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iPhone Making Beeping Noise (Causes and What to Do)

As an iPhone user, I was becoming increasingly frustrated when my device suddenly started making a beeping noise. After some digging, I discovered that this is a relatively common problem and I wanted to share what I learned in case someone else is having the same issue. In this blog post, I’ll go over the possible causes of the beeping noise and what to do if you’re experiencing this issue with your iPhone.

Causes of iPhone Beeping NoiseSolutions
Software GlitchesClose all background apps
Hardware IssuesInspect and repair hardware if necessary
Government Alerts (AMBER)Disable government alerts in settings
Notification SettingsAdjust notification settings for apps
Outdated AppsUpdate all apps to the latest version
Outdated iOSUpdate your iPhone’s iOS to the latest version
Open Tabs in SafariClose all open tabs in Safari
Browser History and DataClear your browser’s history and data

Why Does your iPhone Make Beeping Noise? 

To fix your iPhone’s beeping noise, you must understand the underline causes behind the problem. So the causes include the following:

  1. Software Glitches 

Even when Apple takes pride in iOS being the safest software system, glitches and bugs are inevitable.

Also, these glitches can happen if you don’t close out the application definitively. The app may still run in the background causing defects to your iPhone’s iOS system hence the beeping noise. 

To rule this out, you better close out all your apps running in the background. 

  1. Hardware Issues

Your iPhone itself may be the reason for this noise.

If your iPhone beeps when pressing the Home button, it might push itself because of a hardware glitch.

  1. Other Different Reasons 

Your iPhone is set to receive alerts from your government called AMBER alerts, which warn you of currently dangerous events. Unfortunately, such alerts can lead to a frustrating beeping noise.

My iPhone Keeps Beeping. Now What?

Well, if your iPhone keeps beeping and you can’t spot the exact reason, there are some steps that you should follow to solve the problem. 

iPhone’s Settings Check 

Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Notifications.’ There you can see all the applications that have permission to notify you.

Check on all the applications that say ‘Sounds’ or ‘Badges.’ Because they can cause a beeping noise during calls on iPhone without any visual notifications. 

You have to switch off the notifications for such applications by clicking on them and choosing your preferred settings type. 

Make sure you choose the option under Alerts that will also allow notifications to show on your iPhone screen without audibly notifying you. 

Update Your Apps

If your iPhone keeps beeping while charging, during calls, or even texting your friends, then some applications could be trying to notify you that there’s a new update. 

Go to your apple app store, and in your profile, check the list of the downloaded apps and get the latest versions by hitting the Update button, which is in front of every app.  

You also can go to the top of the applications list with updates and click update all. 

Update Your iOS

There’s a chance that your notification settings are messed up if you miss a few iOS updates. While it’s controversial whether or not Apple messes up with older iOS to push you to the new update, there’s no harm in getting the latest iOS. 

To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings > General > Software Updates. You’ll find an Install Now option if you have a pending update.

Make sure your iPhone is plugged into the charger and start the update. It usually takes anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes. 

Close All Open Tabs in Safari

You may have accidentally left an open Tab in Safari playing an MP3 in the background. This is highly likely to happen with websites with pop-up ads, and it’s not the easiest to spot. 

Close all open Safari tabs to ensure that nothing is running in the background. To do this, open Safari on your phone, press and hold the tabs icon on the bottom left corner, and choose ‘Close All X Tabs.’ The X stands for the number of open tabs. 

Clear Your Browser’s History and Data

Ads are wicked. Not only do they forcefully create new tabs to run inside, but they also leave cookies inside your browser to capture your data and rerun the ad. To be on the safe side, clear your Safari history. 

Go to the setting, choose Safari, then click on Clear History and Website Data. If you’re using other browsers like Chrome or so, you should also clear your cache. 

Stop Governmental Alerts

Your iPhone is, by default, set to receive government alerts; these include AMBER alerts, extreme weather conditions alerts, and any other alerts issued by your country’s government. You can disable their notifications if you want to stop receiving these alerts.

Go to settings > Notifications > Government Alerts. Check the switch icon next to them. If it’s green, it’s enabled. Tap on it to disable it and turn it to grey.

However, we should say that this is unlikely why you’re getting irregular beeping from your iPhone. 

To Wrap This Up

Although the iPhone’s beeping noise is sometimes frustrating, it has quick fixes you can use through this guide.

Check all your apps and iOS system updates. Ensure you switch off all the government alerts, and block the ads that leave cookies on your iPhone.