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Why Won’t My Acer Monitor Turn On?

As an owner of an Acer monitor, I was frustrated when it refused to turn on. After doing some research and testing, I was determined to solve the problem and find a solution. In this blog post, I am here to share what I discovered about why my Acer monitor wouldn’t turn on, as well as any other solutions I found.

The usual reasons an Acer monitor won’t turn on include detachment from the power supply, a malfunctioning voltage regulator, and a damaged power cord. Other notable causes involve a defective graphics card, the dreaded faulty motherboard, Jurassic-era drivers, or hardware problems with the monitor.

These potential causes of the problem aren’t without solutions, though. This article will take you through the troubleshooting steps to get those Acer pixels to light up.

So why won’t an Acer monitor turn on?

Acer Screen Display Not Powering Up

The following are typical causes for your Acer screen monitor not powering up.

  1. Detachment From the Power Supply

The power outlet is the foremost thing you need to inspect when your monitor doesn’t turn on.

An old and loose socket can’t keep a power cable stable in its place. It can cause zero or intermittent transfer of electricity from the power supply.

  1. Malfunctioning Voltage Regulator

If your power cable derives its electricity from the voltage regulator (or UPS), inspect the VR’s fuse and make sure it’s not busted.

If the fuse is ok, check the integrity of the entire VR component. Usually, an old VR is a worn-out one and that’s causing the problem. It probably needs replacing already.

  1. A Damaged Cord/Cable

Your screen display has a main cord for its power source. When this cable is constantly hard pressed or bent, the wires inside are severed, causing electrical disconnection.

It’s also vital to check the pins and see if there are no warpings. These could also cause disconnection from the electrical plug.

  1. Defective Graphics Card

The graphics card of your computer is the hardware that’s responsible for processing data from your central processing unit (CPU) and converting them into images on your monitor. 

When a video card becomes faulty, it causes a black screen display on your monitor, making it appear as if your monitor isn’t turning on.

  1. The Dreaded Faulty Motherboard

The motherboard is the principal hub of the computer. It unites all parts for the processing of data and their equivalent display output.

A broken motherboard is the equivalent of a  body with a defective nervous system. Hence, if the motherboard isn’t working, it disables everything involving the monitor.

  1. Jurassic-Era Drivers

Drivers are files that drive instructions on how the hardware is supposed to function, including your monitor display. Therefore, drivers older than your grandpa can cause gruesome troubles with your screen.

  1. Hardware Problems With the Monitor

A faulty screen backlight is sometimes a problem that occurs with Acer monitors. It can be misleading and tricky as one would assume that the problem lies in the graphics card.

However,  use a flashlight and take a closer look at the black screen. Doing so will make you see that your monitor displays images on the screen, only with broken backlights.

How to Deal With Acer Monitor Not Turning On

These are the procedures to fix the problem of your Acer monitor not turning on.

  1. Soft Resetting

Sometimes the solution to the problem is as simple as resetting the monitor.

Unplug the power cord from the power socket and wait 2-3 minutes before putting it back again. This process eradicates the residual electricity in the monitor.

  1. Testing the Monitor Power Cord

Finding another electrical outlet with tight contact points is one way of testing if the monitor’s power cord has no wiring problems inside its housing.   

Plug the cord directly into the outlet and check if the monitor’s light indicators are working. If the power light indicator is on, then the problem isn’t in the power cord.

  1. Updating the Drivers

Your Acer monitor won’t receive any signal from the graphics card if the drivers are outdated. To resolve this, update the monitor’s drivers.

  • Go to the official manufacturer’s (Acer) page of your monitor
  • On the left panel, click Drivers and Manuals
  • Under Identify your Acer Device, provide the details required (device serial number, etc.)
  • Open your computer’s Device Manage, toggle under Display Adapters and find your graphics card label
  • Click Update driver and choose the Search Automatically for Drivers option. Close the tab when done.
  1. Double-Check the Ram Sockets

Check the RAM on your motherboard and see if they’re plugged into the sockets properly. Improper lodging of the RAM stick disrupts the monitor functions.

If the problem still persists up to this point, the scope of the problem might be greater than anticipated. Usually, at this stage, it already has something to do with the motherboard. 

It’s time to ask for professional assistance from a trusted computer technician.


If you’re wondering why won’t your Acer monitor turn on, know that there are easy-to-follow steps to identify the causes of the issue.

The most viable means you can apply to resolve the issue are; a soft reset, cable connection checkups, and updating the drivers.