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Hotspot Won’t Connect To My Tv (Causes And How To Fix)

As an owner of a Smart TV, I know the frustration of trying to get your Hotspot to connect to your TV. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get my Hotspot to connect, only to be met with failure. After days of researching and testing different solutions, I’m here to share what I’ve discovered and how I managed to solve my issue.

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing all the potential causes of why your Hotspot won’t connect to your TV and how to fix them.

There are various reasons your TV won’t connect to your hotspot. These include outdated software or firmware, a glitch, the signal being lost, and your cell phone running out of data. These are very common problems that are pretty easy to fix and shouldn’t take too long.

Tips for TV Hotspot Connection Issues:
– Outdated software/firmware can cause connection problems.
– Update software/firmware on TV and phone to the latest.
– Restart devices to see if that resolves the issue.
– Disconnect unnecessary devices from the hotspot.
– Check data balance to ensure you haven’t run out of data.
– Try a soft reset of your TV if all else fails.

Causes For Your TV Not Connecting To Your Hotspot

Nothing is more exasperating than finally sitting down to watch your favorite TV show or movie, only to have your internet connection not work. This can happen regularly if you are trying to use a hotspot from your phone with your TV. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems that can cause this issue, and trying to figure out which one is causing your challenges is not always an easy task. Below are some of the most common reasons your TV might not connect to your hotspot. 

Outdated Software Or Firmware 

Cell phones and TVs have technology that needs to be updated every once in a while, and if they are not updated, this can start causing problems with how the devices function. Cell phones use software, while TVs generally use firmware to keep running. 

Out-of-date software or firmware can cause connection issues between the two as they are no longer compatible with each other.

Usually, TV updates are needed about once or twice a year, while cell phone updates can be needed every few months. 

There Was A Glitch

Technology is not perfect, and from time to time, it will glitch or have bug, and no matter how much you try to get around them, these things just happen.

Glitches or bugs can be caused by anything and can affect one or more aspects of the device simultaneously. 

Glitches are frustrating as they can happen out of nowhere and can be caused by anything. They can sometimes even mimic other possible problems, making them quite difficult to diagnose. 

The Signal Was Lost

Your TV and Cell phone work off signals, which is how they can connect to each other and other devices around your home. Sometimes these signals can get crossed or even dropped for no apparent reason. 

Your TV or cell phone running the hotspot might lose connection with each other, or your cell phone could lose connection with your service provider’s cell phone tower. These signal losses are unpredictable and can happen anytime, out of the blue. 

Too Many Devices Are Already Connected

Mobile hotspots are very different from Wifi connections using fiber or a different internet connection. Mobile hotspots tend to have limited internet speed due to the cell phone being used and the cell phone provider you are using with it. 

This can cause problems when you try to connect the hotspot to your TV. If your TV analyses the hotspot and concludes that the internet isn’t fast enough for streaming shows, your TV might refuse to connect to your hotspot. 

The main reason for this slower connection is due to too many devices being connected to the hotspot at once. 

Your Phone Might Be Out Of Data

Cell phones creating the hotspot can run out of data relatively fast if you are not on the right data plan. If you are not on a data plan offering unlimited data for the month, your data can run out within a few hours when a hotspot is created. 

This can happen so fast that you might not even realize it happened. If your cell phone runs out of data, your hotspot will automatically stop working, and your TV will lose connection. 

How To Fix Hotspot To TV Connections 

Now that you know what might be producing the connection problems between your hotspot and your TV, you might wonder how to fix these issues. 

The fixes for these issues are easy and should not take too long. So, let’s go through them to have you watching your shows again in no time. 

Update Your Software Or Firmware

You first need to check if your cell phone or TV has an update that hasn’t been done yet. You can generally find this in the settings menu on your phone and TV. 

If there is an update, you need to download and install it, as this could cause your hotspot connection problems. It may take time for the updates to finish, but you should be able to reconnect your TV to your hotspot once it’s done. 

Restart The Devices 

If there is no update and you feel there may have been a glitch with your TV or phone or the signal may have been lost, you need to restart your TV and your cell phone. 

Restarting your devices should be enough to fix these problems, and your TV should connect you to your hotspot once the restart is complete. 

Disconnect Other Devices From The Hotspot

If your TV outright refuses to connect to your cell phone’s hotspot, it could be due to a slow internet connection. 

Check your hotspot for any unnecessary connections that aren’t currently in use and disconnect them from your hotspot. This should help speed up the internet connection, and your TV might connect to it. 

Check Your Data Balance

One of the biggest reasons your TV won’t connect to your hotspot is if your cell phone has run out of data. You need to check with your service provider to see whether you have data left on your phone or not. 

If no data is left, the hotspot will automatically stop working, and everything connected to it will lose connection. You will need to purchase more data to get your hotspot up and running again. 

Try a soft reset

A soft reset, is where you turn off the TV and unplug it from the wall outlet. You then usually have to wait for 60 seconds then you can put the plug back in and turn the TV on again. Performing a soft reset clears a device’s internal memory of running programs, which often clears up any technical glitches.


Hotspots are a convenient way to connect other devices to the internet, like your TV. However, hotspots are not perfect, and they can have their problems. These problems can disconnect your TV from the hotspot, or your TV might refuse to connect to it from the beginning. 

The causes in this article are the main problems that people face with their hotspots and can be fixed easily, but there are others that are less common that can occur. With these, you must phone your cell phone providers or TV manufacturers helpline. Good luck with your TV and hotspot!

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