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Is It OK to Mount a TV in an Apartment? (And Alternatives)

As an apartment dweller, I’ve often asked myself, “Is it okay to mount a TV in my apartment?” After a fair bit of frustration, I decided to dive into research in hopes of finding a solution. In this blog post, I’m here to share my experiences and the solutions I discovered, so that other renters won’t have to go through the same frustrations as I did. So, let’s get into it and explore mounting a TV in an apartment and some alternative solutions.

Yes, it’s OK to mount a TV in a rented apartment as long as the landlord allows it or your lease doesn’t forbid you from drilling holes into the walls. It won’t be specifically mentioned, but you’ll likely be responsible for filling any holes that you drill once you move out.

Lease CheckReview your lease to see if there are any restrictions on drilling holes in the walls.
Landlord ApprovalSpeak with your landlord to obtain permission if it’s not clear in the lease.
Convincing Your LandlordOffer to patch up holes when moving out or leave the mount for the next tenant as a selling point.
Mounting ProcessFind the perfect spot, locate studs, mark and drill pilot holes, secure the mount, and attach the TV to the bracket.
Alternative SolutionsIf mounting is not permitted, consider using a free-standing TV cart, TV stand, or constructing a false wall.

How to Tell If It’s OK to Mount a TV in an Apartment?

It’s pretty easy to find out whether or not you might get into trouble if you drill holes to mount your TV in your newly rented apartment.

Simply, take a look at your lease to see if there are any mentions about drilling holes in the walls. Sometimes, the lease will list it as a no-no, but that’s usually the case with big holes. Thankfully, the holes used for TV mounting are small!

If there’s no information about this in your lease, it’ll be time to have a word with your landlord. If they’re on board with the idea, you’ll be in luck.

Yet, what if they’re reluctant about it?

How to Convince Your Landlord to Let You Mount a TV in an Apartment?

Your landlord may not be totally against the idea, but they could have their doubts. In this case, you can work your way into their head with your charm or a really convincing conversation!

For example, you could put their mind at ease by promising that you’ll patch up any holes after the removal of the TV mount. As long as you leave things as they were before you rented the apartment, there should be nothing to worry about, right?

Another option is to convince them to let you mount your TV in exchange for leaving the mount on the wall when it’s time for you to leave. This means that the next person who rents the apartment will have a pre-installed TV mount, which will be a lot more convenient for them and the landlord.

This point of argument might transform the landlord’s entire perspective; they might even encourage you to mount your TV! 

It’ll be of great advantage to you, too, since you won’t need to trouble yourself with removing the mount or filling the drilled holes upon leaving. It’s a win-win!

How to Mount a TV in an Apartment Step-By-Step

If your landlord finally says yes to your little project, it’s time to gather a few things, put on your DIY clothes, and get to work!

Now, these are the steps you’ll have to follow to mount your TV:

  • Find the perfect spot for your TV
  • Use the stud finder to determine the studs in the wall and mark a suitable location for your mount with a pencil
  • Mark the locations of your pilot holes and make sure they’re level (compare them to the holes in the mounting bracket)
  • Drill your pilot holes
  • Secure the mount to the wall with screws, then, finally, mount your TV to the bracket

How to Mount a TV in an Apartment If the Landlord Is Against It?

You may be making a good point, but the landlord could still ask you not to mount a TV in the apartment for whatever reason. In this case, there are still many ways you can set your TV upright without having to create any holes in the walls.

For example, you may want to consider purchasing a free-standing TV cart or a TV stand. These buddies don’t need a wall to latch on, and they’ll help your TV stand tall at any height you prefer.

Better yet, you can always construct a false wall right in front of the wall that you want to mount your TV on. Hire a handyman to build it for you or DIY, drill all the holes that you need, install the TV mount, and enjoy your TV-watching experience with no worries!

Still, you’ll have to ask the landlord’s permission to build a false wall, too, so make sure to clear that up before rolling up your sleeves!

Final Thoughts

The answer to “Is it OK to mount a TV in an apartment?” isn’t always straightforward.

It depends on whether or not your landlord agrees to you drilling holes in their rented apartment’s walls.

If it’s a yes, you now know how to mount a TV on a wall after reading the aforementioned steps. Yet, if your landlord is against it, you can try securing your TV into a false wall or a TV stand.

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