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Why is one of my AirPods dying so fast?

Airpods are a convenient and stylish accessory to go with your Apple devices, but the fact that they each have an independent battery does lead to a few problems.

There can be several causes for why one AirPod dies before the other. This has to do with everything ranging from how we use the airpods to how Apple designed their batteries to work. We’re going to walk step-by-step is through common situations that AirPod users tend to face. 

Let’s solve why one AirPod is using more battery than the other. 

Why Is One Of My Airpods Dying So Fast?

There can be several reasons why one AirPod is dying faster than the other. The most likely cause is that you’re just using one AirPod more often than you’re using the other one.

This could be when you take one AirPod out to pause music or conversation. It can also be caused by having the mic set to only work in one AirPod.

Also, when one of the AirPods goes through more charging cycles, it will result in the battery not being able to last as long.

There are also other causes of this problem. Your AirPod case might not be charged enough to fully repower your airpods which leads to one dying quicker than the other.

It could also be the case that the AirPod is not getting fully charged. This could be due to debris in the case.

Smart features could also be draining your battery. The last problem could be physical defects inside of the AirPod including the battery reaching the end of its life cycle. 

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How To Fix One Airpod Dying Fast

There are a few things you can do to fix an AirPod that’s dying too fast. The first thing to check is to make sure that your AirPod case is fully charged.

After that, try turning off any extra smart features like noise cancellation and automatic ear detection. The last thing to do is consider replacing the AirPod that is dying too quickly because there’s a good chance that the battery has reached the end of its life cycle. 

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Why Is One Of My Airpod Pros Dying So Fast? 

Your AirPod pros come with a lot of really cool features and one of them could be costing you battery life.

Active noise-cancellation is a great future for reducing a lot of the incoming noise from the world around you. It helps lower the ambient hum whether you’re in the office or out for a run.

However, action noise cancellation requires that your airpods consume some extra battery power in order to make things quiet.

This could be causing one of your airpods to die faster than the other. This all depends on the amount of noise that you’re encountering and how your airpods are processing it. Other smart features like automatic ear detection could also be causing your airpods to die faster than the other one.

If you’re looking to get the maximum battery life and listening time, you should consider turning off some, or all, of the smart features. 

Is It Normal For One Airpod To Die Faster?

Whether or not it’s normal for one AirPod to die faster than another all depends on how you use them. If you have your microphone set to one AirPod, or use the smart features and one AirPod more than the other, you’ll typically have one running out of battery before the other.

If you use your airpods in a more balanced way, it’s going to be much less likely that one’s going to die before the other. They’ll typically die around a minute or two of each other if you’re using their features in a similar way.

If one AirPod is dying well before the other, it’s a sign that there could be physical problems like an old battery or a factory defect. 

Why Does My Left Airpod Die Faster?

There’s a few reasons why your left AirPod could be dying faster than your right AirPod.

The most likely cause is that you’ve got your microphone set to only work in the left AirPod. Microphone usage consumes a lot of battery power and if it’s only ever set to the left AirPod, it’s going to run out quicker than the right one.

You also need to consider the smart features that your left AirPod is using. Noise cancellation and automatic ear detection consume a lot of battery power and it could be causing your left AirPod to die faster.

The battery inside your left AirPod is only designed to last between two to three years and if it’s been a while since you purchased your airpods, they could be at the end of their life cycle. 

Why Does My Right Airpod Die Faster?

It’s fairly common for the right AirPod to die before the left AirPod does. This just has to do with how the air pods work and how most individuals tend to use them. It all comes down to how we interact with the features that are built into airpods AirPod pros.

It’s common for users to set the right AirPod to be the one that uses the microphone. This can cause some problems when it comes to battery life as microphone usage is the number one drain on the AirPod battery. The smart features that are built into your AirPod can also change how the battery life lasts.

We’ve talked about active noise cancellation and automatic ear detection, but there’s another feature that can cause battery life to die quicker in the right AirPod.

The tap controls built into the AirPod use battery power every time you engage with them. If you find yourself using your right AirPod more often for tap controls, consider switching how you got the control setup to balance out the battery usage.