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YouTube TV Blurry (Causes and Fixes)

If you’re experiencing any issues with video streaming on YouTube TV, particularly blurry streaming quality, you might be left scratching your head. You won’t need to endure the poor quality for much longer! To restore your streaming quality on YouTube TV, you’ll need to identify the underlying issue and apply the appropriate fix. 

Blurry streaming quality on YouTube TV can be caused by a bad internet connection, app glitches, an outdated app, or when Google’s Cloud Service goes down. This can also be caused by low-quality content/quality limitations or a smart TV/streaming media player that needs to be restarted or updated.

We’ll break down everything you should know to get to the root of your blurry streaming problem on YouTube TV. Overall, there are nine possible reasons for poor streaming quality, ranging from a poor internet connection to service interruptions affecting Google’s Cloud Service.  

9 Reasons YouTube TV Is Blurry (And How To Fix It) 

Here are nine common reasons for blurry and low-quality video streaming quality on YouTube TV – and how to quickly fix each issue! 

#1: Your Internet Connection Is Bad 

YouTube TV uses an algorithm to determine the ideal resolution at which your device can stream content without it buffering. Of course, this is based on your internet connection. However, having a poor or intermittent internet connection could result in blurry streaming quality.

Solution: Fix Any Internet-Related Issues 

If a poor internet connection is to blame for your blurry streaming quality, you should fix any internet-related issues. You can try restarting your router and modem to do this. You should contact your ISP (internet service provider) if the issue persists. 

#2: The YouTube App Is Outdated 

Another common reason for blurry streaming quality is an outdated YouTube TV app. Developers continually improve applications to improve the user experience. However, if you don’t upgrade to the latest software version, you may experience issues with streaming content. 

Solution: Update Your YouTube App 

You should update the software to ensure your YouTube TV app is working properly. Ultimately, this will prevent sluggish performance and streaming quality issues. Whether you’re updating the app on a smart TV or streaming media player (Apple TV, Roku Player, Firestick, Google Chromecast), you need to open the Google Play Store and update the YouTube TV app. 

#3: Your Smart TV Or Streaming Media Player Is Outdated 

If updating your app doesn’t solve your streaming issues, the underlying issue may be outdated firmware on your smart TV or streaming media player. By upgrading the firmware on your device, you can ensure that all apps function properly. 

Solution: Update Your Smart TV Or Streaming Media Player Firmware

The steps to check for software updates will differ between smart TV/streaming media player brands and models. By updating your device, you can ensure it does not result in blurry video streaming on the YouTube TV app. 

#4: The YouTube App Is Glitching 

From time to time, you might find the YouTube TV app glitching. When this happens, your streaming quality can be negatively impacted. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this! 

Solution: Exit And Reopen The YouTube TV App 

If you’re running the latest version of the YouTube TV app but find it glitching, you should close the app. By reopening the app, your streaming quality issues should be resolved. Once you exit the app and reopen it, you should try watching your video again. 

#5: Your Smart TV Or Streaming Media Player Needs To Be Restarted 

It may not be your YouTube TV app that’s glitching; it could be your smart TV or streaming media player the app is installed on. Luckily, the fix for this issue is just as simple as restarting the app! 

Solution: Restart Your Smart TV Or Streaming Media Player 

To resolve this issue, you should power cycle your smart TV or streaming media player. After turning your TV or device off, you should leave it unplugged for at least a minute before reconnecting it. You can then proceed to test whether the issue has been resolved. 

#6: The Channel Has A Resolution Limitation 

Depending on the properties of shows and content uploaded to YouTube TV, there may be resolution limitations with certain channels. Shows uploaded with a 60fps refresh rate will have a maximum resolution of 720p, while content that isn’t uploaded at this frame rate can play at its highest possible resolution. 

Solution: Manually Adjust Video Quality 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much YouTube TV users can do if the content that has been uploaded is capped at 720p. However, you can manually adjust the video quality settings on your video to ensure it is playing at the highest possible resolution. Many YouTube TV users have reported that manually adjusting video quality has improved the quality of their content. 

#7: The Content Quality Itself Is Bad 

The issue of poor or blurry streaming quality may not be due to a technical error with the app or your device; it may be due to low content quality. 

Solution: Search For Higher Quality Content  

While some content uploaded to YouTube may be low-quality, you may be able to find better quality uploads of the same content. Luckily, if the issue is caused by a low-quality upload, the issue won’t affect other videos and content on the app! 

#8: Your YouTube TV App Needs To Be Reinstalled 

In some cases, reinstalling the YouTube TV app has solved issues with blurry and low-quality streaming quality. If the other solutions on this list haven’t fixed your problem, it’s worth trying! 

Solution: Uninstall YouTube TV App And Reinstall It 

You’ll need to start by deleting the YouTube TV app from your computer. You can then open the app store on your smart TV or streaming media player. Once you’ve reinstalled the YouTube TV app, you’ll be able to log in again. Signing in will restore your data and settings to the app.  

#9: Google Cloud Service Is Down 

If Google Cloud Service experiences service interruptions, your streaming quality on YouTube TV will be impacted. 

Solution: Wait For Google Cloud Service To Be Restored

To check whether Google Cloud Service is interfering with your YouTube TV streaming quality, you should check Google’s Service Health page. 


There are many possible reasons for blurry streaming quality on YouTube TV. Luckily, by identifying the underlying issue with our handy list, you can successfully restore your video streaming quality on YouTube TV!