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Use Kindle Fire as a Monitor

As an owner of a Kindle Fire, I was frustrated when I discovered that I couldn’t use it as a second monitor for my computer. After some research and testing, I’m excited to share how I solved this problem and some of the other solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’m going to explain how to use your Kindle Fire as a monitor, and the pros and cons of doing so.

SpacedeskDownload and install on Kindle Fire and computer; connect devices on the same local networkFree to use; touch-enabled; compatible with WindowsNo macOS support
TwomonUSBDownload and install on Kindle Fire and computer; connect devices with a USB cableTouch-enabled; supports macOS and Windows; 60hz refresh rate; smooth displayNot free to use
Duet DisplayDownload and install on Kindle Fire and computer; connect devices wirelessly or with USBSupports macOS, Windows, and Android; touch-enabled; can mirror and extend display; versatilePaid app; additional cost for premium subscription

What Applications Allow Kindle Fire to Be Used as a Monitor?

With how the technology has evolved within the past decades, it’s not very surprising that you can use your Kindle Fire as a monitor by installing some applications.

Here are some of these applications:

  1. Spacedesk

First on the list is Spacedesk, an application that allows your Kindle Fire to act as an additional touch-enabled display. Spacedesk is free to be downloaded in App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Windows.

How to Set Up Spacedesk on Kindle Fire?

Begin by downloading and installing the application on your Kindle Fire. Spacedesk should be available on the Google Play Store.

Also, make sure that Spacedesk is also installed on the device where you wanted to extend your display. If you’re using a Windows device, ensure you download the app version corresponding to your Windows operating system.

After downloading Spacedesk on your Kindle Fire and your device, make sure that they are under the same local network. Proceed by opening the app on your Kindle Fire and it should automatically detect your computer.

Just tap on the device indicated on the app, and your Kindle Fire should show an extended display of your other device.

As of November 2022, Spacedesk is free to use.

  1. TwomonUSB

TwomonUSB is another excellent way to use the Kindle Fire as a secondary monitor. This app is available for Mac and Windows and can also be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store. This app also allows touch-enabling and even the touch gestures present on your Kindle Fire.

TwomonUSB boasts its 60hz refresh rate, which is supported by Kindle Fire for an exceptionally smooth display.

How to Set Up TwomonUSB on Kindle Fire?

Setting up TwomonUSB is pretty simple. Just download and install the app on your Kindle Fire. Download and install it as well on either your Mac or Windows computer where you want your display extended.

After downloading TwomonUSB, launch the app on both devices. Then, connect your Kindle Fire to your computer with a USB cable.

Proceed by tapping Connect on your Kindle Fire app, and the display should automatically extend.

Unlike Spacedesk, TwomonUSB isn’t free to use.

  1. Duet Display

In terms of connectivity, Duet Display takes it up the notch. With the ability to connect wirelessly or even wired with a USB cable, Duet Display can cater no matter your circumstances.

Another feature Duet Display has that sets it aside from other apps is that it can mirror and extend your display. Duet Display also allows your Kindle Fire tablet to be used as a graphics tablet and even as a primary display for a headless server.

Duet Display was originally made for Apple devices; however, it can now be used on Windows and Android devices as well, like your Kindle Fire.

How to Set Up Duet Display on Kindle Fire?

Download the app on your Kindle Fire and your computer. Launch the app on your computer, and it would show an option where you can select to either use it wired or wirelessly.

For a wired connection, click on the word Wired on your computer application. Then, connect your Kindle Fire via a USB cable.

The standard prompt window would show on your Kindle Fire which will ask how you want to use your device—either charge it, transfer photos, or transfer files.

Ignore the initial pop-up by tapping Close. Another prompt from Duet would show asking if you wanted to use the app. Tap on Ok to proceed.

For a wireless connection, select the Air option on your computer. Then ensure your Kindle Fire and computer are connected to the same network. Open the Duet Display app on your Kindle Fire and tap on your computer’s name, which should be visible on the available devices.

Duet Display is a paid app that costs around the same as TwomonUSB. However, you should expect to pay a little extra if you want to use the premium subscription plans of the app.

Wrapping Up

There are other apps that you can use on your Kindle Fire to extend or mirror your computer display. 

However, these recommendations are based on the reviews of the users to provide you with an easier way of using your Kindle Fire as a display monitor.