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YouTube TV Live Delay/Lag (Causes And Fixes)

As an avid YouTube TV viewer, I’ve been frustrated by the occasional delays and lags while streaming. I’ve been researching the causes of these issues and potential solutions, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the different potential causes of YouTube TV live delay/lag, as well as the various tips and tricks I’ve found to help fix the issue. I’ll also share some of the other solutions I’ve found while researching this frustrating issue.

YouTube Live TV delays are often caused by internet connection problems, overloaded internet connections, and too many devices paired to your streaming device. There are several solutions for a lagging YouTube Live TV, like restarting the device and disconnecting other devices. 

Key PointsDetails
Causes of YouTube Live TV Delay/LagOverloaded internet connections, too many paired devices, cache overload, incompatible browser
Fixing YouTube Live TV Delay/LagRestart the app, restart the device, restart the internet connection, check for app updates, use a different browser, check app permissions

What Causes A YouTube Live TV Delay/Lag?

There are several possible reasons why your YouTube Live TV is delayed. Fortunately, it’s usually easy to determine why there is a delay. However, before you can fix your YouTube Live TV delay, you must first determine the cause. 

One reason your YouTube Live TV is experiencing a delay is that too many devices are connected to the internet. This results in too little bandwidth being available for YouTube and delayed streaming. 

Another common cause of the YouTube Live TV delay is the viewing quality set too high. Unfortunately, this also results in the app not having access to sufficient bandwidth to stream the program without delay. In this case, YouTube Live TV may start buffering, or the program may freeze completely. 

Another reason your YouTube Live TV might be experiencing a delay is if the cache is overloaded. For example, if too many open folders on your device, or if you haven’t cleared your cache in a while, your device will run slower, causing your YouTube Live TV to delay. 

Yet another reason for your YouTube Live TV experiencing a delay while streaming is that you use a web browser that doesn’t accommodate the YouTube Live TV app. People often report having more problems watching YouTube Live TV through google chrome than other browsers. 

These are the most common causes for YouTube Live TV lagging. However, you might be more interested in how to fix the problem than understanding the details of it. Therefore, we will now discuss fixing YouTube Live TV when it lags on your different devices.  

How To Fix A YouTube Live TV Delay/Lag

Now that you know what causes YouTube Live TV to lag, you’re probably interested in how to go about fixing it. You can watch YouTube Live TV on different devices, and we’ll discuss the possible solutions to YouTube Live TV when lagging on your mobile phone, computer, TV, or console. 

Many of these solutions are the same for all three devices. However, by trying each one in succession, you might be able to figure out what is causing your YouTube Live TV to lag. So, how do you solve your YouTube Live TV when it is delayed or lagging?                               

Fixing A YouTube Live TV Delay

If you notice your YouTube Live TV lagging on your mobile phone, you have a few options to try when you want to fix it. These are:

  1. Restart The YouTube Live App.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Restart your internet connection. 
  4. Check the app for updates.
  5. Open YouTube Live TV in another browser.
  6. Check your device’s app permissions.

1. Restart Your YouTube Live TV App

The first thing you can try when you notice your YouTube Live TV app lagging is to restart the app. You can do this by closing it. Then, open the app again. Hopefully, this will solve the problem without trying other solutions. 

You can also try logging out of your YouTube Live TV app and then signing back in. This will reset the app, allowing it to reconnect to the internet, hopefully solving the problem.

2. Restart Your Device

If logging out and back into your YouTube Live TV app or browser doesn’t solve the problem, you can try turning your device off and back on again. In addition, you can do a soft reset of your device when watching YouTube Live TV on your TV. 

To do a soft reset, switch your TV off on the TV device. Then, plug the TV out of the power socket. Next, push and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. Then, you plug the TV back in and turn it on. This will reset your TV and should fix the lagging problem.

3. Restart Your Internet Connection

It’s also possible that the lagging isn’t caused by your device or the YouTube Live TV app but by your internet connection. You can reset your internet connection to see if this is causing your problems. For example, switch the modem off and back on if you’re using a wireless internet connection.

If you’re using your phone’s internet connection to watch YouTube Live TV, turn your mobile data off and back on again. Try switching to another internet source to see if this solves the problem. Finally, ensure that you have data left. This could also cause your YouTube Live TV to stop working or lag. 

In addition, we recommend ensuring that there aren’t too many devices connected to your internet connection. These may cause your internet to become slower, preventing your YouTube Live TV from playing uninterrupted. 

4. Check Your App Or Device For Updates

Another possibility is that your app is outdated or that your device needs to install updates. Check your YouTube Live TV app to see any available updates and follow the steps if there are any. In addition, see if your computer, mobile phone, or TV has any pending updates and install those.

You might have to restart your device after installing the updates. Once you have done this, your YouTube Live TV should stop lagging, and you can continue watching it without further problems. 

5. Open YouTube Live TV On Another Browser

Many people have reported that YouTube Live TV often lags when opened in google chrome. Therefore, if you’re watching YouTube Live TV in google chrome, you can also switch to another browser, like Firefox, to solve the problem. 

If your YouTube Live TV app causes delays or lagging, you can also try opening YouTube Live TV in a browser instead to see if that fixes it.

6. Check Your Device’s App Permissions

Finally, you can check your device’s app permissions to see if that’s what is causing your YouTube Live TV to lag or freeze. For example, if you haven’t allowed your app to access your location and data, the app may no longer work, and you cannot watch YouTube Live TV through it.

Hopefully, one of these fixes should solve the problem of your YouTube Live TV lagging. We recommend starting from number 1 and then working your way down the list to see if you can fix the problem.


Unfortunately, YouTube Live TV has the nasty habit of lagging or delaying. There are several reasons for your YouTube Live TV lagging, including the cache data being too full, too many devices being connected to your internet connection, and your app being outdated. 

We’ve also shared 6 solutions to fix your YouTube Live TV from lagging if you notice this happening. For example, try restarting the app, device, and internet connection. You can also try installing app updates to see if this solves the problem.

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