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Why Won’t My Samsung Monitor Turn On?

As an owner of a Samsung monitor, I know how frustrating it can be when it won’t turn on. I recently experienced this firsthand and spent a lot of time trying to find a solution. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share what I learned and the solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll explain why your Samsung monitor might not be turning on and what you can do to fix it.

You might have missed the power switch or the multi-use button. If that’s not the case, there could be something wrong with the power cord, the power outlet, or the monitor itself.

Luckily, you can do some basic troubleshooting steps to fix your monitor, which we’ll cover in detail in this article. The only hiccup here is that if your Samsung monitor doesn’t work after the troubleshooting, it could require professional repairs.

Off Power SwitchMonitor not turned onCheck the power switch at the back of the monitor and turn it on
Unpressed Multi-Use ButtonIncorrect use of multi-use buttonPush the multi-use button down to turn on the monitor
Hardware IssuesPossible damage to monitorCheck for physical damage; contact Samsung Support for repair or replacement
Power Saving ModeMonitor in power saving modeTap a key on the keyboard or move the mouse to register activity and restore the display
Faulty Power OutletProblem with the power supplyCheck the outlet and test with another device; ensure voltage output matches the monitor’s needs
Defective Power CableDamaged or improperly connected cableInspect the cable for damage; try another power cable or contact Samsung for a replacement

Samsung Monitor Won’t Turn On: 6 Common Reasons

Let’s dive right in with the common culprits that could be behind your blank monitor and how to tackle them.

  1. Off Power Switch

If you have an older Samsung monitor model, you might need to check the power switch before you can use the power button at the front.

So, with these models, it’s not enough to press the power button. You still need to look for the switch in the back to make sure it’s on and see if that fixes things.

  1. Unpressed Multi-Use Button

You might find a multi-use button on the rear left side of the monitor. It works like a joystick of a console controller.

You can press the button and even push it in multiple directions to navigate the menu.

However, this button just needs to be pushed down to turn on the monitor. It’s a common mistake to push it sideways, which would trigger the navigation option instead of turning the screen on.

  1. Hardware Issues

Let’s say that there is no response coming from your Samsung monitor, and it looks completely dead. In that case, it could be a problem with the hardware.

Try to recall if you spilled something on your monitor. You might have also dropped your monitor while trying to clean or relocate it. Keep in mind that it still could be a hardware issue even if you don’t see signs of physical damage on your Samsung monitor.

If you remember anything that might have caused a problem, your monitor might need a replacement or a repair from Samsung Support.

  1. Power Saving Mode

If your Samsung monitor display is just blank with a blinking indicator light, the monitor is in power saving mode.

This happens when your monitor detects no activities for a certain period—mostly around 5-10 minutes.

All you need to do here is tap a key on your keyboard or move your mouse. This should register an activity to your monitor and restore the display.

  1. Faulty Power Outlet

If you still can’t see the indicator light on your Samsung monitor by pressing the power button, it’s best to check your outlet.

After all, the whole issue could be with the power supply from the outlet. There’s also a chance that the voltage output of your outlet doesn’t match your Samsung monitor.

Start by checking that your power cable is plugged into the outlet properly. If it’s still not working, try to plug something else into the same outlet and see if it works. If not, then the outlet could be faulty.

It’s important to note that plugging your Samsung monitor into an outlet with a different voltage output could overload and damage it. So, check the voltage your Samsung monitor can handle, then test the voltage of your socket and make sure it’s a match. 

  1. Defective Power Cable

It’s quite rare that a power cable goes bad. Yet, you might want to check, anyway.

Maybe your power cable wasn’t plugged in properly. It could also be damaged, which might call for a replacement.

First, see if there’s any visible damage to the power cable. To do this, look for any cuts, strips, burns, and knots. It’s also useful to remember if anything might have damaged it recently, like pressure from something heavy or excessive heat from a nearby appliance.

In that case, it’s recommended to use another power cable, preferably from Samsung. So, if you have a good spare lying around, try it to see if it’ll work. If you don’t have any spares, you might want to check if Samsung offers replacements for your monitor’s cable.

If there are no visible damages, try removing the power cable from the back of your monitor. Then you can put it back properly and plug it into an outlet that you already tested to see if the connection was just shaky.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of factors to consider if your Samsung monitor won’t turn on, from the buttons and switches down to malfunctioning hardware.

You’ll want to start with the simple fixes first, like checking the switches and the power supply. If all else fails, contacting Samsung’s Support Center might be your best bet.