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Why is game mode not available on my Samsung TV?

As a frustrated owner of a Samsung TV, I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m unable to access the game mode feature. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share my findings and the solutions I have discovered.

If your TV isn’t allowing you to turn on Game Mode in the menu, it may be because your connected device has been plugged into the wrong HDMI port. Check your connections and swap cables around if necessary and the option should appear.

If you’re curious as to some of the reasons Game Mode may not have been working or accessible on your Samsung TV, or would like to know how to get to the option in the first place, we explore that in a little more depth down below.

Game Mode is designed for gaming only and may not be available for normal TV viewing.
Make sure your device is connected to the correct HDMI port to activate Game Mode.
If Game Mode is glitchy, try resetting your TV and gaming console or contact support.
To activate Game Mode, go to Settings > General > External Device Manager on your TV.
Check that all cables are securely plugged into the correct HDMI ports to ensure device recognition.

Why is game mode not available on my Samsung TV?

Game Mode is not available for normal TV viewing as its settings are optimized for gameplay.

One reason Game Mode may not be showing as an option on your screen is that your connected device’s cable is plugged into the wrong HDMI port, meaning the TV doesn’t recognize that you have a device hooked up.

Try adjusting your cables and tightening any loose connections.

If the option is instead appearing glitchy in some way, a quick reset by turning the power to the TV and the gaming console off for a few moments, then restarting them may fix the issue.

If it does not, you may be dealing with a hardware problem or a more serious software glitch. Contact support if the problem persists.

Why is game mode not working properly on my Samsung TV?

If your Game Mode setting is greyed out, it may be that the connected gaming console has not been plugged into the correct HDMI port. This is the simplest fix aside from turning everything off and back on again.

Check your connections and make sure you’ve chosen the correct HBMI port for your cables.

Once the system is properly plugged in, it will be recognized by the TV and you should be given the option to switch to Game Mode.

If your Game Mode is appearing glitchy, you may try checking that all of your connections are secure and no plug is loose.

You can also try shutting off your TV and gaming system, leaving them for a few moments, then restarting them.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you may need to contact support to see if they can address the problem, either from a software or a hardware standpoint.

How to activate game mode on Samsung TV

To activate Game Mode, press the Home button on your remote, then select Settings. Scroll down to the General tab.

From there, select External Device Manager. On the External Device Manager page, simply highlight Game Mode Settings, and press enter on your remote to switch this feature on and off.

Game Mode will only appear as an available option if an external gaming device is detected, so be sure that your cables are plugged tightly into the correct HDMI ports.

Doing so will mean the device is recognized by the TV and the option for Game Mode appears correctly.

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