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My Vizio TV Won’t Stay Turned ON

Tired of dealing with a Vizio TV that won’t stay turned on? I know I was. I’ve been an owner of a Vizio TV for several years now and it had been working fine until recently. I was getting so frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t watch my favorite shows and movies because my TV would randomly turn off. After doing some research, I found some tips and tricks to help me get my TV to stay on. In this blog post, I’m going to share what I learned and some other solutions other owners have discovered. So if you’re having the same issue with your Vizio TV, read on and hopefully, you can get your TV to stay on too.

When your smart TV keeps turning off, common issues include a malfunctioning remote, an enabled CEC feature, interference from third-party devices, or an enabled auto-power off. The culprit may also be a loose power plug or faulty power supply, an internal glitch, or outdated firmware. 

How to Fix A Vizio TV That Keeps Turning Off

We’ve mentioned various reasons for a Vizio TV that won’t stay turned on. Let’s go into detail and have that fixed with our 8 solutions.

Solution 1: Examine your Remote

Internal glitches can happen even in TV controllers, thus sending unwarranted commands like OFF to your TV. To discharge your remote, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the batteries in the battery compartment.
  2. Press and hold a button for 20 seconds to clear the glitch.
  3. Reinsert the batteries and clean the upper edge of your controller where the transmission window is.
  4. Replace the batteries with new ones if issues persist.

You should also consider if you have multiple streaming devices connected, like Chromecast, Miracast, or Roku. Third-party devices can cause your TV to turn off through CEC if it’s connected to the HDMI input on your Vizio TV.

To avoid this, try disabling the CEC feature with your remote by pressing Menu > Settings > System > CEC > toggle OFF. 

Afterward, reboot your smart TV, then check for any issues.

Solution 2: Disable Sleep Timer and Auto-Power Off

A commonly unnoticed issue lies in the default settings. Chances are, you haven’t configured your TV yet and missed a few features that Vizio TV offers—turning your TV off automatically. 

The Sleep Timer turns your TV off after a set period, depending on the default settings. Thankfully, with your remote, you can disable this feature to keep your TV turned on. 

Simply press Menu > Timers > Sleep Timer > OFF, or you could change its set time.

Auto Power Off is a power-saving feature that’s no different from a sleep timer, and it can also affect your TV from turning off if you leave its default unchanged. So, turn this off by pressing Menu > Timers > Auto Power Off > OFF, or set the desired time.

Once finished, restart your TV to apply the changes and check for issues.

Solution 3: Enable Eco Mode

Going green may be the solution. Eco mode is another power-saving feature that saves power consumption to help your smart TV last longer. 

It also disables other communication devices that tell your TV to turn off unexpectedly.

So, to turn this feature on, use your remote and press Menu > System > Power Mode > Eco Mode > Enable. Then, as usual, reboot your TV to apply the changes and test for any issues.

Solution 4: Enable Quickstart Mode

The Eco Mode didn’t work? Enabling quickstart mode might do the trick. 

Simply go to Menu > System > Power Mode > Quickstart Mode.

Solution 5: Check Your Power Supply and Plugs

Loose power plugs or faulty power supply can be the issue here. 

Check if you’ve properly plugged your TV in and if it’s sharing a power source with multiple devices. If it is, then your TV may not be getting enough power to keep its features running.

Simply plugging your TV directly into a power outlet should fix the problem. If the issue is within the electricity system and power outlet, contact your technician to have it fixed.

Solution 6: Update The Firmware

A common issue that most people aren’t aware of is not updating your TV. Outdated firmware can let bugs and errors corrupt the overall system, making your TV slower and causing it to turn off on its own.

Fix this issue with your remote by pressing Menu > System > Check for Updates > and Download if updates are available. 

Once the updates are done, restart your TV and check for any issues.

Solution 7: Do a Power Cycle or Factory Reset

Temporary glitches happen because of an overload in the internal memory. To discharge this, you’ll need to do a power cycle. 

  1. Press the hard power button to turn off your TV.
  2. Unplug the TV from the power outlet.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  4. Cool down your TV for an hour before plugging back in to test for issues.

If a Power Cycle doesn’t work, try doing a Factory Reset

Grab your remote and press Menu > System > Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Default > input PIN (the default pin is 0000) > Reset. Then, wait for the process to finish.

Solution 8: Contact The Vizio Support Team

The last resort, if all the provided solutions weren’t effective, is to call for Vizio Support

They’ll be able to help you with a Vizio TV that won’t stay turned on and provide quick solutions.


Vizio TVs are great for HD resolution at an affordable price. So, it’s frustrating once yours shows signs of problems. 

Our guide has solutions to just that, and hopefully, we were able to help you solve your issue of why your Vizio TV won’t stay turned on.