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Why has my AirPod’s name changed?

As an owner of AirPods, I was recently in for a surprise when I went to connect them to my phone and noticed that their name had changed. I was left feeling frustrated and confused, so I decided to do some research to try to find out why my AirPods name had changed. Here I’m going to share what I discovered, and also some other solutions that I came across during my search.

Can AirPods name be changed?Yes, go into Bluetooth settings while connected to iPhone, select the information icon next to AirPods, and change the name
Why did AirPods name change?1. Someone with access to administrative functions changed the name 2. Firmware issue causing gibberish or default name
Why name AirPods?1. To distinguish them from other Bluetooth devices 2. For personalization or fun
Name changing repeatedly?Possible firmware issue or someone modifying the name multiple times; contact Apple for troubleshooting
Do AirPods change name automatically?No, they should not change their name automatically after being given a custom name
Do AirPods update name across devices?Yes, for devices connected to the Apple account and compatible with the functionality

Can the AirPods name be changed?

Yes, you can change your AirPods’ name, and it is not a difficult process at all. While using your AirPods, and while connected to your iPhone, go into your Bluetooth settings, and next to the AirPods name in the list will be an information icon. Push that, and then select the option that allows you to change the name.

Put in whatever you want your AirPods to be called, confirm it, and ta-da, your AirPods now have a custom name.

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Why have my AirPods’ name changed?

AirPods changing their name without your input is a very non-typical situation, and should not be happening. There are really only two explanations to be found for this.

The first, and more likely explanation, is that someone with access to administrative functions for your AirPods has changed the name, either on purpose or accidentally.

They may have changed the name to be something they prefer, or they may have caused the name to reset to the default name.

The second possible explanation is to do with a firmware issue. Back in 2017, AirPods experienced a firmware glitch that caused, among other issues, the name of people’s AirPods to turn into gibberish.

This was certainly annoying, though it was eventually fixed. If this is happening for reasons besides human error, AirPods may be experiencing another similar issue with the firmware.

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Why should I name my AirPods?

Naming your AirPods is a nice little feature for a variety of reasons. One reason people name their AirPods is to ensure that their AirPods are distinguishable when looking at a list of devices that can connect to Bluetooth on a phone, television, etc.

This would also help, just in case you grabbed the wrong pair of AirPods and see that by its name.

Another reason people name their AirPods, and a reason that is less utility and more comfort, is to name them just for fun. Sometimes people will give their AirPods a funny name, or a name that is personal to them.

Why does my AirPods’ name keep changing?

If the problem is happening repeatedly, you may have a firmware issue. If this is the case, contact Apple to let them know, and they will help you with troubleshooting. Doing this will help you figure out if the problem is to do with the AirPods or with user error, and help you on the way to making this problem no longer happen.

The AirPods’ name may also be changing often due to someone modifying it multiple times. If someone is doing that without your consent, make sure that no one has access to your AirPods.

Do AirPods change their name automatically?

When you pair your AirPods with your iPhone for the first time, your AirPods will be given a default name, which you may or may not choose to change to something custom.

However, once you have given them a new name, there is no valid reason why your AirPods should automatically change their name back, or change their name to a different custom name.

Do my Airpods update their name across all devices?

When you change the name of your AirPods on your iPhone, any devices that is connected to your Apple account and can automatically recognize your AirPods will be able to recognize your AirPods by this name.

Not all devices let you do this Apple functionality, so check to see if yours does actually work with it.


  • Can easily change the name of AirPods
  • Can choose a name that is personal or funny
  • Can ensure AirPods are distinguishable from other Bluetooth devices


  • Someone with access to administrative functions may change the name without your input
  • Firmware issues may cause the name to reset to default or gibberish
  • Not all devices may be able to recognize the changed name