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Why is my Apple TV volume so low? (even at max volume)

As an Apple TV owner, I’ve been increasingly frustrated with the fact that my volume is always too low, even when I’ve turned it up to the maximum. After doing some research and testing, I’ve come to a few conclusions and have some potential solutions to share. In this blog post, I will be discussing why my Apple TV volume is so low and how I solved the problem. Additionally, I will be sharing some other potential solutions that I’ve discovered during my research.

When your Apple TV volume is too low, it is typically caused by an audio setting that isn’t compatible with the current content you are trying to watch. 

Tips for fixing low volume issues on Apple TV and Roku
Check audio settings to ensure they are compatible with current content.
Disable the Reduce Loud Sounds feature.
Manually change audio format to Stereo on Roku.
Consider investing in a high-quality soundbar.
Reset Apple TV or Roku app to resolve audio issues.

Why is my Apple TV volume so low? (even at max volume)

The issue with an Apple TV volume being low even at max volume is often due to the audio settings. By default, the television uses the best audit format that is available at that time.

Sometimes, however, the audio the TV wants to use is just not going to work with the content.

In these instances, you can manually change the audio format to improve the Apple TV’s volume. To change this format, go into the TV’s settings and click on Audio Format. Find the Change Format section and select either Dolby Digital, Doby Atmos, or Stereo.

Why is my Apple TV volume low then loud?

This issue is often caused by the Reduce Loud Sounds feature being enabled.

This feature automatically minimizes the volume differences between dialogue and sound effects. The purpose is to make the dialogue easier and clearer to hear.

While it is useful in some cases, it can, however, cause the volume to go up and down, which results in an unpleasant experience when you’re trying to watch TV.

Thankfully, you can turn this feature off by selecting “Play Audio In Its Original Format”.

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Why is my Apple TV volume low on Roku?

While some may assume the low volume is caused by the Roku app itself, many Apple TV users have reported that the problem is due to the Apple TV automatically trying to play the audio at 5.1 surround sound when it should actually be inputted in Stero.

If you’re experiencing this issue, try to manually change the audio format settings to Stero. Once switched, you shouldn’t have any volume issues with the Roku app.

If, however, you are still experiencing problems, try to reset the Apple TV, as well as the Roku app, and then try again. 

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How can I make my Apple TV louder?

If you want to improve the quality and loudness of your Apple TV, invest in a high-quality soundbar.

Not only will it make your Apple TV louder, but it also provides a cinematic experience ideal for watching movies. Apple TVs are compatible with a wide array of soundbars that range in price and features.

There are even wireless soundbars that connect to the television via Bluetooth. This is a small investment that can make your Apple TV ownership even more enjoyable.