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Can You Put a TV Under an Air Conditioner?

As a homeowner, I recently found myself in a frustrating situation. I wanted to put a TV in my living room, but I already had an air conditioner installed in that spot. I was determined to figure out a way to make it all work, so I did some research and put together a plan. Here I’m going to share my story, as well as some other solutions I discovered.

In some cases, it may be okay, even beneficial to place your TV under the air conditioner. It could cool your TV from warming up too much. Nevertheless, it can prove impractical since the air conditioner could be prone to dripping water, in turn, damaging your TV.

Factors to ConsiderProsConsSolutions
Temperature RegulationCools down TV, preventing heat damageN/AN/A
Saves MoneyReduces electricity consumption by TV’s internal fanN/AN/A
TV’s DurabilityModern TVs can handle temperature changesN/AN/A
Water LeakageN/APotential damage from leaking air conditionerClean air conditioner filter, use drip tray, waterproof TV, maintain air conditioner properly
Dusty AirN/ADust accumulation in TV components, possible short circuitClean air conditioner filter regularly
Maintenance IssuesN/ADifficulty in accessing air conditioner for maintenanceN/A
Shared Power SourceN/AStrain on power supply, potential electrical damageUse separate power sources for TV and air conditioner

Why You Should Put Your TV Under the Air Conditioner

While the consensus holds that putting a TV under the air conditioner is a big no-no, it’s worth looking at the other side of the argument.

Temperature Regulation

The first benefit your TV may be getting from the air conditioner is that it cools it down if it becomes too warm.

By regulating the TV’s inner temperature, the air conditioner lessens any heat damage. Following this benefit, the TV also receives more air circulation. Along with cool air, you’ll also be fanning your TV with pure air, which may increase the device’s overall lifespan.

Saves Money

Another plus you gain from putting your TV under the air conditioner is that it could potentially save money on electricity bills. This is because when your TV heats up, it needs to turn on its internal fan system.

Nonetheless, since your air conditioner will do all the fanning, you’ll be using less power from the TV’s end.

TV is Safe from Temperature Changes

The TV may be safe with cool air, but what about in the winter months when you decide to turn on its heat settings? Fortunately, most TVs can withstand these temperature changes.

Modern TVs are built with durable materials that can handle both hot and cold air. If that wasn’t the case, then the seasonal changes would’ve already damaged everyone’s TVs.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your TV Under the Air Conditioner

Although an air conditioner above your TV could provide some benefits, there are also a couple of cons worth considering. Now, this may be more true for wall-mounted TVs than ones placed on a table.

Water Leakage

The air conditioner’s condensate line could be prone to leaking water on your TV. Since most TVs aren’t waterproof yet, this could cause irreversible damage. This is particularly true for LCD screens since the liquid can settle in the layers of crystal display and be sometimes impossible to thoroughly dry.

Dusty Air

Another issue you may encounter is if the air conditioner’s filters aren’t well-maintained, they could blow dusty air into your TV. Once the dust settles in the TV’s inner components, it could cause all kinds of damage such as a short circuit.

This may happen since dust is highly insulating and can clog the TV’s electronic system, which, in turn, results in overheating.

Maintenance Issues

Air conditioners require periodic maintenance sessions to clean out the filter. Now, this process could be made more difficult with a TV installed right below the air conditioner.

You’d be risking damage to your TV with this process. Plus, if you neglect your air conditioner maintenance, it’ll blow more dusty air.

How to Avoid the Cons of Placing Your TV Under the Air Conditioner?

Luckily, there are ways you can steer clear of the disadvantages of placing the TV under the air conditioner.

Ensure a Drip-Free Zone

The first thing you want to do is make sure the air conditioner doesn’t drip. You can avoid this issue by cleaning the air conditioner’s filter, placing a drip tray under the cooling device, and putting a protective waterproof layer on the TV.

Apart from that, you can just make sure the air conditioner undergoes proper maintenance checks. Otherwise, another option you can do is to install windshields on your air conditioner.

Clean the Air Conditioner’s Filter

Dust can wreak havoc on your TV’s components. To keep the air conditioner dust-free, you can take out the filter panel, brush it, spray it with an air can, and wipe off any residue.

If you consistently clean out the filter panel every three months, the TV and room will get a breeze of pure air.

Use Different Power Sources

Using the same power source for your TV and air conditioner could become too straining on the power supply. Consequently, this could cause electric damage to both devices. Plus, it could also result in overheating and a dangerous short circuit.

To Conclude

Can you put a TV under an air conditioner? In short, yes, you can. Nevertheless, there are some risks to doing so such as dust settlement on the TV and water dripping.

The good news is that there are ways you can fix these issues, and enjoy the benefits of placing a TV under the air conditioner.

For instance, you can regularly clean out the air conditioner’s filter panel to remove the harmful dust and allow the clean air to circulate into your TV.

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