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iPhone Vibrates When Charging (Causes and How to Fix it)

If your iPhone vibrates when charging, you may be searching for the reason behind this behavior.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to find out more about the possible causes of an iPhone vibrating when charging, as well as how to fix it.

Why Is Your iPhone Vibrating When Charging?

Here are a few of the most likely reasons why your iPhone is vibrating when you’re charging it. Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting problems without giving their solutions. We’ve included how to fix each issue on the list.

1. Faulty Connection

The most common reason for an iPhone vibrating when charging is that the connection between it and the charger isn’t secure.

If you have vibration turned on in your settings, it’s natural for your phone to vibrate when it’s plugged in. However, if it continues to vibrate beyond that, this may be due to a damaged charger cable or a clogged-up charging port.

If your charger cable is partially torn, it may not be providing your phone with a constant flow of current. This causes the phone to continually connect and disconnect from the charger, vibrating every time it does so.

The same is true for iPhones with clogged charging ports. The accumulation of dirt or lint in your charging port may be obstructing your charger from going all the way inside it. 

This causes the phone to disconnect from the charger at the slightest motion, leading to it vibrating as it reconnects.

How to Fix it

Before you address this issue, you must first determine if your iPhone’s faulty connection to the charger is a result of a damaged cable or a clogged port.

If it’s the former, your best course of action would be to replace the cable.

If the source of your problem is a clogged port, you can try removing the dirt or lint obstructing your charger’s path by blowing hard into the port. You can also use a small pin to carefully remove any particles from the port.

2. Using Third Party Charger

Another possible cause of your iPhone’s vibration when charging is the charger you’re using.

Some people opt to substitute the authentic iPhone charger with cheaper ones from third-party brands. 

In these cases, the charger can become ineffective over time because it’s not designed for iPhones. This causes it to be unable to maintain a consistent connection with your phone. Ultimately, this results in your iPhone vibrating every time it tries to reconnect with the charger.

How to Fix it

We understand that authentic iPhone chargers are expensive. Therefore you may be reluctant to spend extra money on them when there are cheaper options out there.

This is even more relevant now that iPhones don’t come accompanied by chargers anymore.

However, paying the higher price of an original iPhone charger is likely to save more money in the long run in charger replacement and battery repair costs.

3. Notifications

The vibration of your phone when it’s plugged in may have nothing to do with the fact that it’s charging.

The vibration you hear may simply be a product of app notifications.

How to Fix it

If you don’t want your phone to vibrate with every notification, you can adjust your notification preferences from your phone’s settings.

If you want notifications that are only coming from certain apps to prompt your iPhone to vibrate, open up the settings menu, select Sounds & Haptics, and choose the apps you want your phone to vibrate for.

If you want to turn off vibration altogether, select Accessibility in your settings menu and tap the slider to turn off vibration.

3. Software Bug

If you’re using an authentic iPhone charger and you’re sure that your charger cable and charging port are fine, then the issue of your iPhone vibrating when charging may be software-related.

There might be a glitch in your iPhone’s software that’s causing it to vibrate for no obvious reason.

How to Fix it

The best thing to do here is to restart your iPhone. 

You can do so by pressing and holding the side button and the volume down button simultaneously. When you do this, the power slider will appear at the top of your screen. Slide it to the right to turn off your iPhone.

Then, press and hold the side button to turn the phone on again.


If your iPhone vibrates when charging, there are several possible factors that may be causing this to happen.

They range from hardware issues such as a damaged charger cable, clogged charging port, or using a third-party charger, to software issues such as notifications settings and software glitches.

In all cases, there’s no need for concern; all of these issues can be easily fixed.