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YouTube TV Stuck On Loading (Causes And How To Fix)

It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to watch something on YouTube TV, but it won’t load properly. I’ve been there and done that, so I know how it feels. But I didn’t give up! I did some research and found out what some of the common causes of this issue were and how to fix it. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my experience and solutions I discovered, so you can quickly get your YouTube TV streaming again.

Some causes for the YouTube TV application to be stuck on loading include problems with your device’s internet connection, the YouTube TV application becoming outdated, and location permissions for the YouTube TV application not being correctly configured. 

You can usually solve this “YouTube TV Stuck on loading” issue relatively easily. You can fix this issue by checking that your device has a stable internet connection, checking that YouTube TV’s servers are up, ensuring your application is updated and allowing the correct permissions and checking that you haven’t exceeded your device limit for your plan.

Key Takeaways
Causes for YouTube TV Stuck on Loading– Problems with the internet connection
– Outdated YouTube TV application
– Incorrect location permissions
– Exceeded device limit on the plan
Check Internet ConnectionEnsure your device is connected to a stable internet network
Check YouTube TV’s Server StatusVerify if YouTube TV servers are down due to maintenance or issues
Update YouTube TV ApplicationMake sure you have the latest version of the YouTube TV app installed
Grant Correct PermissionsConfirm that YouTube TV has the necessary permissions, especially location permissions
Check Device LimitEnsure no more than 3 devices are streaming simultaneously on the same plan
Troubleshooting Steps– Connect your device to the internet
– Update your YouTube TV app
– Allow correct permissions for YouTube TV
– Close and restart the app
– Restart the streaming device

Causes For YouTube TV Stuck On Loading

The YouTube TV application can get stuck on loading for a few reasons. It is, therefore, important to know what is causing the issue before you can try to fix it. 

Check Your Device’s Connection To The Internet

Firstly, check whether your device is connected to the internet through an available wireless or mobile network. Without an internet connection, your YouTube TV application will not be able to load the video you are trying to watch.

Check If YouTube TV Is Down

If you are certain your device is connected to the internet and you have a stable connection, then go check whether YouTube TV’s servers are experiencing downtime due to issues or maintenance. If YouTube TV’s servers are down, you will not be able to stream videos and movies until the servers are back up.

Check To See If YouTube TV Needs To Be Updated

Check what version of the YouTube TV application you have installed on your device. If your YouTube TV application is not on the latest version, or if the version of the application installed on your phone has become outdated, it could cause your application not to work properly and could cause your YouTube TV to get stuck on a loading screen.

Check To See If YouTube TV’s Application Permissions Are Correct

The YouTube TV application requires certain permissions to function fully and work correctly. Suppose YouTube TV does not have access to certain permissions, such as location permission, when using the application. In that case, the application may not work properly, and it might get stuck on loading.

Check To See If You’ve Exceeded Your Device Limit

The YouTube TV plan allows a maximum of 6 profiles to be shared on a plan with three profiles streaming videos or movies simultaneously. Should more than three devices attempt to stream from the same YouTube TV plan simultaneously, the YouTube TV application will not work properly for the 4th person trying to stream, which may result in the YouTube TV application being stuck on a loading screen.

How To Fix YouTube TV Stuck On Loading Screen

There are some things you can try to fix your YouTube TV when it is stuck on the loading screen, including checking your device’s connection to the internet, making sure you have allowed the correct permissions for the YouTube application, and ensuring your application is updated to the latest version available.

Connect Your Device To The Internet

If your device is not connected to the internet, go to the wireless internet settings of your device and select an available wireless network to connect to. Once you have selected the network and connected to it, you must ensure that the wireless network has a connection to the internet. When your device has an internet connection again, you can open the YouTube TV application again and try to stream a video or movie.

Update Your YouTube TV Application To The Latest Version

If newer versions of the YouTube TV application are available, or if you are using an outdated version of YouTube, this may cause issues such as your YouTube TV getting stuck on the loading screen. 

To Fix this issue, close the application, and visit the respective app store for your device. Search for the YouTube application and select the update option for the application. When the new version of the application has been downloaded, reopen the application and try to stream again.

Allow YouTube TV Access To The Correct Permissions

If the YouTube TV application doesn’t have access to certain permissions, it can cause the application not to have full functionality, and it could lead to certain errors and issues. Permission access is especially important regarding location permissions for the YouTube TV application, as it uses your location whenever you try to stream something from it.

The application uses your device’s location every time you try to log in and stream something to ensure that you cannot share your account with too many people. It sets your home as your primary location for streaming from the application and doesn’t allow streaming from other locations unless the primary location is temporarily changed.

Therefore, you must ensure that your location permission settings for the YouTube application are set to “Allow while using the app” or “Always allow” so that YouTube works properly. Once your access permissions are correctly configured, you can try streaming from the application again. 

Close And Restart The YouTube TV Application 

If you have tried everything already and your YouTube TV application is still stuck on loading, close the application and reopen it. This should refresh the application, and you should be able to stream from your device again.

Restart The Streaming Device 

The last thing to try if your YouTube TV is still stuck on loading is to restart the YouTube TV streaming device. Restarting your device clears the cache for the YouTube TV application, so when you reopen the application after restarting your device, your YouTube TV should no longer be stuck on loading.



To fix the YouTube TV stuck on loading issue, you must first understand what causes the issue. The issue can be caused by your device not being connected to the interest, the YouTube TV servers being down, the YouTube application needing an update, incorrect permissions for the application, or an excess of devices being used on the same YouTube TV plan.

To resolve these issues, ensure your device has a stable internet connection and the YouTube servers are up and running. You must also ensure that the YouTube application is up-to-date, that the correct application permissions are allowed, and that there is not an excessive number of devices trying to stream from the same plan.

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