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Disney Plus No Sound On Sony TV

As an owner of a Sony TV, I know the frustration of trying to stream Disney Plus only to find there’s no sound coming out of the TV. After hours of research and trying different solutions, I’m here to share my experience and the tips and tricks I discovered. In this post, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each solution and try to help you get back to streaming your favorite Disney Plus shows with sound.

If there is no sound from Disney+ on your Sony TV, try performing a hard reset by unplugging the TV from the wall. If that does not work, update the TV system software, clear the Disney+ application cache, or uninstall and reinstall the application. These solutions should rectify the problem. 

IssuePossible Cause(s)Solution(s)
No sound from Disney+ on Sony TVMinor software problemPerform a hard reset: Unplug the TV, wait for 1 minute, plug it back in, and turn it on.
Outdated TV system softwareUpdate the TV software: Locate the software update tab in the TV menu, search for updates, and install any available updates.
Disney+ app issueClear the Disney+ app cache: Open the settings menu, select apps, find Disney+, select the app, and follow the prompts to clear the application system cache.
Persistent app issueDelete and reinstall the Disney+ app: Clear the application cache, uninstall Disney+, redownload the app from the Play Store, and reinstall it.
Incompatibility between TV and Disney+ appSwitch to an external streaming device: Use an external streaming device such as Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, or Roku to stream Disney+ without issues.

No Sound From Disney+ On Sony TV

Sony produces some of the best smart television on the market. These TVs allow you to natively run several streaming apps, including Disney+, which makes these TVs one of the best options for using these streaming services. 

However, Disney+ is notorious for having problems with several smart TV brands, including Sony. The app is known to have several issues when running on these televisions, which can be very frustrating when you finally have time to sit down and stream your favorite movie or show, and the app does not function as it should. 

Among the most commonly experienced Disney+ problems when running on Sony TVs is no audio when the app is running. 

Fortunately, this is a relatively simple tech issue to resolve, and there are several fixes that can help rectify the problem without requiring any assistance from professionals or from Disney+ support. 

Let’s identify the various methods to get sound playing through your Sony TV when watching Disney+. 

Execute A Hard Reset 

The first option for rectifying this problem is to perform a hard reset. This is a simple way to reset the TV as well as the app and is very likely to solve the problem. 

This issue is often caused by a minor software problem, and performing a hard reset of the TV is an easy way to completely reset the software and restart the application. 

To execute a hard reset, simply unplug the TV from the wall power outlet. It is important to leave the TV unplugged for about a minute to allow the software systems to shut down completely. 

After a minute or so, plug the TV back into the wall and turn it on. Once the TV is rebooted, allow another minute for the internal processors to clear, and then try activating the app. 

This process should rectify the issue, but if the problem persists, there are other potential fixes to try.

Update The TV Software

This problem with the Disney+ app can also be due to outdated TV system software. Updating the system software of your Sony TV is always a good thing, and it may solve the bug with the app, as the Disney+ application is designed to run on the latest Android TV software. 

To update the system software of your Sony TV, locate the software update tab under the help section in the TV menu. Set the TV to search for updates and install any updates that are available. 

Performing the update may take several minutes, but once they are complete, the Disney+ application should run well and have no problem playing sound through the TV. 

Clear The Disney+ App Cache

Another issue that may cause this problem with Disney+ on a Sony TV is that the application itself may have encountered an issue that it is unable to resolve on its own. The most effective way to fix this is to clear the application’s cache and allow it to restart with clear system memory to properly run and log its processes. 

To clear the Disney+ system cache, open the settings menu on the TV, select apps, cycle to Disney+, select the app and follow the prompts to clear the application system cache. 

Once the cache is cleared, try starting up the application. If the problem is solved, then no further steps are required. If the problem persists, then clear the cache again and perform a hard restart of the TV. 

If the Disney+ app is still not operating properly, there are a few more options to try. 

Delete And Reinstall The Disney+ App

The final software option to try and get the sound working on Disney+ on your Sony TV is to delete and reinstall the application. If no other solutions work to fix it, clear the application cache, and uninstall Disney+ from the TV. 

Redownload the app from the Play Store, reinstall it, and try running it as usual. This should cause the application to function normally, solving the problem. 

If, after updating your TV software, clearing the app cache, and redownloading the application, there is still no sound when streaming on Disney+, it may be time to contact Sony support to help rectify the issue. 

Switch To An External Streaming Device

Disney+ is, unfortunately, a notoriously unreliable application when used on certain television sets, and if your Sony TV happens to be one of them, there is only one other option available to get Disney+ working well on your TV. 

The last option is to switch to using an external streaming device such as Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, or Roku. By purchasing and installing one of these devices, you can stream on Disney+ without trouble, regardless of the TV that you have. 

This is a frustrating solution for a problem that should not be this difficult to solve, but some TVs from Sony simply do not work well with the Disney+ app, and this solution will ensure that you can use the streaming service that you pay for. 


At the end of it, most Sony TVs should be able to run the Disney+ application without trouble, and if you do encounter some malfunctions or bugs within the app, taking these steps should solve the problems easily. 

Sony smart TV systems are an ideal way to enjoy streaming services, so take your time when trying to solve these issues, as they are well worth the effort to have your TV functioning well with the applications that you want to use. 

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