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Why Does My TV Lean Forward?

As a frustrated TV owner, I wanted to know why my TV was leaning forward and if I could do something about it. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this issue and the other solutions I discovered along the way. Whether you’re dealing with a wall-mounted TV or a stand-mounted TV, this post has you covered!

Faulty mounting and installation errors are the likeliest reasons for your TV leaning forward. The TV’s mounting bracket might not be appropriately attached to the wall, a stand, or the unit itself, or there could be screws and bolts to tighten down.

The TV’s stability depends on its proper installation and protection from gravity. A faulty installation more than likely will worsen over time and may lead to its untimely demise.

There are a few techniques to discover the problem and how to fix the issue properly. It is also possible that the fault isn’t with your TV or the installation, which is worth considering, even if it is unlikely.

Reason for TV Leaning ForwardDescriptionSolution for Wall-Mounted TVSolution for Stand-Mounted TV
Improper MountingThe TV’s mounting bracket might not be appropriately attached to the wall, a stand, or the unit itself.Reattach the TV’s mount to the wall, so it doesn’t lean.Reattach the TV to the base.
Loose Screws and BoltsScrews and bolts in the mounting hardware might not be tightened down properly.Check and tighten all screws and bolts.Check and tighten all screws and bolts.
Complex Mounting MechanismsMounts with swivel and tilting designs can sag over time, especially if they are not sturdy enough.Reinforce with extra bolts or added arms to support the weight.N/A
Accidental MovementThe TV might have been moved while cleaning or by accident, causing misalignment.Readjust the TV and inspect for cracks and dents.Readjust the TV and inspect for cracks and dents.
Defective PartsDefects in the mounting unit, stand, screws, or the TV itself could cause leaning.Replace or return defective parts or the entire mounting unit.Replace or return defective parts or the entire stand unit.

Reasons For A TV To Lean Forward

Before you can fix the issue of your TV leaning over, you must first find out the cause. Possible causes range from the very common to the annoying but rare.

The most likely reason your TV is leaning forward is improper mounting. Whether you have the TV mounted against the wall or on a stand, you must check all the attached parts.

If you have a wall-mounted TV, you should first consider whether your brackets are fastened tightly on both the TV and the wall. Check for adjustment screws on the back middle part of the bracket that can allow you to alter the alignment of the mountings.

Also, have you measured the distances for your brackets correctly? Most wall-mounted TVs adhere to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) regulations for the distance between the unit’s rear mounting holes. An arrangement of four mounting holes should be visible in a rectangular pattern on the back of the TV.

In some cases, complex mounting mechanisms tend to sag over forwards, especially with mounts that have swivel and tilting designs. It could be that such levers are not sturdy enough and need to be reinforced with extra bolts or added arms to help support the weight.

For a TV mounted on a stand, check that you fastened the bolts tightly at the point where the back connects to the base. Then check for any loose screws or bolts in the stand unit. Check if you haven’t installed the footing in the reverse orientation.

Another common reason for a TV to lean forward is that someone may have moved it while cleaning or by accident. TVs with head tilting abilities might be slightly misaligned, and you can simply readjust them, but bumps can damage brackets and stands. Inspect the entirety of your unit for cracks and dents.

On the more unlikely side of causes, it could be that there are defects in the mounting unit, stand, screws, or the TV. They might have to be replaced or returned before you can attempt to install your TV again.

How To Fix A Wall-Mounted TV That Leans Forward

When fixing a wall-mounted TV, the primary focus will be on ensuring that the brackets are correctly attached to the TV and the wall. If improperly tightened brackets are not the cause of the problem, it might be necessary to anchor the TV using straps or return parts or the whole mounting unit to the vendor.

Reattach The TV’s Mount To The Wall, So It Doesn’t Lean

Before starting the fixing process for a wall mounting, verify that your walls can be drilled into and are strong enough to hold the weight of a mounted TV first.

Mounting a TV to drywall has a high likelihood of damaging the wall and the TV coming down, so use an electronic wall scanner stud finder to detect studs that can serve as convenient attachment points for your TV’s brackets.

For the mounting, check that you have appropriately sized VESA pieces required for attachment and ensure that everything is aligned correctly.

Plan where you wish to place the mounting and brackets with a mind to have the TV’s middle at around 40″ from the ground. Using a spirit level, verify that each part of the set lies completely level relative to the ground and tightly fasten all the TV parts.

Should you need to punch more holes into the wall, plan out where you need to drill and mark the locations with a pencil. Holding your drill perpendicular to the wall, drill pilot holes into the wall and use these as guides for the spots you intend to put the plugs and bolts.

When you have finished drilling all the required holes, you can place the mounting bracket over them on the wall and partially tighten all the screws. Confirm that the frames are level by using your spirit level before you tighten all the screws completely. Align the TV’s mounting unit to the brackets and attach them.

If your TV is still crooked, appears at risk of falling loose from the wall, or you can’t drill into the wall further, you can use fastener straps to attach your TV to secure studs or bars you have already installed in the wall.

How To Fix A TV Leaning Forward On A Stand

The task of fixing a leaning TV-stand combination involves securely fastening the screws on the base and the TV. You can also anchor the TV to the console by tethering it with straps or bolting down its stand.

To Fix A Leaning TV On A Stand, Reattach It To The Base

Place some clean and soft materials, such as blankets or towels, on a large enough surface to support your TV face-down.

As per the instruction manual, securely fasten the screws to the TV at the bottom of the stand. If you doubt you have installed the TV the right way around, you should consult the manual to see which way it should face.

If you wish to attach the base to the TV console on which you have perched the TV, check that each has suitable openings with corresponding fittings at the required sizes.

If there aren’t dedicated holes, you can drill them to install the stand to the console for additional stability. When there is no option of making holes in the TV console, you can still use straps to prevent the TV from leaning over.

If there is no way to balance the set after properly tightening all the parts and tying it all together, there might be no alternative to returning the unit if it is still under warranty.


If your TV tends to lean forward, it is likely due to faulty installation and poorly tightened parts. Whether your TV is wall-mounted or on a stand, the procedure for fixing the problem entails checking that all the fixtures are in good condition, the measurements are correct, and that you have tightened everything securely.

Should the process of reattaching all the pieces be unsuccessful at improving the inclination of your TV, alternative options such as tethering with straps may help. But if nothing seems to help, it is possible that the entire unit might be faulty and needs to be replaced.

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