apple Music Sound Glitch

Many users have reported that Apple Music would play the song, but no sound would be heard. In this case, you have to check whether your device’s speakers are working with other apps like YouTube and other music apps.

Another way to check your device’s sound is through the settings menu

From there, tap Sounds or Sounds and Haptics. You’ll find the Ringer and Alerts slider, which you can drag back and forth to test the sound.

  1. Streaming Music Glitches

Sometimes Apple Music only glitches while you’re streaming music online. Typically, after hitting play, Apple Music will try playing the music for around 10 seconds before it times out. 

At this point, you might randomly receive an error message stating that the “request timed out.” If this is the problem you’re facing with Apple Music, first try to restart your phone and reinstall the app. 

In case this simple fix doesn’t work, check whether Apple Music glitches while you’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

If one of the connections doesn’t work, you might need to diagnose it separately.

  1. Apple Music Stops After One Song

This issue is more common with MacBook devices. If your song list has some unchecked songs, they won’t play. 

We know it might not sound logical, but those hidden checkboxes can rule your songs out if they’re unchecked.

In order to see the checkboxes, you’ll need to enable them from the General tab in Music Preferences. Tap “Show songs list checkboxes.”

Make sure all songs are checked by going to Edit, then Select All. Now, you can check the missing songs.

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  1. Apple Music Keeps Glitching With CarPlay

More users have lately complained about how Apple Music integrates with CarPlay. More specifically, CarPlay issues were most reported from devices with iOS 14.5.1.

If you haven’t realized it, your device will mostly experience this issue when it’s connected to the Internet. 

So, to fix the CarPlay glitch, simply disconnect your device and launch Apple Music when you’re offline.

A more effective way to get around the CarPlay issue is to set your device on Airplane Mode from the Control Center.

This will shut all connections so you’ll be able to launch Apple Music smoothly. When CarPlay launches, disable the Airplane Mode.

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Wrapping Up

Apple Music might be glitching because of external reasons like a poor internet connection. Otherwise, Apple Music has common bug issues like timing out while streaming music. The good news is that most of those glitches can be easily fixed.

Now that you’re backed with our troubleshooting list, you can enjoy your music while setting aside the glitch annoyances.