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Does iPhone Stop Charging at 100?

The batteries that run devices like an iPhone have full charge cycles, which deplete through constant discharging and recharging. So, does an iPhone stop charging at 100 percent?  Yes, your iPhone comes with an internal charger that prevents it from getting overcharged or completely depleted. This is why it stops charging at 100 percent. It …

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Why Does My Phone Keep Buffering

Online viewer satisfaction is fulfilled by high-quality content and continuous streaming. A video that frequently stops playing easily ruins the experience. You ask, “why does my phone keep buffering?” The reasons that your phone keeps buffering can be one or a combination of these things — weak internet connection, smartphone issues, streaming site traffic, and …

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Is the iPhone 4K? 

Are you an iPhone user who loves to record videos at the highest resolution, giving you a cinematic feel? In that case, you must aim for a model that offers a 4K resolution. You may be asking: Is the iPhone 4K? Read on to find out.  Is the iPhone 4K?  In the first place, what …

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