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Why does my Samsung TV automatically switch inputs?

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I have been frustrated by the issue of it randomly switching inputs on its own. After doing some research and testing, I am here to share my experience and the solutions I have discovered to this issue.

Samsung TV will automatically switch inputs if there is video being sent from a different input source while the current input source is inactive.

Samsung TVs automatically switch inputs when a source is found
Inputs detect what is being sent to the television
To enable/disable this feature, go to the settings menu
You can label inputs and have them automatically switch
Take advantage of your Samsung TV’s capabilities

Why does my Samsung TV automatically switch inputs?

A Samsung TV is going to switch inputs automatically due to the technology that is within the television.

The inputs have the ability to have a sense of what is coming into them and if there is any video being sent to the television. If it senses activity, it will switch to that input.

Do you find it easy or painful that the Samsung TV will automatically switch an HDMI input on you?

Depending on your answer, you should read more to understand the technology and how to enable or disable it on the television.

Understanding the input switch on a Samsung TV?

In order to understand how to input switching works on a Samsung TV, you need to understand the technology behind it. Every television now for the most part will have HDMI inputs.

These inputs will allow for video and audio to stream from a device to the television for output.

When you think of an HDMI input, you need to think of it as a live line into the television. There is a constant sense of awareness on the part of the television with these inputs.

When you have the feature enabled on the Samsung TV, it will automatically detect when you turn on something that is sending a signal, then switch to that.

This is a feature to allow it to be easier for a user of the Samsung TV to get to their content faster.

How to stop my Samsung TV from automatically switching inputs?

You have a few options when it comes to your Samsung TV and automatically switching inputs.

The way in which you enable or disable the feature from happening with the Samsung TV is through the settings of the television.

If you go into the main menu of the Samsung TV and go into settings, you have the ability to change up the inputs and the way they work.

You have the option to give labels to the inputs and also have them automatically switch when they detect a source.

When you detect the source, it will go to that input when the television turns on.

Think of a video game console. If you turn on a Samsung TV and then power on the video game console, it will switch to that automatically because it detects a source. If there is no source, it will not switch.

The feature to automatically switch to a source to the television is accessible through the settings of the television.

You have the ability to enable or disable this feature at your will and you will then be able to use or ignore what the TV offers in this space.

You have options when it comes to your Samsung TV to customize it in a variety of ways. You need to know the in and out of the television to get the most of it.

When you want to prevent it or enable it from automatically switching inputs, you can do all of that via the settings.

There is a lot more even beyond this that your Samsung TV is capable of. It is all about knowing what the television can and cannot do and taking advantage of that.  

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