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Youtube is Not Letting Me Skip Ads (Causes and Fixes)

Have you ever been watching a Youtube video and gotten stuck on an ad that just would not let you skip? This feels like an eternity and can be annoying, especially when you’ve already seen the ad before. I know this feeling all too well and recently I was trying to figure out why Youtube wouldn’t let me skip ads.

After some research and trial and error, I’ve figured out what the causes and fixes are for this problem. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the reasons why Youtube won’t let you skip ads and what you can do to fix it.

Reasons for Non-Skippable AdsDetailsFixes & Considerations
Advertiser ValueAdvertisers need exposure to generate revenue; non-skippable ads ensure their investment is worthwhileSubscribe to Youtube Premium
Support Content CreatorsContent creators earn money through ad revenue; non-skippable ads help sustain their channelsInstall an ad blocker
Browser IssuesPlugins and extensions can cause issues with skippable ads, making them appear non-skippableFix plugins and extensions

Why Can’t I Skip Youtube Ads?

Youtube launched the non-skippable ad feature in August 2018. These ads have a 20-second duration and have a timer in place of the typical “skip ad” button on the bottom right screen.

Here are some of the reasons why Youtube added this feature.

Give Advertisers Their Money’s Worth

Advertisers pay for ad slots on Youtube because of how wide this platform’s reach is. With 2.6 billion users worldwide, Youtube offers a great opportunity for advertisers to get their ads to computer screens all over the world.

If viewers opt to skip ads all the time, brands won’t get the exposure they need to generate revenue. At this point, paying for ad slots on Youtube would no longer be practical.

Advertisers are then forced to go somewhere else to run their ads. To keep this from happening, Youtube has given advertisers the option to turn on the non-skippable ad feature.

This way, promoters get to raise brand awareness, gain more customers for the brands they represent, and get their money’s worth.

Help Content Creators

Content creators can earn money on Youtube by monetizing the videos they upload on the platform. This is made possible through Youtube ads.

Advertisers pay Youtube for every commercial that airs before, during, and after creators’ videos. Youtube splits this revenue with content makers where the former gets 45% while the latter gets 55%.

When users don’t watch commercials, content creators lose money. This then discourages them from making any more content, which also deprives users of access to helpful information on various topics.

To ensure that content makers are taken care of, Youtube rolled out non-skippable ads. This way, they’d get to keep making quality content for their audiences and sustain their channels.

Issues with Your Browser

Internet browsers like Google Chrome use plugins and extensions. These are software components that add features to computer apps to improve user experience and maximize functionality.

Although they’re useful, these components are also known to create issues with skippable Youtube ads. If you see a “skip ad” button on your screen but you can’t click it, chances are, it’s the plugins and extensions that are causing the problem.

You may check this by closing your main browser and opening the Youtube video using another portal. If you can skip ads on that browser, it confirms that you need to resolve issues with the main one.

What Are Some Fixes You Can Try?

Not being able to skip commercials can be annoying especially if you’re in a hurry. So, here are three fixes you can try to avoid Youtube ads.

Subscribe to Youtube Premium

If you’d like a completely ad-free watching experience, you may upgrade to Youtube Premium. It may not be free but it has its perks!

Not only does it offer zero ads but it also has a feature where you can play videos in the background or with your screen turned off.

Content creators may benefit from this option, too. The revenue earned by Youtube from premium subscriptions is divided between them and content makers.

An individual plan costs $11.99 a month. Other options include a student plan that costs $6.99 a month and a family plan for $17.99.

Install an Ad Blocker

Using an ad blocker is another option you can opt for if you don’t prefer spending money. This tool’s function is to remove different forms of ads like videos, pages, and pop-ups you come across. Not only on Youtube videos but on other websites you go to as well.

This particular ad blocker for Youtube has over ten million users. Install this extension to your browser, reboot it, and open it back up. You’ll now be able to play Youtube videos with no ads in sight.

Fix Plugins and Extensions

When you encounter issues with your browser, you need to fix its plugins and extensions. You may do so by identifying which one is causing the problem and turning it off every time you use Youtube.

To do this, click the three vertical dots found in the upper right corner of your browser. Hover your cursor on “More Tools” and then click “Extensions”.

You’ll be redirected to a page where all the plugins and extensions added to your browser are listed. Try turning them off one by one until the “skip ad” button works.


Why Youtube is not letting me skip ads? Having to sit through non-skippable Youtube ads may get on our nerves but they’re there for a number of reasons.

Sometimes, it’s because the platform and its creators need our support. Other times, it may just be a software issue you can easily resolve.

Either way, there are simple fixes you can use to start enjoying uninterrupted entertainment again.