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Why is Funimation Not Working on Samsung TV

Funimation is the best place to go for anime. It’s got the classics as well as new hits, but what happens when Funimatoin doesn’t work on a Samsung TV?

Funimation isn’t working on your Samsung TV because of problems with the app, the TV’s firmware, or the internet connection. You can fix this by updating your Funimation app and Samsung TV, checking the internet connection, or connecting another device that can stream Funimation to your TV through an HDMI port. 

Let’s get your Funimation app working again so you can enjoy your favorite Anime! 

Why is Funimation Not Working on Samsung TV

Funimation might not be working on your Samsung TV for several reasons.

These include the Funimation app needing an update, your TV needing to be reset or updated, or your TV could be too out-of-date to be compatible with Funimation.

Getting Funimation working on your Samsung TV is usually a matter of updating your TV’s software and ensuring your TV is connected to the internet. 

The Funimation App Needs an Update

The Funimation app that runs on your Samsung TV might need to be updated. If this app gets too out of date, your TV might not be able to display Funimation content. You can easily update your Samsung TV’s apps in your settings menu. 

Your TV Needs to be Reset or Updated

The problem might not be with your Funimation app, but with the TV itself. You can check to see if your TV needs a firmware update in the settings menu.

An update is a great way to make sure that your TV is running on the best firmware possible. 

Your TV is Out-of-Date

A Samsung TV that is simply too old might not to be able to run every app. This includes being able to run the Funimation app. If all else fails, you can consider upgrading to a newer model of TV to run Funimation. 

How to Get Funimation Working with Samsung TV

The quickest way to get Funimation working on your Samsung TV is to update the Samsung TV’s firmware and the Funimation app.

You should also check your Wi-Fi connection and you can even consider using a third-party device that can stream Funimation shows to your TV without the TV needing to run the app itself. 

Update Your Apps and Firmware

Updating your Funimation app and your Samsung TV firmware is the quickest way to get your content up and running again. Both of these updates can be ran from the settings menu.

If these updates don’t work, you can uninstall and reinstall Funimation or do a factory reset of your Samsung TV to fix any glitches. 

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection 

Funimation needs Wi-Fi to work. If your Samsung TV is struggling to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you might need to check your internet connection.

The problem could be your TV not connected to the Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi router not connecting to the internet, or even a problem with your internet service provider. 

Use External Devices

You can connect an external device with an HDMI port to your Samsung TV. These devices stream Funimatoin themselves and send the video feed over to your TV.

This bypasses any problems with your TV and lets you enjoy the content without worrying about TV problems.