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Why Samsung TVs Are Expensive

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I know how frustrating it can be to experience the sticker shock when you first learn of the price. After doing some research and a bit of testing, I’m here to share what I’ve discovered about why Samsung TVs are so expensive, as well as some other solutions that may help you save money.

Many people wonder why Samsung TVs are expensive; there are many reasons for that. A TV’s price varies depending on several factors, such as its hardware and features.

Tips for Why Samsung TVs Are Expensive
– Samsung TVs are expensive due to the high quality of the hardware and features, such as OLED displays, quantum LED technology, and built-in Chromecast.
– The materials and components used in making Samsung TVs are of high quality, which contributes to their cost.
– Samsung TVs offer many features that enhance your viewing experience, such as quick processing times and shorter time-lapse between images.
– Samsung TVs come in various models, ranging from OLED to LED. The type of TV can affect its pricing.
– Despite the high cost, Samsung TVs provide an excellent viewing experience that is worth the price.

What Affects the Price of Samsung TVs

Software and hardware features can both have an impact on a TV’s pricing. Let’s look at some of the elements that might affect the pricing.


The components used in making TVs play an essential role in their longevity. Samsung tends to use the best components and materials, which greatly raises the cost.

Here are a few examples of the components and how they can impact the price:


A TV’s motherboard is the device’s heart. It contains the audio and video inputs and outputs. Without the motherboard, the TV won’t function. 

The cost of these parts alone ranges from $100 to $400.


The materials that the TVs have are of high quality and high price. Samsung uses aluminum for its TVs. The material increases heat resistance and prevents overheating.

Additionally, to be able to support the weight properly, the TV mounts are composed of metal. Overall, these factors tend to influence the cost.

High Performance

How a TV performs affects your viewing experience greatly. Fortunately, Samsung produces some of the most high-performing TVs on the market. 

Samsung TVs provide quick processing times and shorter time-lapse between images. The fast processing time guarantees a smooth display.

The most recent Samsung TVs also feature quad-core processor chipsets. These chipsets contribute to the fast speed and quick load times. 

The processor is important as it reduces overheating. Additionally, it allows for uninterrupted viewing without any frame drops.

The screen resolution is yet another area of expertise for Samsung TVs. Samsung makes use of high-quality glass in manufacturing TVs to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience. 

Samsung TVs now come in resolutions ranging from 1080p to 8K!


If you’re purchasing a TV, one of the selling points is what features the TV can offer. Different brands and types of TVs may have a range of features.

Samsung offers many great features that will enhance your viewing experience. Hence, the availability of several features can have an impact on the TV’s price.

Services and Applications

Samsung smart TVs give you access to a wide variety of entertainment content. Nowadays, streaming services are popular for watching movies and shows. As a result, Samsung has begun to incorporate several video-on-demand services to make it easily accessible.

Some of these services include Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many more. You can also connect your Apple TV to your TV and enjoy the extra content.

Amazon Alexa

In recent years, Amazon Alexa has gained popularity. This feature is basically a virtual assistant that allows you to control your TV with your voice. It can change channels, stream podcasts, and do a lot more.

Since Alexa has attracted the attention of people, Samsung has begun to add its compatibility to their TVs. However, older models might not have this capability; only the latest TVs have it.


Screencasting is another fantastic feature found in modern Samsung TVs. 

You can use Google Chromecast to broadcast media directly from your mobile device to your TV. Fortunately, many Samsung televisions come with a Chromecast pre-installed.

If they aren’t built-in, you can purchase a Chromecast device separately and connect it using the HDMI port.

Different Types of Samsung TVs

Back then, there weren’t many differences between TVs as they were so simple. Currently, there are many TV models to pick from, thanks to technological advancements.

The difference in these models can affect performance, resolution, and features. As a result, it may have an impact on a TV’s price.

Samsung offers a wide variety of TV models. Here are some of them:


Samsung OLED TVs offer the best picture quality among all other types. These TVs deliver clear images due to organic light-emitting diode technologyAdditionally, OLED TVs have cutting-edge pixels with self-illumination features.

Because of their great capabilities, Samsung OLED TVs can be the most expensive type.


Samsung QLED TVs use quantum light-emitting diode technology. These TVs feature a metallic quantum dot filter to improve the display’s color and contrast

As a result, unlike non-quantum dot TVs, HDR and 4K visuals are vastly enhanced on QLEDs TVs.


One of Samsung’s areas of expertise is LED televisions. A lot of people mistake LED TVs for LCD TVs. In contrast to LCD TVs, LEDs use light-emitting diodes rather than fluorescent lighting.

Additionally, a LED TV has a smaller panel, a sharper image with better contrast, and consumes less electricity.


There are many reasons why Samsung TVs are expensive. OLED TVs are the most expensive among the many types available. The reasoning for this is that OLED has a better display than other types.

The many software features that Samsung offers can have an impact on the TV’s pricing as well. For instance, certain TVs might have a Chromecast built-in, which will raise their cost.

Even though Samsung TVs are expensive, if you buy one, you’ll get your money’s worth and enjoy an immersive watching experience.

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