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Why Is My Phone Screen Flickering Green?

As an owner of a smartphone, I was frustrated when my phone started flickering green. I was determined to figure out the cause and fix it, so I started doing some research to find out what was causing it and how to fix it. After some searching and trial and error, I was able to come up with a few tips and tricks to get my phone back to working order. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing what I did, as well as other solutions I found during my research.

Cause of Green FlickeringDescriptionSolution
Low Brightness LevelThe screen is pulsating green due to low brightness and auto-brightness adjustments.Increase the brightness level in your phone’s Display and Brightness settings.
Firmware and OS IssuesOutdated software and firmware can reduce the phone’s functionality and performance.Update your phone’s software and firmware by going to Settings > System (Android) or General (iOS) > System Update/Software Update.
Third-Party ApplicationA recently downloaded app may have a source code error causing abnormal screen behavior.Enable your phone’s safe mode (Android: press and hold Power Off, then tap Safe Mode; iOS: turn off and on, hold Volume button after powering on). Uninstall the problematic app, restart the phone, and check the screen.
Physical and Internal DamageDropping the phone or getting it wet can cause damage to display circuits or internal components.If comfortable, open the phone and clean connectors between the logic board and flex cable. Otherwise, seek help from a licensed phone technician to repair or replace damaged parts.

Why Is My Phone Screen Flickering Green? (Causes and Fixes)

The following are the probable reasons why your phone is showing a flickering green screen display.

Low Brightness Level

Setting your phone’s brightness level too low can sometimes cause the screen to pulsate a green display. The phone’s auto-bright feature might be trying to adjust the screen’s brightness to keep up with the ambient light. 

You can quickly fix the problem by simply opening your phone’s settings app and increasing the brightness level found on the Display and Brightness menu.   

Firmware and Operating System Issues

Oftentimes, phones display a flickering green screen because some anomalies are happening internally. The most common reason for this problem is when you’re running outdated software and firmware with your phone.

You see, an operating system and firmware that aren’t updated reduce the phone’s functionality and overall performance. On the contrary, updating them helps the phone to work well with the latest technology, making it more efficient. 

How to Get Your Phone’s Latest Firmware and OS 

Most Android phones can download the latest software and firmware via over-the-air updates or OTA. 

You can search for an update by first connecting your phone to Wi-Fi. Then, launch the Settings app, scroll down and press System, then System Update. 

Updating an iOs phone is pretty much the same. With your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi, start the update by going to the phone’s Settings, General, then tapping Software Update.  

Third-Party Application

Another reason that could make your phone’s screen flicker has something to do with an application you’ve downloaded recently. The third-party app might have a source code error that makes your screen behave abnormally.

Known as a bug, this computer error could cause digital devices to exhibit unexpected results and performance. 

One way to know if a third-party app is causing the issue is by letting your phone use only its native applications. You can do that by enabling your phone’s safe mode.

How to Enable the Phone’s Safe Mode

To activate safe mode, press and hold the power button of your Android phone until the power off option appears on the screen. Tap and hold the on-screen Power Off button and wait for the Safe Mode icon to appear. Press said icon to enter Safe Mode.

If you have an iPhone, you can enable its safe mode by completely turning it off. Afterward, turn the device back on. 

When you see your phone lights up, hold the Volume button until the Apple logo appears. Your phone will be in safe mode once it’s fully turned on

If the flickering green screen is gone the moment you enable your phone’s safe mode, then we can say that other applications other than your phone’s native app are causing the problem. 

To resolve the issue, it might be necessary to identify the most recent app you downloaded before the problem appeared. Once identified, try to uninstall the app, restart your phone, and then check the screen again.

Physical and Internal Damage

Damaging your phone physically can also cause your phone screen to have a flickering green screen. 

If you’ve accidentally dropped your phone, there’s a chance that the screen will behave strangely. Its effect might either take some time to manifest or you’ll likely notice the damage right away. 

Likewise, getting your phone wet can also harm the screen. 

Your phone’s exterior is vulnerable. Dropping it into water might cause some serious problems with its display circuit components.

You can try opening the phone and perhaps cleaning the connectors between the logic board and flex cable.

However, we still recommend that you seek help from a licensed phone technician instead. They can fix the phone by simply repositioning and reconnecting a few internal components, or they may suggest replacing a few parts. 


Looking back, you’ve learned that your phone screen flickering green issue can be fixed by simply following a few steps. 

For instance, adjusting the phone’s brightness level, updating the software, and enabling the phone’s safe mode will only take you a few minutes to carry out. The only time you might need professional assistance is if you’ve physically damaged your phone.