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Why Does My Apple Music Keep Shuffling the Same Songs?

When you listen to music, it’s fun to hear songs you haven’t heard in a while. If the same song keeps playing over and over, though, it can be pretty irritating. 

Even if your playlist is set to shuffle, this can still happen! This might lead you to wonder, does my Apple Music keep shuffling the same songs?

Apple Music typically randomizes the songs only once when the user chooses shuffle. The order generally stays the same unless the user turns the shuffle option on and off again. This could also happen because of a bug in the system or Apple rolling out new improvements and updates.

Want to learn more about how this shuffling dilemma works on the inside? Keep reading!

Why Does My Apple Music Keep Shuffling the Same Songs?

Apple Music is a great gateway to get in the mood for whatever you’re doing. It has millions of songs and an affordable subscription scheme. In addition, you can download songs for offline listening!

However, while you’re listening to your playlist, you may notice that some songs are repeated even while on shuffle. Why is that? 

Funny enough, the shuffle feature isn’t actually that random in most music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. That’s because if the music was actually shuffled in a completely random order, it would seem less spontaneous to the human brain. 

This feeling is partly related to what’s known as the Gambler’s Fallacy. It’s the false belief that a particular outcome’s probability is affected by previous events.

Spotify and Apple Music have different algorithms for choosing songs in their users’ playlists. When it comes to Apple Music, the shuffle actually randomizes your playlists in a certain order and doesn’t change unless you reshuffle it again. 

Spotify, on the other hand, completely changed its algorithm from shuffling the songs at random to a less randomized version. 

Besides that, there are other possible reasons why your app might be playing the same songs. 

Why Is Apple Music Shuffling the Same Songs?

There are many reasons why your shuffle may be playing the same songs over and over again. Let’s take a closer look and see how to fix them.

System Updates

If you’re having problems with some features or apps on your iPhone, like the shuffling feature, you may be experiencing bugs in the system. 

Thankfully, Apple releases updates to its operating system on a regular basis, so your first step is to check if your phone needs any updates.

Here’s how to update your iPhone:

  • Connect your iPhone to a strong Wi-Fi network
  • Open “Settings”
  • Tap on “General”
  • Choose “Software Updates”
  • Then download and install available updates

Visit the System Status Page

Apple provides a webpage that allows users to check on recent system changes or outages. When you open the page, you’ll see all of Apple’s services with a green dot next to them. That means they’re available or functioning.

Waiting it out is the only way to solve this issue. The problem probably isn’t in the settings; it’s just a matter of some work going down at the company. Fortunately, Apple is quick to address any issues with its tools or apps.

Shuffle and Unshuffle

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The thing about Apple Music shuffle is that it shuffles your music at random just once. There might be a different addition here and there, but the general order of songs stays the same.

So, to change this order, you’ll actually have to go to your music library, deactivate shuffle, and then activate it again.

To do this:

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Head to the Apple Music app
  • Choose the playlist you want to shuffle
  • Play a random song
  • Tap on the bar below with the song’s name
  • Swipe up
  • Tap on the “Shuffle” button to turn it off and on again

Deactivate Repeat

It may seem obvious, but some people actually forget to turn off their repeat option and end up listening to the same songs in a loop. 

You might have the shuffle feature activated, but it’ll do nothing unless you turn off the repeat.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Head to the Apple Music app
  • Choose a playlist
  • Play any song
  • Tap on the bar below with the song’s name
  • Swipe up
  • Tap on the “Repeat” button to switch it off

Hopefully, the next time you play a song, it’ll be another randomized list.


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So, why does my apple music keep shuffling the same songs? Because it needs to be shuffled again! 

It’s like shuffling a deck of cards; the songs will stay in the same order unless you shuffle them again. It’s not a problem at all and can be fixed with a few taps on your iPhone. 

We hope you’re now enjoying your music with no repetitions!