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TV Stuck in Standby Mode: Causes and How to Fix

Our TV sets have been part of our downtime ever since it’s been available to us. It’s a way to have a personal movie screen in the comfort of our own homes. Even though it’s been revolutionary, it’s not without its complications after a while, like a TV stuck in standby mode.

In this article, we’ll look through the possible causes and the main ways you can revive any TV.

What Does It Mean if My TV Is on Standby Mode?

Standby mode happens when the TV is plugged in but not turned on. Your TV is ready to watch whatever you want with a click of the power button.

Your TV is technically asleep, but you can wake it up just as fast. Standby allows you to open your TV without waiting for a long time for it to start.

What Causes My TV to Get Stuck in Standby Mode?

To fix any problem with your TV, you have to know the reason behind it. This way, you can easily remedy the situation in no time. Here are just some sources of your TV troubles:

  1. The Power Buttons Aren’t Functioning

Your TV might be in standby mode all this time because the power buttons on your TV or your remote are busted. If it’s sunk, you can either replace the switch on the TV or the whole remote altogether.

  1. The Batteries Are Dead

If the batteries in your remote are drained, it won’t be able to connect to your TV. It would make it stay in standby mode. Make sure that the batteries you’re using still have some juice before trying again.

  1. The Circuits Aren’t Working

Disconnected circuits would make your TV idle. It won’t let the TV turn on by itself because it’s an internal problem. If it won’t open with whatever step you tried, it would be better to ask for a technician’s help. 

  1. The Wires Are Faulty

If there are faulty wires involved, power won’t get into the set. Moreover, the signal to open the set won’t be delivered to the TV. To help the signal go to the TV, going through and fixing the wires is your best bet.

Basic Steps to Get TV Out of Standby Mode

If you’re not sure what happened with your TV, there are still some things you can do first. The following can help you figure out if you need any additional steps or help to get your TV in fighting shape again.

In Case Your TV Has a Switch:

  1. Turn the power switch on the TV off
  2. Wait for the light to go out. It indicates that your TV is indeed off
  3. During this time, don’t press anything else on the TV or the remote
  4. Once the light is off, turn the switch back on after ten seconds
  5. Then keep pressing the power button on your remote
  6. If it won’t turn back on, repeat the process until it does

Using the Soft Reset Technique:

  1. Turn the TV off and remove the plug of the TV from the outlet
  2. Wait for sixty seconds, then plug it back in and switch it on
  3. Then finally, use the power button on the remote

Try a hard reset

A hard reset involves completely resetting the TV to its factory defaults. Most TV models have specific instructions. However, if you have a Samsung TV here are the steps to follow:

To perform a factory reset:

  1. Head to Settings > General.
  2. Select Reset.
  3. Enter your PIN > then select Reset.

Note: If you didn’t change your PIN initially the code is 0000

Considering the Energy-Saving Mode:

  1. Switch on the TV using the power button on the remote
  2. If the standby light shuts down, then the TV is indeed in standby mode
  3. Exit standby mode by switching the TV on again 
  4. If the light is still on, turn the TV off and on
  5. Try to use the remote again, but with a new set of batteries
  6. Locate the energy-saving switch on your TV’s back or side panel
  7. If it’s not there, go through the TV user manual to see where it is
  8. Switch off the energy-saving mode of your TV once you do
  9. Use the power button again on your remote

What Happens if I Leave My TV on Standby Mode?

For one, that’s not a good idea. Even though the screen is blank, the standby light is still on. It means that the TV is still using up electricity. If this keeps up and the set is still asleep, you’ll be wasting energy. This is considered a hazard as well.

A TV in a prolonged standby mode risks overheating and, in turn, starting a fire. So for safety purposes, if the TV still won’t turn on, it’s probably best to unplug it while it’s not in use.

In Summary 

A TV stuck in standby mode can be alarming, but it’s not the end of the world. There are still some ways you can figure out the causes of this standstill. You can even fix it yourself without the fuss of calling over a repairman.

Unplug the TV for a time. Switch it back on and use the power button on your remote over and over. Repeat it until the device works again.

You can do a hard reset by unplugging the set and waiting for some time before turning it back on. Switching off the energy-saving mode works wonders too.