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Can AirPods pair with Kindle Fire?

As an owner of both AirPods and a Kindle Fire, I was recently frustrated when trying to figure out how to get them to pair with each other. After doing some research and improving my knowledge and expertise on the topic, I decided to write this blog post to share what I learned, as well as other potential solutions I discovered.

Key Takeaways
AirPods can be paired with a Kindle Fire device.
To pair AirPods with a Kindle Fire, go to settings, then “Wireless,” “Bluetooth,” and “Pair a Bluetooth Device”.
You can adjust the AirPods volume using the Kindle Fire.
If there is no sound coming from the AirPods when connected to the Kindle Fire, you may need to adjust the sound settings or restart your device.
Siri cannot be used with AirPods on the Kindle Fire.
If the AirPods keep disconnecting from the Kindle Fire, check the battery life and try unpairing and pairing them again.

Can AirPods Pair With Kindle Fire?

It is entirely possible to pair your AirPods to the Kindle Fire, and pairing them up requires a several-step process. Once you’re done with that process, you can get the most out of your AirPods and Kindle Fire unit.

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How to Connect AirPods to Kindle Fire

To connect your AirPods to your Kindle fire, you will need to navigate to settings on the Kindle Fire. Go to “Wireless” after you get to settings and then go to “Bluetooth” and then “Pair a Bluetooth Device.” The Kindle Fire will start scanning for available Bluetooth devices once you hit that button.

Next, put the AirPods in the case, open the lid and press the button on the case. This puts the AirPods into pairing mode.

Within a few quick seconds, you should see the word “Airpods,” and a headset symbol show up on your Kindle Fire device. Once you see that, you’ll need to select it. The screen will show that it’s connected when the pairing and connecting process is complete. 


Why Won’t My AirPods Connect to My Kindle Fire? 

Sometimes, the pairing process won’t go smoothly when you try to connect your AirPods to the Kindle Fire. You will need to take a few more additional steps to get everything to link up when that happens. 

Put both of your AirPods in their case, and then grab your Kindle Fire. Press the power button down on the Kindle Fire until it reboots. Open the AirPods case lid as soon as the Kindle Fire reboots.

Next, open the lid on the AirPods case. When you’re done doing that, then you will need to press the button on the back of your AirPods case until you see a white light flash.

You can proceed to connect your AirPods to your Kindle Fire as usual after that.  

Can You Adjust AirPods Volume With Kindle Fire?

If you’re not happy with the volume your AirPods are set at, you can easily adjust the volume using your Kindle Fire. This process will work once you have paired the AirPods to the Kindle Fire.

What you’ll need to do is go to the top of your Kindle Fire and find the “Volume” button.

Tap the “Volume Up” button until you get the desired volume. You should be able to adjust your volume to something you’re comfortable with by using that process.

Why Are My AirPods Connected to Kindle but There Is no Sound?

There could be many reasons that your AirPods do not play any sound.

It could be a minor issue, such as a volume setting that needs to be fixed, or it could be an issue a bit more severe, like a problem with your hardware.

The only way to find the truth is to go through a troubleshooting process with the device.

Firstly, ensure that your AirPods are indeed paired to your Kindle Fire. You can easily accomplish that task by going to “Settings” and then “Connected Devices.”

You will see your AirPods if they are connected, and you will also know whether they are active and how much battery life they have left on them. The Kindle Fire will show that information as a percentage.

Next, touch the settings wheel next to the AirPods information to go into an additional menu. That menu will allow you to turn your AirPod usage off and on for phone calls, media audio, and contact sharing.

Check to ensure that you don’t have the setting turned off for something you’re trying to use your AirPods for now. If everything seems correct, you can go to the next step. 

Go to your “Settings” menu on your Kindle Fire and then tap on “Sound.” There you will see several sound settings that you can adjust.

Ensure that none of the sliders are set all the way to the left because that would cause you not to have even the slightest amount of sound coming from your AirPods.

Adjust it if necessary and see if it resolves your problem. Also, ensure that your “Do Not Disturb” feature isn’t currently activated. 

If you’re still not hearing any sound, the next thing you can try is to restart your Kindle Fire. Press and hold your unit’s power button until the Kindle Fire device restarts itself.

Connect your AirPods to the device once it starts back up. Enjoy your experience if it resolves your problem. 

If your situation still isn’t resolved, you might want to try resetting your AirPods or AirPods Pro to factory settings. This is a procedure called a hard reset.

To do this, lift the lid on your paired AirPods. You should then see something on the screen that shows you a picture of the AirPods and the case.

Next, you will need to press the button on the back of the AirPods case. Hold the button down until the light blinks white.

Keep pressing on it until they disconnect from your Kindle Fire and completely reset themselves. Now you will have to go through the pairing process all over again.

Hopefully, you will hear sounds coming from your AirPods this time. 

Why Can’t I Use Siri on my Kindle Fire With AirPods?

Unfortunately, the capability to use Siri is unavailable when you pair your AirPods to a non-Apple device.

However, you can still use your AirPods for various other tasks, such as listening to your favorite music or having a phone conversation with someone you love.

You can enjoy Siri’s help when you connect your AirPods to an Apple device in the near future. 

Why Do AirPods Keep Disconnecting From Kindle Fire?

It can be very annoying if your AirPods keep disconnecting from your Kindle Fire. The problem may occur for a variety of reasons.

One of the initial things you must do if your AirPods keep disconnecting from your device is to check the battery life.

Oftentimes, these units will disconnect because they don’t have a strong enough charge to stay connected. You can check that right now to ensure that your AirPods are charged.

If not, you’ll need to take some time to charge them up so that they can work for you for a long time. 

Your AirPods are also designed to use both AirPods as a microphone. However, using only one of your AirPods as a microphone might help you resolve the connection issue.

Additionally, you could try unpairing and repairing your AirPods. They might stop disconnecting after you do that. 

Can I Connect My AirPods to Kindle Fire and Another Device?

You may want to use your AirPods with more than one device besides the Kindle Fire. There is no limit set to the amount of devices you can pair to the AirPods.

You can pair the AirPods with any device you own if you desire. However, you can only have them connected to one single device at a time, and you can only listen to music on a single device at a time. 

Now you know a little more about connecting your AirPods to a Kindle Fire and some common issues that can occur when you do that.

You can now feel confident about connecting your AirPods to your Fire device and resolving any issues that may arise.

Don’t hesitate to check the manual or speak to an Apple technician if you have a problem that seems a bit more serious. 

Pros and Cons of Using AirPods With Kindle Fire


  • Can be easily connected to the Kindle Fire
  • The volume of AirPods can be easily adjusted using Kindle Fire
  • If AirPods disconnect, it can be fixed by resetting them


  • Siri cannot be used when connected to the Kindle Fire
  • AirPods can keep disconnecting from the Kindle Fire
  • It can be difficult to troubleshoot when there is no sound